江苏省太湖高级中学暑期作业 2

江苏省太湖高级中学暑期作业 2


Unit 2 Module 7

1. — Would you be able to go to a party with me tonight? — _________. I have to look after my younger brother. A. I’m afraid not B. I’m glad to C. I don’t expect D. I think so 2. It’s a ______ that he survived that traffic accident. You know, about fifty people were killed in the accident. A. success B. wonder C. business D. condition 3. This chair is made of wood while that wine is made _______ grapes. A. of B. in C. from D. into 4. Last week, the road was ________ with snow, so we had to put off the trip to the countryside until next week. A. blocked B. cut C. continued D. repaired 5. If you _________ the window beside you, you will be able to see a wonderful view. A. pick up B. move on C. open up D. turn up 6. As the water in the rivers is so badly polluted, _______ the water before drinking it. A. burn B. purify C. purchase D. note 7. He has so many friends to send cards to every Christmas, so he often buys cards _______. A. in that case B. on the one hand C. for one time D. in large quantities 8. It’s going to rain soon. Look! There are _____ of dark clouds in the sky. A. varieties B. masses C. amounts D. few 9. It’s reported that every year _______ people, including the old, young, and even children, die of cancer around the world. A. millions of B. tens of C. most of D. pairs of 10. It was at Qinghua University ________ we learned a lot from that professor. A. where B. that C. / D. which 11. There is no ______ record of that war — no one knows what happened at that time. A. contemporary B. same C. contrary D. popular 12. Although this area is poor now, its _____ wealth is great. A. used B. current C. positive D. potential 13. A new hospital, which is located in the center of our city, has been ______. A. set off B. set back C. set up D. set down 14. My grandmother couldn’t _______ the cold winter here. She had to go to the south for her holiday. A. stare up at B. keep up with C. look up to D. put up with 15. — I’m going away on a business trip. Would you mind looking after my house? — Not at all. _________. A. I’d be happy to B. I’d rather not C. I’d like it D. I’ve no time 16.Companies in Zhongguancun all have their own characteristics, but they all share _______spirit of creativity and scientific skill that have made Zhongguancun ______ success. A. the; a B. 不填;a C. the; 不填 D. a; a 17. ______ other good students, the teacher thinks Hanks is _______ student. A. Compared with; a most satisfied B. Compared to; the most satisfied. C. Comparing to; the more satisfying.
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D. Compared with; a more satisfying. 18. I’ve always ______ Deng Xiaoping for his courage and determination to push China forward. A. looked down on B. looked up to C. looked around for D. looked forward to 19. ---Learning a language isn’t easy. It takes time. ---I agree. _______. There’s no short cut. A. All roads lead to Rome B. Rome wasn’t built in a day C. Practice makes perfect D. Slow but sure wins the race 20. ---Do you know that the meeting_______ this afternoon has been put ______ till next week? A. to be held; off B. to be held; forward C. held; off D. held; forward 21. Come and see me whenever _______. A. you are convenient B. you will be convenient C. it is convenient to you D. it will be convenient to you 22. He is ______ to accept our help. A. possible B. probable C. likely D. maybe 23. If I ______ long enough to have a job, I would choose to be a doctor, _______ those AIDS patients. A. had lived; helping B. should live; help C. were to live; helping D. should live; help 24. Jane’s pale face suggested that she ______ ill, and her parents suggested that she ______ a medical examination. A. be; should have B. was; have C. should be; had D. was; has 25. Once ______ a difficult and even dangerous place _____, Vietnam is now a friendly destination that welcomes visitors from all over the world. A. considered; visiting B. considered; to visit C. considering; visiting D. considering; to visit 26. He has _____ I. A. books three times as many as B. three times as many books as C. three times much more books D. books as three times as 27. There are no easy answers to questions brought to us by the rapidly changing world, ______ we can try to turn challenges into opportunities. A. so B. but C. for D. then 28. It was after he got _____ he had wanted ______ he realized it was not so important. A. what; what B. what; that C. that; what D. that; which 29. This is the third book that he has written in the past five years, the first of _____ I really enjoyed. A. which B. that C. those D. them 30. I have seen the method ________by many different people ________their jobs. So it must be an effective method. A. applying, to B. applied, for C. applying, for D. applied, to 31. --- _______ that he managed to get the information? --- Oh, a friend of his helped him. A. Where was it B. What was it C. How was it D. Why was it 32. Not only _____ interested in football but _______ beginning to show an interest in it. A. the teacher himself is; all his students are B. the teacher himself is; are all his students C. is the teacher himself; are all his students
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D. is the teacher himself; all his students are 33. Her knowledge of English literature is _______. A. superior than mine B. superior than my C. superior to my D. superior to mine 34. That was really a wonderful evening. It’s years ______ I enjoyed myself so much. A. when B. that C. before D. since 35. It was _______ back home after the experiment. A. not until midnight did he go B. until midnight that he didn’t go C. not until midnight that he went D. until midnight when he didn’t go

第二部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题,每题 2 分,共 40 分) A Asian Games history (Reuters) Updated: 2006 – 11 – 27 15:25 BEIJING 1990 China hosted the event for the first time with 6,122 athletes from 37 countries participating in 27 sports. Tackwondo, included for the first time in the previous Games, was excluded, along with eques trian events. Boxing, canoeing, kabaddi, wushu and sepak takraw were introduced. Top three nations: Gold Silver Bronze Total China 18 107 51 342 South Korea 54 54 73 181 Japan 38 60 76 174 HIROSHIMA 1994 For the first time, the Games were not held in a capital city. Hiroshima in Japan hosted 6,828 athletes from 42 countries participating in 34 sports. Former Soviet republics Kazakhstan. Kyrgyzstan. Taijikistan. Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan competed for the first time and Cambodia returned to the Games after 20 years. Baseball, karate, modern pentathlon and tennis were added. Top three nations: Gold Silver Bronze Total China 125 83 58 266 South Korea 63 75 79 218 Japan 63 56 64 183 BANGKOK 1998 The Games returned to Thailand for a fourth time. Rugby, billiards, snooker and squash were added. Some 6,700 athletes from 41 countries participated in 36 sports but the host nation could not break into the top three medal – winners as they had done in the 5th and 6th Games. Top three nations: Gold Silver Bronze Total China 129 78 67 374 South Korea 65 46 53 164 Japan 52 61 68 181
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PUSAN 2002 With 44 countries involved, the 14th Asian Games featured 38 sports and 420 events. Afghanistan returned to competitive action and East Timor was represented for the first time since its independence. China topped the medals table for the sixth consecutive Games. Gold Silver Bronze Total China 150 84 74 308 South Korea 96 80 84 260 Japan 44 73 72 189 DOHA 2006 Qatar will host 45 teams taking part in 39 sports and 423 events. This is the second time after Iran in 1974 that the Games are being staged in the Middle East. Sources: Official website of the 15th Asian Games 2006 (www. doha2006.com) ; Reuters 36.From the article we can infer that the second Asian Games most probably was held in the year of . A.1950 B.1951 C.1954 D.1958 37. If Japan and South Korea are two of the top three nations of the 5th Asian Games, the third one must be . A.China B.Thailand C.Bangkok D.Qatar 38.Which country has been on the rise all the way from 1990 to 2002 in gold medal numbers? A.China B.Japan C.South Korea D.Thailand 39.Which of the following can NOT be inferred from this article? A.Iran was the first country in the Middle last that hosted the Asian Games. B.China had topped one gold medals able at least for six times by 2002. C.It was in 1990 that China got the first chance to host the Asian Games. D.An increasing number of sports have been introduced and accepted and accepted by the Asian Games. B Most people agree that taxes must be paid. Government couldn’t run without money. So people don’t argue against taxes. They just argue about how taxes should be collected. At present the federal government works with a ―Progressive tax‖. The tax covers a percentage of people’s wages. Not everyone pays the same percentage of his salary in taxes. Taxpayers fall into different ―tax brackets‖ depending on their income. Poor people are in a low tax bracket. They pay the smallest percentage of income in taxes. Middle income workers pay a larger percentage than the poor. And the rich fall into the high tax brackets. Few rich people like the progressive tax. The government took a poll. Among other people, the government talked to Ray Mathers and Eve Winick. ―Let’s change to a flat rate tax,‖ says Ray Mathers. ―Everyone should be taxed the same percentage. It’s fair. And it’s easy to figure out.‖ Mathers is president of Trig Computer Company. He makes over $ 80,000 a year. ―I don’t want a flat rate income tax.‖ Says Eve Winick. Winick is a grammar school teacher. Her school is in a poor neighborhood. She makes $ 14,000 a year. ―I don’t care if it’s easier to figure out. What I want to know is, would I pay less tax?‖ Which worries about her students parents. ―Some of them can hardly support themselves. Why should they pay heavier taxes? They’re the people who need government services.‖
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Mathers thinks a flat rate would help in the long run. ―The country could lower taxes after a while. See, if I paid fewer taxes. I’d save money. I’d put that money into my business and hire more people. Those people could pay taxes. Everybody would be better off.‖ 40.According to the progressive tax, who should pay the highest percentage of their income in taxes? A.The rich. B.The poor. C.The middle class. D.The lower class. 41.Winick does not want a flat rate tax because . A.it is hard to figure out that she is rich B.she is very rich C.she might have to pay more taxes D.she does not agree with Mathers 42.Which of the following statements in NOT true according to the passage? A.The progressive tax is changing to flay rate tax. B.Some people are against the progressive tax. C.Mathers holds an optimistic view of the future of a flat rate. D.Some of Winick’s students’ parents belong to a low tax bracket. 43.What is the passage mainly about? A.Ray Mathers and Eve Winick hold different opinions on tax. B.People have different views and reasons about how taxes should be paid. C.The progressive tax covers a percentage of people’s wages. D.The flat rate taxes require every one to pay the same percentage of their income. C The first fall of snow is not only an event but it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up to find yourself in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment (魅 力), then where is it to be found? The quietness of the thing makes it more magical. If all the snow fell at once in one shattering crash, awakening us in the middle of the night, the event would be robbed of its wonder. But it flutters down soundless, hour after hour while we are asleep. Outside the closed curtains of the bedroom a vast transform scene is taking place, just as if a great number of elves (小精灵) were at work , and we turn and yawn and stretch and know nothing about it. And then, what an extraordinary change it is! It is as if the house you are in had dropped down in another continent. Even the inside, which has not been touched, seems different. every room appearing smaller and more comfortable just as if some power were trying to turn in into a woodcutter’s hut or a small log cabin. Outside where the garden was yesterday there is snow a while and shining level, and the village beyond is no longer your own familiar cluster of roofs but a village in an old German fairy tale. Now it has changed again. The snow is falling heavily, in great soft flakes, so that you can hardly see across the shallow valley, and the roofs are thick and the trees all bending, and the weather cock of the village church, still to be seen through the grey loaded air, had be come some creature out of Hans Anderson. From my study, I can see the children flattening their noses against the nursery window and there is running through my head a jangle of rhyme (节奏) I used to repeat when I was a child and flattened my nose against the cold window watching the falling snow: Snow snow faster, Whiter alabaster! Killing geese in Scotland, Sending feathers here!
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44.What adds to the wonder of the first snow? A.Its quietness B.The white and shining flakes. C.Our house which seems to be smaller and more comfortable. D.The shattering crash in the middle of the night. 45.What’s the author ’s purpose of writing this passage? A.To inform. C.To express his emotion. B.To complain about the cold weather. D.To describe a rare snow.

46.Which of the following statements is NOT mentioned by the author? A.Children like watching the falling snow very much. B.Houses fall down because of the heavy snow. C.Every room seems smaller and more comfortable because of the snow. D.The quietness of the first snow makes it more magical. 47.What’s the author ’s feeling towards the first snow? A.Surprised. B.Hopeful. C.Delighted. D.Regretful

第 II 卷(共 20 分)
第一部分:单词拼写(共 20 小题,每小题 0.5 分,共 10 分) 1. I do not wish to be (与…有联系)with him because he always tells lies. 2. He _______(承认)that he had made a mistake in buying a new car because it was too expensive and not worth the money. 3. You are not allowed to drive a car without a v driving license. 4. Cars can be dangerous and should always be driven with c . 5. AIDS is a t disease that many people die from. 6. Fever is a ________ (症状)of many illnesses. 7. His a_______ to drugs caused his family much grief(痛苦). 8.Could you tell me anything about the _______(演进)of the modern motor car. 9. This computer is s______ to the one you bought last year. 10. The boy is a _______(可能的) actor, but he needs training. 11. He feels more interested in ______(当代)history. 12.When will the _________(研讨会)be held in our school? 13. The f_______ of the heart is to pump blood through the body. 14. He didn’t like ________(暴露)his fears and insecurity to anyone. 15. Are you f_______ with the computer software they use? 16.After today’s heavy snow, many roads are still b______. 17.The plan received w________ support throughout the country. 18.There is a ____________(根本的)difference between the two points of view. 19.The factory produced its products in large q_________. 20.The dictionary is _________(精致,优雅)shaped like a pen. 第二部分:动词填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 选择适当的动词短语并用其适当形式填空。 turn down; get down to; set up; get out of; pick up; break through; give off; run into; come up with; work out
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21.In some western countries, demand for graduates from MBA courses has been ____. 22. The final examination is coming up soon. It’s time for us to_____ our studies. 23. He ____ some French while he was away on a business trip in Paris. 24. If you ____ any problems when you arrive at the airport, give me a ring. 25. We didn't plan our art exhibition like that but it ____ very well. 26. I really don't want to go to the party, but I don't see how I can ____ it. 27. Cheap coal____ a lot of smoke. 28. The dictionary is being printed and it will soon_____. 29.The girl is clever and she always ______good ideas whenever she is in trouble. 30. They hope to ____soon in their fight against the disease. 第三部分、翻译句子 31、到目前为止,这种新药还未进行人体试验(try out) 32、他缺少经验,不能胜任这项工作(unable) 33、他们意识到,由于粗心大意所产生的这个错误的严重性(due to) 34、倘若你打开世界上任何一个药柜,都很可能找到这两种药(probability) 35、许多人认为这种药是当代社会中最重要的药物之一(consider)

高二英语 Module 7

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江苏省太湖高级中学暑期作业 7