Advanced – Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution (E0151)
A: Man, it’s been forever. Where have you been up to lately? B: I’ve been busy preparing for my exams. Not to mention all the term papers that we had to write. A: Same here. I’m up to my neck in work, but at least we got some holidays after finals. Where are you heading now. B: I’m going to my anthrop class. We’ve been focused on Darwin all term since it ’s the 200th anniversary of his birth or whatever. I’m sick and tired of Darwin Darwin Darwin. A: What? Why? How can you not like Darwin? His work turned thousands of years of ideas about creation on their head. His theory of evolution revolutionized the field of Biology and Anthropology. B: I don’t like him. His theory of human evolution and natural selection is full of holes. It ’s not a soul as you make it up to be. A: Say that again, you’ll make enemies of half of the academy. Not to mention your professors! Furthermore, that explanation proposed by Darwin about the origin of species and the process of natural selection constitutes a grand step toward a coherent understanding of the world and its very beginnings. B: I’m not minimizing his huge contributions to science. It ’s just that his theory reminds me of the conundrum of the chicken and the egg. A: What are you talking about? B: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This is a classic logic problem and I think it pries to Darwin’s theory. How does the very first living organism come to be? A: Interesting. I think that question is better suited for my Philosophy class. In the meantime, how about we settle this……with a duel!