1(. 2015·天津)The boss of the company is trying to create an easy atmosphere ______ his employees enjoy their


A. where

B. which

C. when

D. who

2.I don't like _______ you speak to her.

A. the way

B. the way in that

C. the way which

D. the way of which

3.People have the belief ________ factories should produce fewer things from raw materials, ________ the

supply is growing smaller and smaller.

A. which; that

B. which; which

C. that; whose

D. that; of which

4.(2019?江苏)We have entered into an age ________ dreams have the best chance of coming true.

A. which

B. what

C. when

D. that

5.They talked about their classmates and things they still remember in middle school.

A. that

B. which

C. what

D. whose

6.Mensa is a society for bright people, and it aims to create a platform ______ many think can provide the

chance to share their thoughts and ideas.

A. where

B. which

C. what

D. who

7.It was with deep sadness that the House of Chanel announced the passing of Karl Lagerfeld, ________ talent

for all the branding campaigns related to fashion it benefited since 1987.

A. of which

B. whose

C. of whom

D. from whose

8.The book was written in 1946, ___ the education system has witnessed great changes.

A. when

B. during which

C. since then

D. since when

9.It's on the festival occasions the family get together he misses his late father.

A. where, that

B. which, when

C. when, that

D. that, when

10.There were moments ______ we had to slow down and give the situation a second thought.

A. where

B. why

C. when

D. that

11._____ girls can be _____ .they would like to be, whether it is a pilot or an astronaut, is being accepted all

around the world.

A. What; whomever

B. That; whatever

C. If; whoever

D. 不填; whatever

12.Wu Lei is the only Chinese player has made it onto the latest World Soccer 500 list.

A. that

B. which

C. whose

D. whom

13.The reason ________ he didn't come was ________ he was injured.

A. that, because

B. why, that

C. why, because

D. that, that

14.(2017?北京) The little problems ______ we meet in our daily lives may be inspirations for great inventions.

A. that

B. as

C. where

D. when


15(. 2015·湖南)It is a truly delightful place, ________ looks the same as it must have done 100 years ago with its

winding streets and pretty cottages.

A. as

B. where

C. that

D. which

16.—Are you familiar with the music?

— Yes. There was a time _____ this kind of music was quite popular.

A. that

B. when

C. with which

D. about which

17.I want to thank Professor Doris, without help I couldn't have made so much progress.

A. who

B. which

C. whom

D. whose

18.All living flowers ultimately derive from a single ancestor lived about 140 million years ago, a study


A. why

B. what

C. where

D. that

19.Today, the Xinjiang Autonomous Region remains an international crossroad ________ traders from

surrounding countries, and tourists from all over the world regular meet.

A. whose

B. where

C. when

D. why

20.(2015·四川)The books on the desk, ______ covers are shiny, are prizes for us.

A. which

B. what

C. whose

D. that

21.Mr. Phil asked me a question I dared to go with him to he called the Lonely Island.

A. that; which

B. whether; that

C. whether; what

D. that; where

22.It is Jim, together with his cousins, that ________ for this terrible accident.

A. is blamed

B. is to blame

C. are to blame

D. should blame

23.Parents should pay attention to the cases _______ their children have difficulty adapting to new


A. where

B. as

C. why

D. when

24.Was it in the village _____ we used to live in _____ the accident happened?

A. where; that

B. which; that

C. that; where

D. where; which

25.(2015·浙江)Jane's grandmother had wanted to write children's book for many years, but one thing or

another always got in


A. a;不填

B. the;the

C. 不填;the

D. a;the

26.The problem with traffic crowdedness in the city put forward at the meeting, the government takes into

consideration, is of great importance.

A. what

B. where

C. which

D. as

27.(2015·四川)The books on the desk,

covers are shiny, are prizes for us.

A. which

B. what

C. whose

D. that

28.We are living in an age most of things are done on cell phones.

A. which

B. that

C. whose

D. when

29.My grandfather is fond of talking about the good old days, ___ is often the case with old people.

A. which

B. when

C. as

D. it


30.It is broadcast on TV that the 88th Academy Award Ceremony was held in Dolby Theatre seats an

audience of approximately 4000.

A. where

B. whose

C. which

D. when

31.In 2019, such important reform policies associated with the interests of the general public were introduced in

China ________ almost each person could benefit from in life.

A. when

B. that

C. where

D. as

32.Hangzhou marathon is a race _______aim is to help people know the importance of taking exercise.

A. where

B. whose

C. which

D. that

33.Whom would you rather ________ with you, Jim or Jack?

A. have gone

B. have to go

C. have go

D. has to go

34.Villagers here depend on the fishing industry, ___ there won't be much work.

A. where

B. which

C. by which

D. without which

35.He is one of those people _______ everyone will find _______ hard to please.

A. that; being

B. whom; \

C. who; is

D. which; to be

36.The young member made several proposals, and none of ______considered practical or acceptable.

A. which

B. what

C. it

D. them

37.The old man had one son and two daughters, treated him well, made him very sad.

A. neither of whom; that

B. neither of them; which

C. none of whom; which

D. none of them; which

38.The emperor asked his officials to interpret his dream, _____ he gave the instruction ______a group of

officials should go on his behalf to find more about Buddha.

A. in which, what

B. when, which

C. where, which

D. after which, that

39.(2015.江苏)The number of smokers, _____ is reported, has dropped by 17 percent in just one year.

A. it

B. which

C. what

D. as

40.Soon after getting off his horse, the captain appeared at the second-floor windows, ______ he could see

nothing but trees.

A. where

B. from where

C. which

D. from which

41.Anyone has a dog as a pet will tell you a dog means to a family.

A. which; what

B. who; why

C. who; what

D. which; why

42.—It is _____ he often failed in exams _____ makes his parents worried about him.

—Actually, they needn't worry so much.

A. what, that

B. that, what

C. that, that

D. /, that

43.The days are gone physically strength was all you needed to make a living.

A. when

B. that

C. where

D. which

44.Near the table ________ a poor dog, who desired to satisfy his hunger with something _________ fell from

the table.

A. laid; which

B. lay ; that

C. laid ; that

D. lay ; what

45.The news came ______South Korea's Lotte Group has agreed to trade the land needed to host a planned

missile shield despite China's recent warning, _________ made the headlines all over the world.


A. that; that

B. that; which

C. which; that

D. when; which

46.Self confidence is a kind of quality and that is it takes to do everything well.

A. why

B. that

C. what

D. which

47.It was the typhoon was called Tiange hit Zhuhai and Macao.

A. which; that

B. what; which

C. that; who

D. that; which

48.Is this research center_______ you visited the modem equipment last year?

A. where

B. that

C. the one that

D. the one where

49.Do you have any idea computer plays so important a part in our daily life?

A. how is it that

B. what is it that

C. how it is that

D. what it is that

50.Among the biggest problems facing those remote mountainous villages __________the lack of experienced


A. is

B. are

C. is there

D. are there



1.【答案】 A 【解析】【分析】句意:公司老板正尽力创造一种轻松的气氛,在这种气氛中,其员工喜欢他们的工作。 句中先行词为 atmosphere,在从句中作地点状语,故用关系副词 where。根据句意可知选 A。

【点评】本题考查定语从句。定语从句是高考重点考查知识之一,分析定语从句需要牢牢抓住两点:第 一、找准先行词。第二、看先行词在从句中所作的成分。抓住这两点,再根据句意,从而能够判断出正 确的关系词。 2.【答案】 A 【解析】【分析】句意:我不喜欢你跟她说话的方式。the way 后的定语从句常常用 in which 或 that 引导 或者将 in which 或 that 省略。

3.【答案】 D 【解析】【分析】考查名词性从句和定语从句。句意:人们相信工厂应该更少的从原材料中生产出东西, 因为原材料的供应正变得越来越少。第一空表示的是 belief 一词的内容,故使用 that 引导的同位语从句; 第二空表示的是产品的供给即“the supply of the things”, 使用非限制性定语从句即为:“of which the supply…”或“whose supply”,故选 D 项适合。

4.【答案】 C

【解析】【分析】句意:我们已经进入到了一个时代,在这个时代梦想实现的机会最大。句中先行词为 an

age(一个时代),且先行词在从句中做时间状语,所以关系词用 when。 故选 C。

【点评】考查定语从句,本题涉及关系副词 when 引导的限制性定语从句。

5.【答案】 A


they still remember in middle school.

是一个限制性定语从句,先行词 their classmates and things,即有人又有物,在从句中作宾语,用关系代

词 that ,故选 A。

【点评】考查定语从句,本题涉及关系代词 that 引导的限制性定语从句的应用。

6.【答案】 B



句中,a platform 作先行词,指物,用 which 在定语从句中做主语,故选 B。

7.【答案】 D 【解析】【分析】句意:House of Chanel 深感悲伤地宣布卡尔·拉格菲尔德的去世,卡尔·拉格菲尔德自 1987 年以来一直致力于所有与时尚相关的品牌宣传活动,令香奈儿受益匪浅。分析句子可知,本句有两个定


语从句。Karl Lagerfeld 为先行词,作 talent 的定语。所以关系代词为 whose。在分析第二个定语从句,it benefited from 缺少宾语,所以 whose talent for all the branding campaigns related to fashion 又作 from 的宾 语。故选 D。
【点评】考查定语从句,本题涉及“from+whose”引导的非限制性定语从句 8.【答案】 D 【解析】【分析】考查定语从句。句意:这本书是在 1946 年写的,自从 1946 年起,教育体系见证了巨大 的变化。根据 has witnessed great challenges 现在完成时,可知要用 since 引导时间状语从句,因为 the education system has witnessed great challenges 句子的主谓宾成分完整,不用关系代词用关系副词。then 不能引导定语从句。故选 D。
9.【答案】 C 【解析】【分析】句意: 在家人聚在一起的节日他想起他已故的父亲。______ the family get together 是定 语从句修饰 the festival occasions,在从句中做时间状语;如果去掉 It's 和第二个______,句子的意思仍然 不改变,则说明是强调句式,使用第二个空填 that。选 C。
【点评】考查定语从句和强调句,本题涉及关系副词 where 引导的限制性定语从句。 10.【答案】 C 【解析】【分析】句意:有些时候我们不得不慢下来,对处境进一步考虑。此处 moments 是先行词,在后 面的定语从句中做时间状语,故选 C。 【点评】考查定语从句。本题涉及关系副词 when 引导的限制性定语从句的应用。 11.【答案】B 【解析】【分析】句意:女孩子可以想当什么就当什么,无论是飞行员还是宇航员,这一点正在被世界各 地的人们接受. 本题考查名词性从句中引导词的运用. 第二空是 be 动词后面的表语从句的引导词,表示" 职业",用 whatever,排除 A 和 C;去掉逗号中间插入的部分可见 is 前的主语从句"girls can be whatever they would like to be"从意思到成分都是完整的,故答案选择在名词性从句中不担任成分,无意义的 that,故选 B。 【点评】考查名词性从句,本题涉及主语从句和表语从句的应用。 12.【答案】 A 【解析】【分析】句意:吴磊是唯一一位登上世界足球 500 强榜单的中国选手。句中 player 是先行词,指 人,被 the only,后面的定语从句引导词用 that,故答案为 A。 【点评】考查定语从句,本题涉及关系代词 that 引导的定语从句的应用。 13.【答案】 B 【解析】【分析】句意:他不能来的原因是他受伤了。第一空为定语从句,先行词 reason 在从句中充当 原因状语,所以选择 why;第二空是表语从句,从句中不缺少成分,所以选择 that。故选 B。 【点评】考查定语从句和名词性从句。本题涉及 why 引导的限制性定语从句的应用和 that 引导的表语从句 的应用。 14.【答案】 A 【解析】【分析】我们日常生活中遇到的小问题可能是伟大发明的灵感.A 考查定语从句.这是一个限制 性定语从句.本句中的先行词是 problems,在定语从句 we meet in our daily lives 中做宾语,所以用关系代 词 that 引导.where 和 when 引导定语从句在从句中做状语.as 引导非限制性定语从句.所以答案选 A.

【点评】定语从句又称为形容词性从句,综观历年高考试题,我们可以发现该语法项目是测试中的热点与 难点,解定语从句的题目首先要知道哪一句是主句,哪一句是从句,被修饰的词是谁,从句中的句子成 分缺失什么,根据缺失成分的不同从而选出相对应的关系代词或者关系副词,从而选出正确的答案,解 题的关键是从句句子的成分分析. 15.【答案】 D 【解析】【分析】根据分析,此句是一个非限性定语从句,先行词是 place,在定语从句中是作主语的, 所以用关系代词引导,as 可指其前后主句提到的事实或情况,因此引导的非限制性从句位置比较灵活, which 可以放在主句前后,也可插入主句之中;而 which 引导的非限制性从句只能位于主句之后 , 选用 which 句意:这真是一个令人愉快的地方,这里的蜿蜒的小路和美丽的小村庄一定和 100 年前看起来是一 模一样的,故选 D,
【点评】本题旨在考查定语从句中的关系词,要求学生掌握在什么情况下用关系副词,什么情况下用关系 代词以及各自的意义。非限制性定语从句是先行词的附加说明,去掉了也不会影响主句的意思,它与主 句之间通常用逗号分开。非限制性定语从句还能将整个主句作为先行词, 对其进行修饰, 这时从句谓语动 词要用第三人称单数。关系代词 that 和关系副词 why 不能引导非限制性定语从句。 16.【答案】 B 【解析】【分析】句意:上文,你对音乐熟悉吗?下文,是的。有一段时间这种音乐很流行。这个句子中 含有一个定语从句,且关系词在从句中作时间状语,故用关系副词 when,选 B。
17.【答案】 D 【解析】【分析】句意:我要感谢多丽丝教授,没有她的帮助,我是不会取得如此大的进步的。分析句子 可知,本句是定语,考查介词+关系代词。根据句意可知,Professor Doris 在定语从句中作定语,修饰名词 help,表示人的/物的,要用 whose,故选 D 项。 【点评】考查定语从句,本题涉及关系代词 whose 引导的限制性定语从句。 18.【答案】 D 【解析】【分析】考查定语从句。句意:一项研究表明,地球上现存的所有花卉都起源于 1.4 亿年前的同 一个“祖先”。 空格前 ancestor 是先行词在定语从句中做主语。故选 D。 【点评】本题要求考生在理解句义的基础上,进一步牢固掌握定语从句的用法。 19.【答案】 B 【解析】【分析】句意:今天,新疆自治区仍然是一个国际贸易的交汇点,来自于周边国家的商人,和来 自世界各地的游客在这里汇集。此处为定语从句修饰先行词 an international crossroad,从句缺地点状语, 因此用 where 引导。故选 B。
【点评】考查定语从句,本题涉及关系副词 where 引导的限制性定语从句。 20.【答案】C 【解析】【分析】考查定语从句,本题考查定语从句的关系词,先行词为 the books 和 covers 之间存在所 有的关系。故选择 C 意为书的封面,句意为:桌上的书是给我们的奖励,那些书的封面闪闪发光. 【点评】本题考查定语从句中关系词的选择。本句主要考查了关系代词 whose 的用法,whose 在定语从句 中担当定语,和其后的名词之间存在所有关系,还是比较容易判断的。此题中如果在 covers 之前加上定冠

词 the,则需要用 of+which 结构。即此题等同于: The books on the desk, of which the covers are shiny, are prizes for us. 21.【答案】C 【解析】【分析】句意:Phil 先生问了我一个问题,我是否敢和他一起去一个他成为孤岛的地方。第一个 空指的是“能否跟他一起去”,用 whether;第二个空是说“他所称为孤岛的地方”,用 what,相当于 the place that/which。故选 C。 【点评】考查名词性从句,本题涉及 whether 引导的同位语从句以及 what 引导的宾语从句的应用。 22.【答案】B 【解析】【分析】考查动词和主谓一致。句意:正是 Jim 和他的表兄弟们应该为那起严重的事故负责。本 句是强调句,主语是 Jim,together with his cousins 是同位语,故后面的谓语动词应与前面的 Jim 一致;其 次是 blame 一词表示“受到责备”,动作还未发生,故应用不定式,故选 B 项适合。 23.【答案】A 【解析】【分析】考查定语从句:句意:父母应该注意这样的情况,孩子们对适应新的环境有困难。先行词 是 the cases,定语从句中缺少地点状语,用 where 引导定语从句,选 A。 24.【答案】 B 【解析】【分析】考查强调句。第一空考查定语从句,先行词是 the village,定语从句中不缺主宾表,第 二空填 that 考查强调句,句意:是在我们过去生活的村子发生事故的吗?故 B 正确。
25.【答案】 D 【解析】【分析】句意:多年来,简的奶奶想写一本有关于儿童的书,但总是被这样或那样的原因阻碍了。 第一个空使用不定冠词表泛指,第二个 in the way 是固定搭配,意为挡道或阻碍。定冠词用于特指或者是 固定搭配,不定冠词用于泛指。选 D。 【点评】考查冠词,本题涉及不定冠词和定冠词的应用。 26.【答案】 C 【解析】【分析】句意: 会议上提出的城市交通拥挤问题非常重要,政府考虑到了这个问题。分析句子可 知,The problem with traffic crowdedness in the city put forward at the meeting 为先行词,作 take 的宾语, 又根据逗号,判断出本句为非限制性定语从句,所以关系代词为 which。What 不能引导定语从句。先行词 在定语从句作宾语,所以不能用关系副词 when。as 是”正如”的意思,不符合句意。故选 C。
【点评】考查定语从句,本题涉及关系代词 which 引导的定语从句。 27.【答案】 C 【解析】【分析】句意:桌上的书是给我们的奖励,那些书的封面闪闪发光。本题考查定语从句的关系词, 先行词为 the books,和 covers 之间存在所有关系,故选择 C,意为书的封面。 【点评】考查定语从句,本题涉及关系代词 whose 引导的非限制性定语从句。 28.【答案】D 【解析】【分析】考查定语从句。句意:我们生活在一个很多事情都是由计算机完成的年代里。本题定语 从句的先行词是 an age,定语从句是一个被动语态,句子结构很完整。故使用关系副词,故 D 正确。故答 案选 D。 【点评】考查定语从句关系副词的选用。when 引导的定语从句其先行词往往是表示时间的名词。 29.【答案】 C

【解析】【分析】考查固定句型。句意:就像老年人通常的情况那样,我的祖父喜欢谈论过去的美好时光。 as is often the case with...是一个固定句型(非限制性定语从句),意思是“就像/正如……情况一样”。故选 C。
30.【答案】 C 【解析】【分析】句意:在 Dolby 剧院举行的第 88 届奥斯卡颁奖典礼在电视上播出,这个剧院能容纳约 4000 观众。A. where”在那里“;B. whose”谁的“;C. which”那一个“;D. when”在那时“。That 从句是句中的 真正主语,里面包含定语从句,先行词是 Dolby Theatre 指物,后面是定语从句,先行词在定语从句中做 主语用关系代词引导,故选 C。 【点评】考查定语从句,本题涉及关系代词 which 引导的限制性定语从句的应用。 31.【答案】 D 【解析】【分析】句意:在 2019 年,与普通大众相关的这么重要的改革政策被引入了中国,几乎每个人 在生活中都能从(这些改革政策)中获益。 ________ almost each person could benefit from in life.为定语从 句,的先行词为 the reform policies,定语从句中介词 from 后面缺少宾语;但是由于此题中先行词前面有 such 一词修饰,故定语从句只能由 as 引导,选 D。
【点评】考查定语从句,本题涉及 as 引导的限制性定语从句。 32.【答案】 B 【解析】【分析】句意:杭州马拉松是旨在帮助人们了解锻炼的重要性。先行词是 a race,______aim is to help people know the importance of taking exercise 定语从句缺少代词,故选 B 项。 【点评】考查定语从句,本题涉及关系代词 whose 引导的限制性定语从句。 33.【答案】C 【解析】【分析】句意:你宁愿让谁跟你一起去,吉姆还是杰克?would rather do sth 宁愿做某事;have sb do sth 让某人做某事。故选 C 项。 【点评】考查动词的形式。 34.【答案】 D 【解析】【分析】考查定语从句。句意:这里的村民们都依靠打渔产业,没有打渔产业,那里就没有什么 工作可做了。根据句意可知,此处为定语从句,先行词是 the fishing industry,连词与 without 在从句中作 条件状语。故选 D。
35.【答案】 B 【解析】【分析】句意:人们将会发现他是很难感到满意的人之一。关系代词指人,并在定语从句中作 find 的宾语,故用 whom。宾语已提前,故后一空不填。故选 B
36.【答案】 D 【解析】【分析】句意:这个年轻的成员提出了几个提议,没有一个被认为是实用的被接受的。因为两句 话中间有连词 and,所以后面的是简单句,用 them 代替 proposals,这不是定语从句,不能用 which,故答 案为 D。 【点评】考查定语从句与并列句的比较。 37.【答案】 C

【解析】【分析】考查定语从句:第一空填 none of whom,因为先行词是 one son and two daughters,三者 以上,用 none,因为是定语从句,用 none of whom,第二空填 which,指代前面的句子,句意:老人有一 个儿子和两个女儿,没有人对他好的,这使他很难过。选 C。

38.【答案】 D 【解析】【分析】句意:皇帝要求他的官员解释他的梦,在那之后他作出指示一组官员应该代表他去发现 更多关于如来佛祖的事。根据句意及句子结构分析可知,第一空为非限定性定语从句,连词指代前面整 句话的内容;第二空则为 instruction 的同位语从句,从句句子成分齐全,所以使用只起连接作用的代词 that 引导。故选 D。

【点评】考查定语从句和同位语从句。 39.【答案】 D 【解析】【分析】句意:据报道,吸烟者人数仅(过去)一年就减少了 17%。as 引导的非限制性定语从句 位置灵活,可以置于主句的句首、句中或句末,指代的是整个一句话。故选 D 项。

【点评】考生容易误选 B 项 which,把逗号前面的 the number of smokers 看成先行词,后面非限制性定语从

句 which 引导。殊不知,这里关系代词指代的是“The number of smokers

has dropped by 17 percent in just one year。整个一句话。另外,as 和 which 在定语从句都可以指代一句

话,但前者有”正如.......“的意思,后者则没有。还可以抓住 as is reported 这一常用结构,类似的还有 as is

known/espected/planned mentioned/said 等。

40.【答案】 B


could see nothing but trees.为非限制性定语从句修饰先行词 at the second-floor windows,故用 from

where,相当于 and from at the second-floor windows,而 from where 比 where 具体形象,故选 B。

【点评】考查定语从句,本题涉及 from where 引导的非限制性定语从句。

41.【答案】 C


has a dog as a pet 是

一个限制性定语从句,修饰先行词 anyone,在从句中作主语,故用关系代词 who; a dog means to a

family.是一个宾语从句,引导词在从句中作 means 的宾语,故用 what,所以选 C。

【点评】考查定语从句和宾语从句,本题涉及 who 引导的限制性定语从句和 what 引导的宾语从句的应用。

42.【答案】 C


调句型 it is/was... that 去掉后不影响句意,据此排除 B;根据 makes 可知,that he often fails in exams 是主

语从句,he often fails in exams 是主谓结构,不缺少成分,排除 what;that 引导主语从句时不能省略,排

除 D;故选 C。

【点评】考查强调句型和主语从句,本题涉及关系代词 that 引导的限制性定语从句,掌握强调句型的结


43.【答案】 A


【解析】【分析】分析句子结构可知该处为定语从句,修饰先行词 the days,the days 在定语从句中作时间 状语,要用关系副词 when 引导定语从句,故答案为 A。 【点评】本句是一个分割定语从句,做题的关键是找出先行词 the days,再分析它在从句中作何成分。 44.【答案】 B 【解析】【分析】考查词语辨析和定语从句。句意:一只可怜的狗躺在桌子附近,它想用从桌子上掉下的 东西满足它的饥饿。lie“平躺,躺下”,过去式是 lay;lay“放,搁,产卵”,过去式是 laid。something 是先 行词,不定代词作先行词时,后面的定语从句_________ fell from the table 要用 that 引导。故选 B. 【点评】本题要求考生在理解句义的基础上,进一步牢固掌握 lie 和 lay 的含义和用法,同时掌握定语从句 的用法。 45.【答案】 B 【解析】【分析】考查同位语从句和非限制性定语从句。句意:尽管中国警告,韩国的乐天集团已经同意 交换一块土地用以布置导弹防御系统的消息还是传来,这成为全世界的头条新闻。第一空是 that 引导的 同位语从句,说明 the news 的具体内容;第二空是 which 引导的非限制性定语从句,指代前面整个句子。 故选 B。 【点评】本题围绕同位语从句和非限制性定语从句设题,要求考生准确把握相关知识点。 46.【答案】C 【解析】【分析】考查名词性从句。句意:坚定不移是一种品质——坚定不移使人们做好任何事情。这是 一个表语从句,what 在表语从句中作 takes 的宾语,构成 It takes sth. to do sth.的句型。故答案选 C。 【点评】考查名词从句连接词的辨析。注意:what 和 that 之间的区别。 47.【答案】 A 【解析】【分析】句意:正是被称为天阁的台风袭击了珠海和澳门。这是一个含有定语从句的强调句 型, was called Tiange 是一个限制性定语从句,修饰先行词 the typhoon,在从句中作主语,用关系代词 which 或者 that;第二个空是强调句型中的 that,故选 A。 【点评】考查强调句型和定语从句,强调含有限制性定语从句的主语。 48.【答案】 D 【解析】【分析】考查定语从句。句意:这是你们去年参观过的那个有现代设备的研究中心吗?_______ you visited the modem equipment last year?是限制性定语从句,修饰先行词 the one,在从句中作地点状语,故 选 D。 【点评】本题要求考生在理解句义的基础上,进一步牢固掌握不定代词作先行词时,定语从句的用法。 49.【答案】 C 【解析】【分析】考查名词性从句和强调句式。句意:你知道电脑怎样在我们的日常生活中扮演如此重要 的角色吗?idea 后面是 how 引导的同位语从句,并且对 how 进行强调,故答案为 C。 【点评】注意名词性从句 that 和 what 引导词的不同,以及强调句的疑问句句式。 50.【答案】 A 【解析】【分析】句意:这些偏远山区村庄面临的最大问题之一是有经验老师的缺乏。此句是完全倒装, the lack 是句子的主语,一般现在时态,故答案为 A。 【点评】考查完全倒装和主谓一致,本题涉及一般现在时。


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