Unit 1 Cultural relics

1.rare adj. 稀罕的;稀有的; 珍贵的→ rarely adv. 2. valuable adj.贵重的;有价值 的→value n.价值 3. survive vi.幸免;幸存;生还 →survival n.生还;幸存

4. amaze vt.使吃惊;惊讶→ amazing adj.令人 吃惊的→ amazed adj.感到惊讶的→ amazementn. 5. select vt.挑选;选择→ selection n. 6. design n.设计;图案;构思vt.设计;计 划;构思→ designer n.设计师 7. fancy adj.奇特的;异样的vt.想象;设想; 爱好

8.style n.风格;风度;类型 9. decoratev.装饰;装修→ decoration n. 10.artist n.艺术家 11.belong vi.属于;为……的一员 12.remove vt.移动;搬开 13.doubt n.怀疑;疑惑vt.怀疑;不信 14. former adj.以前的;从前的→ latter(反 义词)

15.worth prep.值得的;相当于……的价 值n.价值;作用adj.[古]值钱的 16.local adj.本地的;当地的→ locally adv. 17.apart adv.分离地;分别地 18.evidence n.根据;证据 19.explode vi.爆炸→ explosion n. 20.entrance n.入口

21.sink vi.下沉;沉下→ sank/sunk(过 去式) sunk/sunken (过去分词) 22. informal adj.非正式的→formal (反 义词) 23.debate n.争论;辩论vi.争论;辩 论

1. in search of 寻找 2. belong to 属于 3.in return 作为报答;回报 4. at war 处于交战状态 5. less than 少于 6. take apart 拆开 7. think highly of 看重;器重 8. look into 调查 9. remove sth.from...to... 把某物从……搬到…… 10. rather than 而不是;与其

1.Later,Catherine Ⅱ had the Amber Room moved to a palace outside St Petersburg where she spent her summers. 【精提取】 have/get sth.done 让某事被做, have sb.do sth.让别人做某事。 【巧应用】 别着急,我会让约翰替你做。 Don’t worry.I’ll ________________________________for you. 答案:have John do it

2.After that,what happened to the Amber Room remains a mystery. 【精提取】 remain系动词,意为“仍 然是,保持”。 【巧应用】 面对危险,她仍然镇定自 若。 She_______________________________ _________great danger. 答案:remained calm in face of

3.There is no doubt that the boxes were then put on a train for K? nigsberg,which was at that time a German city on the Baltic Sea. 【精提取】 There’s no doubt that...毫无 疑问……,该句是固定句式。 【巧应用】 毫无疑问他会来帮助你的。 _____________________________________ ___he will come to help you. 答案:There is no doubt that

4.This was a time when the two countries were at war. 【精提取】 This was a time when...为 when引导的定语从句修饰先行词a time。 【巧应用】 曾经有一段时间我讨厌上学。 ______________________________________ __________I hated to go to school. 答案:There was once a time when

?Ⅰ.单词拼写 ?1.There is no________(怀疑)that he will attend the meeting on time. ?答案:doubt ?2.It________(使惊愕)her that he could be so calm at such a time. ?答案:amazed

?3.The woman________(挑选)the best things from the shop. ?答案:selected ?4.I’ll meet you at the ________(入口 )of the zoo tomorrow. ?答案:entrance ?5.After a long ________(辩论),the bill was passed. ?答案:debate

?1.The hungry boy rushed into the house ________ something to eat. ?答案:in search of ?2.The boy’s father ________ the man who saved his son from the lake. ?答案:thinks/thought highly of ?3.Those countries have been ________ for a long time.People there suffer a lot. ?答案:at war

?4.I work hard ________ those who care for me,help me and love me. ?答案:in return for ?5.There is ________ that he will be punished for what he has done. ?答案:no doubt

?1.Please remain________;the winner of the prize will be announced soon. ?A.seating B.seated ?C.to seat D.to be seated ?解析:选B。本题考查动词用法。句意:请在座 位上坐着;很快就会宣布获奖者。seated是形 容词,表状态,此处作表语。remain/be seated“保持坐着的状态”。

?2.It was already past midnight and only three young men________in the tea house. ?A.left B.remained ?C.delayed D.deserted ?解析:选B。句意为:早已过了半夜,仅有3位年 轻人还留在茶房。remain作系动词可跟名词、 介词短语、现在分词、过去分词,不定式的被动 式作表语。

?3.It remains________whether Jim’ll be fit enough to play in the finals. ?A.seen B.to be seen ?C.seeing D.to see ?解析:选B。考查动词辨析。remain to be done“有待于……”,因为it是动作的承受者, 所以用了动词不定式的被动语态。

?4.I’m afraid we’ll have to work extra hours for there are still some problems ________. ?A.remaining to settle ?B.remaining to be settled ?C.remained to talk about ? D.to remain to discuss ?答案:B

?1.The lecture was called off five minutes before it was supposed to start,________ made the audience angry. ?A.what B.that ?C.when D.which ?解析:选D。考查定语从句。which made the audience angry 为非限定性定语从句, which是关系代词,指代整个主句的内容。

?2.Now their talks have reached a key stage________ one side must give in to the other. ?A.which B.that ?C.where D.how ?解析:选C。考查定语从句。当先行词为stage ,case,position,situation,degree等 词,且关系词在定语从句中作状语时,关系词通 常用where。

?3.He gave us another piece of advice ,________of great help to the research work. ?A.which I think is ?B.which I think it is ?C.I think which is ?D.I think it is ?解析:选A。 which引导非限定性定语从句,在 从句中作主语,I think是插入语。

?4.Rescuers are still searching for the other 19 missing miners, ________survival chances are small. ?A.who B.which ?C.whom D.whose ?解析:选D。关系代词在从句中作定语,故用 whose代指...missing miners’。

?5.A war is so cruel that it always causes great losses,________has happened in Iraq and other countries. ?A.what B.which ?C.as D.one ?解析:选C。as引导非限定性定语从句,意为“ 正如”,在从句中作主语。