八年级英语上册 Unit 6 I’m going to study computer science单元自测同步练习 (新版)人教新目标版

Unit 6 I’m going to study computer science.


一、完形填空(15 分)

Lots of people start each year with New Year’s resolutions. A resolution is a promise

that you __1__ to help you live a better life. You plan to do something good or stop doing

something __2__ in the coming year. Here are some children’s New Year’s resolutions.

My name is Billy. I’m going to improve my Japanese and get better __3__. How am I going

to do that? I promise to work harder than before.

I’m Judy. I have many different kinds of __4__, like singing, dancing and swimming .

This year, I’m going to __5__ a new hobby—taking photos. I will learn it __6__ my uncle .

He takes photos for some magazines and is very good at __7__.

I’m Susan. I hope to be __8__. I usually watch TV a lot at night and only sleep for

seven hours a day. I will listen to my __9__ and sleep more. Also, I __10__ to run for half

an hour every morning. I __11__ the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. It

seems to make sense(有道理), __12__ I’m going to eat some fresh fruit every day.

It’s OK for you __13__ a big or small resolution. What’s important is that you should

take it __14__ and try to keep it. Don’t let it work __15__ for a few weeks or months.

(B)1.A. lose

B. make

C. move

D. show

(A)2.A. bad

B. short

C. slow

D. small

(D)3.A. languages

B. messages

C. services

D. grades

(C)4.A. prizes

B. examples

C. hobbies

D. activities

(B)5.A. put up

B. take up

C. ask for

D. wait for


(C)6.A. like C. from
(A)7.A. it C. these
(A)8.A. healthier C. happier
(D)9.A. r adio C. clock
(C)10.A. question C. decide
(B)11.A. show C. forget
(D)12.A. though C. but
(B)13.A. have C. share
(D)14.A. quietly C. clearly
(A)15.A. only C. ever
二、阅读理解(30 分)

B. about D. under
B. one D. those
B. friendlier D. prettier B. music D. body B. wonder D. discuss B. know D. choose B. because D. so B. to have D. to share B. carefully D. seriously B. still D. always


(B)16.What did Kim usually do before finishing her homework in the past?

A. She practiced the piano.

B. She watched TV.

C. She read Japanese.

D. She listened to CDs.

(D)17.David is going to take more ________ classes.

A. piano

B. computer

C. English

D. math and science

(C)18.________ is good at using the computer.

A. Kim

B. David

C. Mary

D. David’s pen pal

(A)19.The material is about ________.

A. New Year’s resolutions

B. jobs in the future

C. how to learn an instrument


D. how to learn a new language (D)20.Which of the following is TRUE?
A. Kim can play the piano very well. B. David has pen pals in America and Australia. C. Mary wants to be an artist when she grows up. D. David is going to exercise more to keep healthy.
B As teenagers, you have many dreams. Do you ever try to make your dream come true? Follow Your Heart by the Australian writer Andrew Mathews tells us that making our dreams come true is life’s biggest challenge. “You may think you’re not very good at some school subjects, or it is impossible for you to become a writer. If you think in this way, it will stop you from getting your dream come true,” the book says. In fact, everyone can make his or her dream come true. The first thing you must do is to remember what your dream is. There will be difficulties on the road to your dreams. But the biggest difficulty comes from yourself. You need to decide what is the most important. Studying instead of watching TV will lead to better exam results. As you get closer to your dream, it may change a little. This is good as you have the chance to learn more skills and find new interests. (D)21.What is Follow Your Heart?
A. A movie about love stories. B. A book about an Australian writer. C. A TV program to help find friends. D. A book to help teenagers make their dreams come true. (D)22.Which may stop you getting your dream come true if you want to become a singer? A. Spending time studying. B. Believing you can do it well. C. Practicing singing every day. D. Thinking it impossible for you to become a singer. (C)23.What is important to make your dream come true according to the third paragraph? A. Believing in yourself.

B. Buying new books.

C. Taking act ions for your dream.

D. Remembering what your dream is.

(B)24.From the text, we know the underlined word “challenge” means “________”.

A. 机遇

B. 挑战

C. 任务

D. 选择

(A)25.What is the passage about?

A. How to make your dream come true.

B. How to find your real dream.

C. How to believe in yourself.

D. Teenagers have many dreams.


Monty Robert’s father’s job was to train horses. As a child, Monty often went from

one farm to another with his father. Sometimes they didn’t have enough money to pay for

food, but Monty still kept hoping to own a horse farm.

When he was in school, his teacher asked him to write on a paper about his dream. He

wrote a sevenpage paper. He wanted to have a horse farm one day. He even drew a picture

of a horse farm in the paper.

The next day he handed it in to his teacher. Two days later, he got his paper back.

On the front page was a large red “F” with the words “See me after class”. So the boy

did and asked his teacher, “Why did I get an ‘F’?” The teacher said, “This dream will

not come true for a young boy like you. You need a lot of money to own a horse farm. Yon

have to buy the land. You have to pay for a lot of things. There is no way you could ever

do it.” Then the teacher added, “If you write this paper again with a simpler dream, I

will give you a good grade.”

After school he thought hard about it. At last, he decided to hand in the same paper,

making no changes at all. He wrote, “You can keep the ‘ F’ and I’ll keep my dream.”

Many years later, Monty had his own large horse farm. His dream came true.

So don’t let anyone take away your dreams. Go after your dreams, no matter what they



(B)26.From Paragraph 1, we learn that ________.

A. Monty’s father didn’t believe him

B. Monty’s family was poor

C. Monty hoped to be a horse trainer

D. Monty changed his mind all the time

(A)27.What was Monty’s attitude(态度) towards his paper?

A. Serious.

B. Careless.

C. Joking.

D. Funny.

(D)28.What does the red “F” mean?

A. The teacher didn’t like Monty.

B. The teacher agreed with Monty’s dream.

C. It means “See me after class”.

D. Monty didn’t pass his writing work.

(C)29.Monty’s teacher gave him a red “F” because he thought ________.

A. Monty’s handwriting was too bad

B. Monty copied(抄袭) from another student

C. Monty’s dream was so hard that it couldn’t come true

D. Monty was not working hard enough to let his dream come true

(D)30.What does the story want to tell us?

A. Don’t take away other’s dreams.

B. Go after a realistic(现实的) dream.

C. Anyone with a dream will be successful.

D. Never stop going after your dream.

三、任务型阅读(5 分)

请阅读以下关于四位大学生基本情况的描述(31—34),从 A—D 中为他们选出最合适的工作与之

进行匹配,然后回答第 35 小题。

(B)31.Tom is 24 and he is good at using the computer. He worked in a computer company


year ago. Now he’s lo oking for a new fulltime job.


(A)32.Kate is 21 years old and she would like a parttime job. But she’s only free in the
evening. (D)33.Vincent is 23 and has an education license from the city of Birmingham. He would
like to teach children. (C)34.Mark finished studying from the University of Bristol with a degree(学位) in history
two years ago. He would like to work at a university. A. We need three parttime shop assistants to work during the evening. Applicants should be
between 18 and 25. B. Are you good at working on computers?If your answer is yes and you would like a full-
time job, call us at 558676892. C. The University of Bristol is looking for four teaching assistants. Applicants should have a
degree in law or history. D. Hania’s Playschool needs two teachers to help kids with their study from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
If you have a license, please call us at 667787876. 35. What do you want to be when you grow up?
略 四、词汇运用(15 分) (A)单词拼写。 Do your children often read? And do they make reading a 36.hobby(业余爱好)? 37.Scientists(科学家) think that books are very important for children. They agree(同 意) that a book in rich colors and pictures may be the 38.beginning(开端) of reading for babies of three months old. When children are six months old, they will like story books in rich colors. This may help them understand the 39.meaning(意义) of the stories.

When children get old enough to read by 40.themselves(他们自己), it’s necessary to buy interesting and right books for them to read. They shouldn’t be too easy or too 41.difficult(困 难的).
Only buying books for children isn’t enough. For kids, parents are their first teachers. Kids get their early 42.education(教育) from their parents. So parents should read books to set an example even though you don’t have much 43.personal(个人的) time. Childre n will follow you.
A 44.university(大学) student says reading helps him a lot. When he was a child, he always did some reading after he finished the 45.schoolwork(功课).
So why not help your children to read? (B)用方框中所给词的适当形式填空。
improve, relationship, week, pianist, question 46.It’s Jane’s dream job to be a writer. She sends her articles to magazines and newspapers weekly. 47.The police questioned him about the missing kid ten minutes ago. 48.I have a very good relationship with my parents. I love them. 49.He is one of the greatest pianists in the world now. 50.Reading English story books is a good way of improving your English. 五、语法填空(10 分) Time flies so fast and the Chinese New Year is coming. It’s time for me 51.to_write(write) down my New Year’s resolutions. The first resolution is about 52.improving(improve) my relationships with my parents and my brother. I’m going to enjoy 53.talking(talk) with my parents. And I’m going to spend more time 54.playing(play) with my younger brother. My second resolution has to do 55.with my studies. Last term, I 56.got(get) good grades in all my subjects except English. Next year, I’m going to spend much time improving my English so that I can get good grades in English next term. My third resolution is about health. I 57.hardly(hard) ever did exercise before 58.because I was busy with my schoolwork. In the new year, I am going to do exercise often.

The last resolution is about my free time. I’m going to take up 59.__a__ new hobby —reading books. I plan 60.to_read(read) some books about computers and history.
六、书面表达(25 分) 61.假设你叫李林,新年即将到来,请根据下面表格的内容,给你的美国笔友 Bruce 发一封 email, 谈谈你和你家人的新年计划。 要求:(1)短文必须包含所给提示内容,并适当发挥;
(2)80 词左右,开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。
Dear Bruce, New Year is coming.
________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________
Yours, Li Lin
(1)这是一篇写新年计划的文章,要注意使用一般将来时来写作。 (2)本文可从三方面着手。首先开篇点题,点明家人和自己有新年计划。接着展开描述,介绍每个 人的计划。最后结尾,询问对方的计划并期待回信。
Dear Bruce, New Year is coming. My family made New Year’s resolutions yesterday. Do you want to
know about them? Let me tell you. My father wants to get a lot of exercise. He is going to run every morning. My mother
is going to cook delicious food for us, so she’s going to a cooking school.

As for me, my first resolution is to get better grades at school. I am going to work harder to get better grades. After school, I am going to practice English with my friends. My second resolution is about improving my physical health. I am going to do sports every day. It can make me become healthier. The last resolution has to do with self-improvement. I’m going to take up a hobby like painting pictures. I think it will make my life colorful.
What about your New Year’s resolutions? Can you tell me? Write soon! Yours, Li Lin


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