1、句子表达 假如你经常和外国人交流,你就会了解到很多国外的风俗习惯,开阔你的视野。 You will know more about foreign customs as well as foreign habits and your horizon will be broadened, if you often communicate with foreigners. You will know more about foreign customs and habits, and you can broaden your horizon as well, if you often\frequently communicate with foreigners.

和同学们一起去旅游是个交朋友的好机会。 Traveling with classmates provides a good opportunity to make friends.

有的父母根本不知道如何教育孩子,不是合格的老师。 Some parents are not qualified teachers, for they do not know how to educate their children at all.

每天都有很多车在小区周围的道路上行驶,对行人的安全造成巨大的威胁。 There are many cars running on the streets around the community every day, which poses a gigantic threat to the safety of the people walking around/passers-by.

大公司里面的能人很多,可以教我们学习科学技术知识,促进自己的成长,有利于自己的事业的发展。 There are many capable brains in big companies who could teach us a lot of science and technology and promote our personal growth, which is beneficial to our career development.

在户外活动可以有机会欣赏美丽的自然风景,而且空气也比在室内更加清新,对健康更加有好处。 We have an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural sceneries outdoors where there is more fresh air than indoors, which is favorable to our health.

因特网把世界各地的人联系在一起, 消除了肤色地域宗教和财富的差别, 这对建立一个和谐的世界大家庭有积极的作用。

Internet connects people throughout the world regardless of the distinction of their skin colors, locations, religions and wealth, which plays a positive role in the construction of a harmonious world family.

在公共交通工具上使用手机会干扰别人的思绪,有些人正想利用这个机会思考一下今天的工作呢。 Using cell phones on public transportation vehicles will interrupt other people’s thinking, for they are just trying to make use of the time to think about their work of the day.

很多明星正是因为经常在报纸电台上露面才一直保持较高的人气,才能做广告挣钱。 A great number of stars keep their great popularity through frequent appearance on newspapers and broadcasting programs, so that they can earn money by acting in advertisements.

到底谁更幸福:拿高工资但是每天工作时间长几乎没有时间和家人朋友在一起的人,还是拿低工资但是每天工作时间短 有很多时间陪伴家人和朋友的人? Who would be happier: those people who have to work long hours every day to earn high salaries but have hardly any time to spend with their families and friends, or those people who choose to work short hours every day to leave much time for their friends and families but earn low salaries?

现代医药技术可以把以前不能治好的病人治愈,这有助于人类的健康幸福。 Modern medical technology can cure patients who were considered incurable in the past, which contributes to the health and happiness of human beings.

过去的人冬天都没有暖气,出门也没有汽车坐,连吃肉都困难,哪有什么幸福可言? How could those people in the past feel happy when there were no heaters in winter, no cars to ride while going out, even no meat to eat?


出去玩。 Urban people even refuse to say hello to their neighbors, not to mention chatting with strangers, unlike people in the town who are acquaintances and good friends of each other and are ready to play together.

学生努力考到高分是为了展示自己的实力,获得别人的赞赏,更是为了掌握尽可能多的知识,以便于日后的发展。我不 明白为什么会有人怀疑考高分的好处呢? Students who try their best to get high scores just want to show their ability, to acquire admiration from others, and, what’s more important, to master as much knowledge as possible for the future development. I am wondering why there could be such people as cast doubts on the advantages of pursuing high scores.

经常去比博物馆既可以学到很多知识,有利事业,又可以放松心情,有利健康。 We can both acquire more knowledge, which is beneficial to our career, and become relaxed, which is beneficial to our health, if we often visit museums.

难道在小公司工作就没有好处吗?我相信答案是肯定的! Aren’t there any benefits of working in small companies? I believe the answer will definitely be yes.

城市的人有更多机会接受良好教育,并且有更多机会找到好工作。 There will be more opportunities for urban people to receive good education and find good jobs.

有了计划,就会提高工作效率。 People will surely improve their working efficiency greatly with a plan in advance.

很明显,将来的人会更有钱,会购买更多的汽车以利于自己的出行。 Obviously, people in the future will be wealthier and buy more cars to facilitate their traveling.

无论是同时做很多件事,还是一件一件地做事,都有各自的优点。 Both doing many things at the same time and doing things one after another have their own respective benefits.

现代医药的进步是科技进步的典型例证。 The progress of modern medicine is a typical example of the progress of science and technology.

和别人穿着一样的衣服,可以很容易被别人接受,和别人交流并成为朋友。 Dressed in clothes of the same style as others, people will find it easier to be accepted, to communicate with other people and consequently become their friends.

谁也不希望自己因为处处和别人不一样而被一个群体抛弃。 No one wishes to be abandoned by a group, just because he does everything differently.

为了有更充足的私人空间所以选择自己开车出行而不乘坐公共交通工具的人多的是。 For more private space in traveling, there are fully numerous people who choose private cars instead of public transportation.

想象一下城市商业区几乎没有人的景象吧?那将是非常令人失望的。 Could you imagine that there are few people in city commercial areas? That would be more than disappointing.

2、优秀句子 Anthropologists have discovered that fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise are universally reflected in facial expressions.


In order to remain in existence, a profit-making organization must, in the long run, produce something consumers consider useful or desirable. 任何盈利组织若要生存,最终都必须生产出消费者可用或需要的产品。

Is Americagoing to decline like other great powers (nations) in history? The author thinks not, arguing that the type of society created in America is quite unlike any that has gone before it. 美国是否会如同历史上其他强国一样走向衰亡?作者持否定态度,认为美国创建的社会模式不同于任何已出现的社会模 式。

The greater the population there is in a locality, the greater the need there is for water, transportation, and disposal of refuse. 一个地方的人口越多,其对水,交通和垃圾处理的需求就会越大。

Professor Huntington’s paper greatly inspired me. According to him, in a plural society, there will inevitably be different opinions. The key is to deal with them in such a way that they can play a constructive rather than destructive role. Huntington 教授的论文使我深受启发。他认为,在一个多元化(plural)社会里,不同意见是不可避免的。关键在于怎样 正确对待不同意见,使之发挥建设性、而非破坏性的作用。

He argues that in a plural society we must stress/attach importance to interpersonal relationships, cooperation, and look at issues from the perspective of other people. If some groups regard themselves as superior and treat other ethnic groups or religions with disrespect, the whole society may be paralyzed. I am convinced that if we put into practice the ideas mentioned above, then there is the possibility of creating a new civilization. 他还说,在一个多元化(plural)社会里,我们必须重视人际关系,强调合作,多从他人视角考虑问题。如果某些群体

自视高人一筹,不尊重其他种族或宗教,那么整个社会有可能陷入瘫痪。我相信,要是我们把上述想法付诸实践,那我 们就有可能创造出一种新的文明。


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