ALE&IDoc 学习笔记

ALE & IDoc: 1, Message type and Basic IDoc type A message type represents the group in which every basic IDoc types must belong. A message type is conceptually the nature of the data transmitted within an IDoc. For example, the MATMAS message type is related to material master data, Material Master. To this MATMAS message type is associated several basic IDoc types: MATMAS01, MATMAS02, MATMAS03, MATMAS04 et MATMAS05. Each basic IDoc type is able to contain essential data on material master data. MATMAS01 is the first version, each subsequent version increments the sequence number (MATMAS02, etc.) and adds fields comparing with the previous version. By convention, each basic IDoc type which follows the ascending numbering cannot remove a field or change the applicative meaning of a field comparing with the previous version of the basic IDoc type. The standard message types and basic IDoc types in SAP R/3 respect this convention, and it is preferable to do so for all the new types to be created. Outbound Process: 2, WE31? Create segment Type WE30?Create IDoc Type (Basic & Extension) WE81?Maintain & Create Logical Message Type

WE82?Association of the basic IDoc type to the message type BD64?Create a new distribution model view ?Add Message type BD82?Generate Partner profile per distribution model view & partner system (SMMS?check SAP Host Name) WE20?Maintain Partner Profile WE21?Create Port BD64?Distribute the distribution model view (Menu bar?Edit?Model View?Distribute) BD87?Process & Status Monitor IDoc Filter Tips: If a segment has a field which does not pass the filter, it is deleted. Then, every segments of a lower hierarchical level are deleted too, as the higher hierarchical level segment also if the deleted segment has been set to be mandatory in the basic IDoc type. BD95?Maintain ALE Object Type BD59?Association of an ALE object type to a message type IDoc reduction BD53?IDoc Reduction Maintenance Tips: IDoc reduction always used for the standard message type-segment type, to reduce the number of fields. Inbound Process:

BD51? Characteristics of Inbound Function Modules This transaction is used to register a function module as being able to be used for the integration of an inbound IDoc. WE57? IDoc: Assignment of FM to Log. Message and IDoc Type This transaction is used to associate the previously declared function module to the message type to be integrated WE42?Inbound Process Code Maintenance Other Useful Transaction code: SALE ?Display ALE Customizing WE02?Display IDoc WE05 ? IDoc Lists WE09 ? Search for IDoc in Database WE19 ?Test tool

Conversion: BD62?Define conversion rule per IDoc segment type BD79?Maintain conversion rule BD55?Assign conversion rule to message type


ALE-IDOC Step-by-Step
ALE-IDOC Scenario using Custom IDOC