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Module 3 Adventure in Literature and the Cinema

Quotes about books

? Books are the ladder of human progress. ? What kind of books do you know/like?

Can you guess the type of book by the cover?




detective story




What types of books do they belong to ?
? ? ? ? ? ? Robinson Crusoe The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Jane Eyre Elbert Einstein The Lord of Rings The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles

Have you heard of the book? What do you know about it?

Read the passage in activity 4 and say what type of book it descries. You can use the words in activity 2.
the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, is perhaps the most famous American novel ever written. Huckleberry Finn (or just Huck) is a teenage boy who has run away from home. His companion is Jim, a black slave who has also run away. The two of them are sailing down the Mississippi River on a raft when they see something in the water ahead of them…

It is an adventure by Mark Twain.

Global-Reading What is the story about?
Where Who Did What The consequence .

at first board a sinking ship their Jim didn’t want to ____________________ feelings Huck suggested that ____________________, they might find sth useful so Jim _______ agreed to go.

a light in one of the cabins. what did there was _______ they see we heard someone _____ shout a man’s angry voice or hear answered____________ you are lying
climbed on to the paddled over and ____________ what did we _______ as quiet as mice they do steamboat, _____________.

panicked and ran to the raft. their feelings Jim ________ frightened but ______ curious Huck was __________ what did they see or hear it was dark, but I could see a man lying on the floor, ______ tied up with rope. _______ one was short, with _______, a beard the other a gun in his hand. was tall with _______ their conversation: of fright he sounds as if he’s going to die __________ I have to find a way to save him

what did they do

at last their feelings Jim looked _______, terrified while Huck seemed __________; courageous

Huckcrawled ______ along the deck, found persuaded Jim to help him. what did they do Jim and _________ tied to they found the man’s boat _____ the other side of the steamboat.

Language points
1. Fantasy 2. Connect 3. Identify 4. Account 5. Company 6.In which

7. when

The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them.

? Homework ? 1 A presentation about books and Recite Activity 4 on P21 ? 2 Preview the steam boat.


M3 the steamboat阅读学案
the steamboat
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The Steamboat阅读学案
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Module 3 the steamboat
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