safety box instruction book

how to open the safe box.

Please insert your key to the keyhole correctly. Then open the lockplate clockwise. Steps as follows: 1. turn right. Swings the password disk clockwise. Makes the password NO. aim at the base line. Then swings it 3 times in the same

direction, stopping at the corresponding line. 2. turn left. Swings the password disk anticlockwise. One round later, go on swinging in the same direction until the password NO. aim at the base line. 3. turn right. Swings the password disk clockwise until the password NO. aims at the base line.

How to change password . 1. when you want to set and change the manage password or private password, please press “#” to wake up the screen. After inputting 4- 8 digits of password, press “#” to confirm. if it shows” open” ,means that you are right, the electromagnet pull-in for 6 second. Then press “*” in 7 second, at the same time you will see means that you can set your password now. -, it

Input 4-8 digits, then press “#” ,you’ll see ‘’ INTO”, which means you set the password successfully.

The set and remove of Vibration alarm

Press ‘’0’’ when it’s in the sleep mode. It shows’’ BELL ON’’ and comes into the alarm state. When there is vibration, it will give the alarm. After giving alarm, input the correct password, it will show ‘’OPEN’’, the electromagnet pull-in for 6 second. The alarm state will be removed automatically. If without inputting the password, after one minite, it will stop alarming automatically. But alarm state stays. The set of time and date 1. the first time it switch on the power, the date and time is 00-01-01 and 00-00. 2. in the sleep mode, press ‘’*’’, it shows the date 00-01-01, after 3 second, it will show the time . 3. press “#”, you can switch between date and time. Choose the one you want to change. When it’s flicker, if you want to change the day of the week, use ‘’0 ‘’and ‘’8’’. ‘’0’’ for reduce the NO. “8’’ for increase the NO.


1. 4 of 1.5v battery will be used. When the pressure is under 5.0V +0.2V, it shows ‘’ Lo-BATTE’’, it reminds that you need to change the battery in time . 2. when the battery is low, you can use external power. Work voltage : 4.6V-6.0V. 3. if you forget your password, just press ‘’AN’’ it will be reset to the initial password. Private one ‘’1234’’ manage one ‘’123456’’.



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