全文版 1-6必修二 翻译句子及词组短语

M1 完形 A Funny Cure Norman Cousins was a businessman from the United States who often traveled around the world on business. He enjoyed his work and traveling. Then, after returning to tile United States from a busy and tiring trip to Russia, Mr. Cousins got sick. Because he had pushed his body to the limit of its strength on the trip, a chemical change began to take place inside him. The material between his bones became weak. In less than one week after his return, he could not stand. Every move that he made was painful. He was not able to sleep at night. The doctors told Mr. Cousins that they did not know how to cure his problems and he might never get over the illness. Mr. Cousins, however, refused to give up hope. Mr. Cousins thought that unhappy thoughts were causing bad chemical changes in his body. He did not want to take medicine to cure himself. Instead, he felt that happy thoughts or laughter might cure his illness. He began to experiment on himself while still in the hospital by watching funny shows on television. Mr. Cousins quickly found that ten minutes of real laughter during the day gave him two hours of pain-free sleep at night. Deciding that the doctors could not help him, Mr. Cousins left the hospital and checked into a hotel room where he could continue his experiments with laughter. For eight days, Mr. Cousins rested in the hotel room watching funny shows on television, reading funny books, and sleeping whenever he felt tired. Within three weeks, he felt well enough to take a vacation to Puerto Rico where he began running on the beach for exercise. After a few months, Mr. Cousins returned to work He had laughed himself back to health. 阅读 A Teenagers have a new shape these days. They are about 20 pounds heavier than they were 60 years ago. They are about four inches taller, too. These facts come from J. M. Tanner, a professor in England. J. M. Tanner has been measuring people from all over the world. He has also studied people's growth records of the past 100 years. "Kids today are bigger than ever before," he says. "Today's nine-year-olds look like eleven-year-olds back in 1900." According to Tanner, adults also are taller than ever before. But the biggest change can be seen in young people. That's because boys used to keep on growing until they reached age 26. But today they stop growing at 18 or 19. Most girls stop growing even earlier. So today's teenagers are bigger than 26-year-olds were 60 years

ago. What is causing this change? Professor Tanner says it's proper food. A good diet alone cannot make you grow beyond your natural limits. Your final height is partly caused by the height of your parents and grandparents. But eating proper food can help you reach your final height--and reach it early in life. Will people keep on getting bigger? Will we have a race of giants? NO--at least not if the U.S. is an example. Tanner says that we have eaten proper food for years, and our growth rate has already begun to level off. 青少年有一个新的形状,这些天。他们比他们 60 年前的约 20 磅重的。他们是高 约 4 英寸,太。这些事实来自 JM 坦纳,在英国的教授。 JM 唐纳已被测量来自世界各地的人。他还研究了过去 100 年的人的成长记录。 “今天比以往任何时候都大的孩子, ”他说。 “今天的 9 岁看起来像 11 岁, 在 1900 年回来。” 据唐纳,成年人也比以往任何时候都高。但最大的变化可以看出,在青少年。这 是因为男孩用来保持增长,直到他们达到 26 岁。但今天他们在 18 或 19 日停止 增长。大多数女孩停止生长,甚至更早。因此,今天的青少年超过 26 岁,60 年 前大。 是什么原因造成这种变化?唐纳教授说,这是适当的食物。没有良好的饮食习惯 就可以让你成长超出你的自然限制。部分是由于您的最终身高是你的父母,祖父 母,外祖父母的高度。但是,吃适当的食物,可以帮助您达到您的最终高度 - 并 达到它在生命的早期。 人们会继续挺大吗?我们有一个巨人的竞赛? - 至少不若美国就是一个例子。 唐纳说,我们有多年吃适当的食物,和我们的增长速度已经开始平。 B My aunt Edith was a widow of 50, working as a secretary, when doctors discovered what was then thought to be a very serious heart ailment. Aunt Edith doesn’t accept defeat easily. She began studying medical reports in the library and found an article in a magazine about a well-known heart surgeon, Dr. Michael DeBakey, of Houston, Texas. HE had saved the life of someone with the same ailment. The article said Dr. DeBakey fees were very high; Aunt Edith couldn possibly pay them. But could he tell her of someone whose fee she could pay? So Aunt Edith wrote to him. She simply listed her reasons for wanting live: her three children, who would be on their own in three or four more years, her little-girl dream of traveling and seeing the world. There wasn’t a word of self-pity---only warmth and humor and the joy of living. She mailed the letter, not really expecting an answer. A few days later, my doorbell rang. Aunt Edith didn’t wait to come in; she stood in the hall and read aloud: our beautiful letter moved me very deeply. If you can come

to Houston, there will be no charge for either the hospital or the operation. Signedichael DeBakey. That was seven years ago. Since then, Aunt Edith has been around the world. Her three children are happily married. For her age, she is one of the youngest, most alive people I know 我的阿姨伊迪丝是一位 50 岁的寡妇,她是一位秘书。后来医生发现她患有严重 的心脏疾病。 伊迪丝并没有轻易地接受打击。 她就开始在图书馆学习医学报告,并且在一份杂 志文章上发现了一位著名的心脏外科医生,他是伦敦得克萨斯州的“迈克尔· 狄贝 基”,他拯救过具有相同疾病的人。文章说,医生狄贝基的医疗费用很高;伊迪丝 阿姨无法支付如此高的费用。 但是她要怎样告诉他,谁会为她担负这份费用呢? 然后伊迪丝阿姨写信给他, 她简单地写下了自己想要活下去的理由,他那三个幼 小的孩子以后怎么可以自己生活三四年或更多年, 她的小女儿还梦想长大后环游 世界,没有一个字提及自怜。唯有得是”温暖,幽默,和那些生活的乐趣。她寄 出了这封信,并没有带多大的希望。 几天以后,我的门铃响了,伊迪丝阿姨并没有迫不及待地进来,她站在大厅里, 大声地朗读着:”你那美丽的信件深深地打动了我,如果你可以来休斯敦,我们 将为您免费治疗,包括住院和手术。签名“迈克尔· 狄贝基”。 那是七年前,从那时起,伊迪丝阿姨已走遍世界,她的三个孩子生活很快乐并且 已经结婚。对于她的年龄而言,她是我知道的最年轻,最有活力的人。 任务型阅读 Include On foot More than Take care of Take place Be known as On the top of Worry about Because of The Empire State Building holds a special place in the hearts of Americans.

M2 完形 Some teenagers take up smoking during holidays either because they become

“rich” enough to afford a pack of cigarettes or they think they look “cool”. take up either…or… stop sb. from doing sth feel sick put out(the cigarette) impressive (adj.) compare…with… risk doing for the sake of …

阅读 A Liz grew up in the shadow of two drug-addicted (吸毒的) parents. There was never enough food or warm clothes in the house. Liz was the only member of the family who had a job. Her mother had AIDS and died when Liz was just 15 years old.The effect of that loss became a turning point in her life. Connecting the environment in which she had grown up with how her mother had died, she decided to do something about it. Liz went back to school. She threw herself into her studies, never telling her teachers that she was homeless. At night, she lived on the streets. "What drove me to survive had to do with understanding, by understanding that there was a whole other way of being. I had only experienced a small part of the society," she wrote in her book "Breaking Night". She admitted that she used envy to drive herself on. She used the benefits that come easily to others, such as a safe living environment, to encourage herself that "next to nothing could hold me down". She finished high school in just two years and won a full scholarship to study at Harvard University. B according to die of talk about encourage sb. to do listen to get well give up spend…on When Janet know that she had only five days to live, she asked to spend money on toys instead of giving her treatment. 任务型阅读 What should you think about when trying to find your career? You are probably

better at some school subjects than others. These may show strengths that you can use in your work. A boy who is good at mathematics can use that in an engineering career. A girl who spells well and likes English may be good at office work. So it is important to know the subjects you do well in at school. On the other hand, you may not have any specially strong subjects but your records show a general satisfactory standard. Although not all subjects can be used directly in a job, they may have indirect value. A knowledge of history is not required for most jobs but if history is one of your good subjects you will have learned to remember facts and details. This is an ability that can be useful in many jobs. Your school may have taught you skills, such as typing or technical drawing, which you can use in your work. You may be good at metalwork or cookery and look for a job where you can improve these skills. If you have had a part-time job on Saturdays or in the summer, think what you gained from it. If nothing else, you may have learned how to get to work on time, to follow instructions and to get on with older workers. You may have learned to give correct change in a shop, for example. Just as important, you may become interested in a particular industry or career you see from the inside in a part-time job. Facing your weak points is also part of knowing yourself. You may be all thumbs (笨手笨脚的)when you handle tools; perhaps you are a poor speller or cannot add up a column of figures. It is better to face any weakness than to pretend they do not exist. Your school record, for instance, may not be too good, yet it is an important part of your background. You should not be apologetic(认错的) about it but instead recognize that you will have a chance of a fresh start at work. M3 完型 Salsa is a musical type that has existed for many years and is still popular today. Salsa comes from Cuba, but many people believe 2 that the Puerto Ricans who moved to the US developed the style of salsa we know today. Because of political problems in the early 4 20th century, many people left Puerto Rico and settled in the US. Between 1915 and 1930, about 50,000 Puerto Ricans arrived in the US. In 1917, a law 6 was passed that made people from Puerto Rico Americans move in and out After this, Puerto Ricans were able to move 8 freely between their home and the US mainland. Between 1940 and 1969, about 800,000 Puerto Ri-cans moved to the US, mainly 9 to New York City and Miami. They brought with them their culture, style, and Latin rhythm (节拍). One style of music and dance they brought 10 to the US was a mixture of Afro-Cuban rhythms and Puerto Rican traditional dance. In New York, 11 musicians incorporated (little) American jazz, and the salsa we know today 12 was born . During this time, salsa music and dance, were popular in the New York City and around the US. The song words 13 told stories of the immigrants' (移民) struggle to make a 14 living in New York City. By the late 1970's, salsa clients was no longer popular; another style-salsa romantic, with its romantic love lyrics (词句)

-became popular, instead . Salsa romantic is still popular today and is performed 17 by musicians such as Mare Anthony, a singer from Puerto Rico. Young Puerto Ricans continue to make special mixtures of salsa by combining it with other musical styles. A mixture of hip-hop and salsa can be 19 heard in Jennifer Lopez's music which became world famous by combining rock rhythms with the salsa romantics style. For many people, listening to salsa music is not enough ;its fast rhythm and lively beat make them want to get up and dance. 阅读 A Pop Music is the name for different forms of popular, commercial music. It h ad its beginning in the United States of America and spread throughout the w hole world during the 1950s and 1960s. It is widely liked by the young peopl e. The best known early form of pop music was “rock’n’roll” another was “bl ues”. A more recent development is “folk-rock”. Pop music has taken the p lace of native music in many parts of the world: it has caused the number o f people for jazz to become much smaller than it was in the 1950s and earlier, and it has now begun to rule musical stage productions. It’s a big industry. Much pop music is without artistic value, but the work of some pop singers, e. g. the Beasles, Bob Dylan, the groups like Floyd and Crosby, Stills and Nash, is on a higher musical level. And there is still a great interest in it today. Po p music concerts and festivals are held all over the world. it has caused the number of people for jazz to become much smaller than it was in the 1950s and earlier, and it has now begun to rule musical st age productions. 当今,流行音乐是各种受欢迎和商业音乐的代名词。二十世界五六十年代,流行 音乐起源于美国并流行全世界。 它深受青年人的喜爱。起初最早的流行音乐模式 是摇滚和蓝调。其后又出现乡村摇滚。在许多国家,流行音乐已经取代了本土的 音乐。在二十世纪五十年代或更早的时期,由于流行音乐的出现,使爵士乐迷大 幅度减少。 现在, 流行音乐已经开始统治音乐舞台。 流行音乐是一个巨大的商业, 大多流行音乐没有艺术价值, 但一些流行歌手或团体的歌曲, 都具有较高的水平。 比如,披头士、鲍伯迪伦,一些像弗洛伊德和克罗斯比这样的团体,还有 Stills 和 Nash。至今,流行音乐仍风靡全球,在世界各地都会举行流行音乐会和节日。

B O. Henry was a pen name used by an American writer of short stories. His re al name was William Sydney Porter. He was born in North Carolina in1862. As a young boy he lived an exciting life. He did not go to school for very lo ng, but he managed to teach himself everything he needed to know. When he was about 20 years old, O. Henry went to Texas, where he tried different jo bs. He first worked on a newspaper, and then had a job in a bank, when som e money went missing from the bank, O. Henry was believed to have stolen it. Because of that, he was sent to prison. During the three years in prison, he l earned to write short stories. After he got out of prison, he went to New Yor k and continued writing. He wrote mostly about New York and the life of the poor there. People liked his stories, because simple as the tales were, they would finish with a sudden change at the end , to the reader’s surprise. 欧· 亨利是一位美国短篇小说家的笔名,他的真名叫威廉· 西德里· 波特,1862 年出 生于北卡罗来纳州。他的童年生活十分美好,他没有正经的上过几年学,却能自 学成材;在他 20 岁的时候,欧· 亨利来到了德克萨斯洲,在那儿干过许多不同的 工作, 最先是在一家报社工作, 然后去了一家银行, 然而那家银行丢失了一些钱, 人们怀疑欧· 亨利就是那个贼,他因此被送进了监狱,在那儿的三年时间里,他 学会了短篇小说的写作。出狱之后,他来到纽约并继续他的写作生涯,撰写了大 量关于纽约和纽约贫民生活的作品,人们喜欢他的小说,因为他写的故事非常流 畅,结尾却时常横生枝节,让读者回味无穷。 任务型阅读 Our world is full of signs and symbols. Most of the time we don’t really need to think about them and that is the mark of a good symbol. Good examples of these “invisible” symbols are the ones used for “Play”,“Fast Forward”,“Rewind”,etc. We find them on everything from old tape players to DVD players, remote controls and computer keyboards. They are so familiar to us that we don’t need to really pay attention to them any more. We certainly never think about who first thought of them or when. A more recent but increasingly familiar kind of symbol is the “emoticon”, sometimes called a “smiley”.Now you might not be familiar with the names but you will certainly have used them many times. This is an emoticon meaning happy:∶).This one means sad:∶?(.“Emoticon” is a :“emotion” and “icon”. Icon originally meant a religious picture but has now more commonly come to mean a symbol used on the computer. Emoticons are used to show the feelings that are often difficult to show when writing an email or sending a text message. Modern emoticons are thought to have been invented by a computer scientist called Scott Fahlman in 1982.When he was joking, people often thought he was serious. He got so tired of this that he suggested marking all jokes like this ∶).The

idea rapidly took off and,as the Internet became more popular, so did emoticons. From the original two or three, there are now hundreds of them collected in “dictionaries” or on websites. And, although most emoticons still try to show an expression on the human face, some others show an action. 这个主意很快风行起来,并且随着因特网的更加普及,表情符号也流行起来。 M4 完型 One summer night, on my way home from work I decided to see a movie. I knew the theatre would be air-conditioned and I couldn't face my hot apartment. Sitting in the theatre I had to look through the space between the two tall heads in front of me. I had to keep changing the angle every time she leaned over to talk to him, or he leaned over to kiss her. Why do Americans display such feelings in a public place? I thought the movie would be good for my English, but as it turned out, it was an Italian movie. After about an hour I decided to give up on the movie and eat my popcorn ( 爆玉米花 ). I've never understood why they give you so much popcorn! It tasted pretty good, though. After a while I heard no more of the romantic-sounding Italians. I just heard the sound of the popcorn crunching ( 咀嚼 ) between my teeth. My thought started to wander . I remembered when I was in South Korea (韩国 ), I used to watch Kojak on TV frequently. He spoke perfect Korean - I was really amazed. He seemed like a good friend to me, until I saw him again in New York speaking perfect English instead of perfect Korean. He didn't even have a Korean accent and I felt like I had been betrayed. When our family moved to the United States six years ago, none of us spoke any English. Once we had begun to learn a few words, my mother suggested that we all should speak English at home. Everyone agreed, but our house became very quite and we all seemed to avoid each other. We sat at the dinner table in silence, preferring that to speaking in a difficult language. Mother tried to say something in English but it came out all wrong and we all burst into laughter and decided to forget it! We've been speaking Korean at home ever since. 阅读 A Leonardo da Vinci began painting the Mona Lisa in 1503.He was working on a special painting for a church at the time, but the church painting was not going well. An Italian businessman asked da Vinci to paint a picture of the businessman’s second wife. This is the woman who can be seen in the Mona Lisa. All in all, the Mona Lisa is a very good example of da Vinci’s work. Da Vinci uses darkness and light in a clever way in the painting.

Da Vinci loved science and maths. Right away a person can see that there is a lot of geometry in the Mona Lisa. The face of the Mona Lisa is made of many circles and round shapes like balls. Even her smile can be seen as a small part of a large circle. The woman in the painting is sitting on a balcony, and mountains can be seen behind her. Da Vinci loved to study rocks and mountains, so these can be seen over and over in his other paintings. The woman is sitting with her knees to the side. Her head is turned to look out of the painting. Her hands are held together in front of her. This way of sitting is now used by many artists when they are painting a picture of a man or woman today. Da Vinci uses darkness and light in a clever way in the painting. B James Cleveland Owens was the son of a farmer and the grandson of black slaves. His family moved to Cleveland when he was 9. There, a school teacher asked the boy his name. “J. C.,” he replied. She thought he had said “Jesse”, and he had a new name. Owens ran his first race at the age of 13. After high school, he went to Ohio State University. He had to work part-time in order to pay for his education. As a second-year student, in the Big Ten games in 1935, he set even more records than he would in the Olympic Games a year later. A week before the Big Ten meet, Owens accidentally fell down a flight of stairs. His back hurt so much that he could not exercise all week, and he had to be helped in and out of the car that drove him to the meet. He refused to listen to the suggestion that he give up and said he would try event by event. He did try, and the results are in the record book. The stage was set for Owens’ victories at the Olympic Games in Berlin the next year, and his success would come to be regarded as not only athletic but also political. Hitler did not congratulate any of the African-American winners. “It was all right with me,” he said years later. “I didn’t go to Berlin to shake hands with him, anyway.” Having returned from Berlin, he received no telephone calls from the president of his own country, either. In fact, he was not honored by the United States until 1976, four years before his death. Owens’ Olympic victories made little difference to him. He earned his living by looking after a school playground, and accepted money to race against cars, trucks, motorcycles and dogs. “Sure, it bothered me,” he said later. “But at least it was an honest living. I had to eat.” In time, however, his gold medals changed his life. “They have kept me alive over the years,” he once said. “Time has stood still for me. That golden moment dies hard.”

He earned his living by looking after a school playground, and accepted money to race against cars, trucks, motorcycles and dogs. 詹姆斯.克里夫兰.欧文斯是一个农民的儿子、黑人奴隶的孙子。他 9 岁的时候, 他的家迁居到了克利夫兰 。在那里,一个学校老师问这个男孩叫什么名字。 " J.C, "他回答说。 她原以为他说的是 "杰西" ,因此他有了一个新的名字。 欧文斯参加的第一场比赛是在 13 岁。高中毕业后,他又到美国俄亥俄州州立大 学。 他不得不做兼职工作来支持他上学。 作为一个二年级的学生, 在 1935 年的“十 强”运动会上, 他创造了比他一年后在奥运会上还要快的纪录。 在那个“十强赛”的一星期前,欧文斯不小心从楼梯上掉下来。他的背后的伤使他 一个星期不能进行锻炼, 为了参赛他甚至不得不需要有人帮助他上下汽车。他没 有听取很多人让他放弃比赛的建议,并表示他将尽全力一项一项地参赛。他做到 了,他创造了一项又一项的纪录。

第二年的柏林奥林匹克运动会是欧文斯的舞台。 他的成功不仅被认为是竞技的胜 利, 也是政治上的胜利。 希特勒没有向任何一位非裔美国获奖运动员表示祝贺。 "这对我无所谓 ," 事后几年,他这样说, "我去柏林并不是为了和他握手" 。 从柏林返回,他也没有收到自己国家总统的电话。其实上,直到他去世的在四年 前,也就是 1976 年,才得到美国给予的荣誉。 欧文斯在奥运会的胜利并没有给他带来任何变化。他靠看护运动场为生,并与汽 车、卡车、摩托车和狗赛跑挣钱。 "是的,这让我烦恼,"他后来说。 ",但至少我过着诚实的生活。我要吃饭" 。 终于,他的金牌后来改变了他的人生。 "是这些金牌让我活了下来, "他曾经这 样说过。 "时间在我面前停滞不前。夺取金牌的时刻永远闪亮" 。 任务型阅读 India has millions of cycle rickshaws( 人 力 车 )which have a two-wheeled carriage.The operators are called pullers.They ride through the streets pulling passengers and goods.Unlike buses and cars,which burn fuel,cycle rickshaws produce no pollution.But the job of a rickshaw puller is not easy. Now , to help ease their labor, there is the Solar-Electric Rickshaw or soleckshaw.An electric motor helps the operator pull heavy goods or go up a hill.A thirty-six volt(伏特) battery can carry the rickshaw forty kilometers.Top speed is

fifteen kilometers an hour, and soleckshaws don't pollute the environment.There is also a battery charging station at Delhi Metro Rail Station. The goal with the new rickshaw is to increase the number of trips per day that the pullers can make, which means more money to earn . There is also space for advertising,a way for them to earn additional money. At present the Solar—Electric Rickshaw is rather expensive.But the designers say that rickshaw pullers could repay the money borrowed from the bank to buy a soleckshaw within about two or three years.Now India’s seven to eight million pullers usually pay one-third of their earnings to the owner of a rickshaw to use it by the day.But in 2008 the Center of Rural Development had the idea for a bank to help self-employed workers buy their own rickshaws. Besides, there are plans for improved types of soleckshaws, which will have more powerful engines and Call travel long distances.The new types are expected to be used when New Delhi hosts the Commonwealth Games next year. Soleckshaws are a great step forward.However, some people say a lot of excitement is lost when rickshaws are going faster than ever . What’s more , soleckshaws create additional Costs such as electric charging,batteries and solar panels(太阳能电池板).There is really a long way before they become universal around the country. The goal with the new rickshaw is to increase the number of trips per day that the pullers can make, which means more money to earn.

M5 完型 Miss Green was watching TV. Suddenly the program stopped . "Now we broadcast an important notice from the police: At about nine this evening, an old woman of 79 , named Mrs Humney , was robbed and killed by a robber wearing a green coat . Those who can supply any clue ( 线 索 ) are requested to report to the police ." The terrible news made the lonely girl filled with fear. She couldn't help looking around .But she didn't notice that a man was already behind the door. Suddenly the man appeared before Miss Green . The girl didn't know what to do. “Just put your necklace on the table, then I"ll consider whether I shall be safe to stay here for the night." said the robber. That made her even more terrified , but she tried to calm herself. Just then there came the whistle of a police car .Then rang the door bell. The man

said with a pistol(手枪)against the girl's back, " Don't open the door. Never let him in." But the girl got a(n) idea . She asked the man outside the door , " Who is it ?" "I'm Bull. Is there anything unusual here?" "No, there isn’t." Immediately she added loudly ," only my brother and I are here." "Good night, " Bull replied in the same loud voice. A few minutes later. The sound of the police car died away. " It's well done, " the robber laughed. Almost at the same time the glass was broken into pieces. The policemen hurried into the room and caught the robber. "Miss Green , what you said made us take action right away, " said Bull, " for we know that you have no brother." The terrible news made the lonely girl filled with fear. She couldn't help looking around . 阅读

A pilot cannot fly a plane by sight alone. Many conditions such as flying at night and landing in dense fog require the pilot to use radar. Human eyes are not very good at determining speeds of approaching objects, but radar can show the pilot how fast nearby planes are moving. The basic principle of radar is illustrated by what happens when
one shouts in a cave. With radar, however, the waves are radio waves instead of sound

waves. Radio waves travel at the speed of light, about 300, 000 kilometers in a second. A radar set sends out a short burst of radio waves. Then it receives the echoes produced when the waves bounce (反射) off objects. By determining the time it takes for the echoes to return to the radar set, a trained technician can determine the distance between the radar set and other objects. The word “radar”, in fact , gets its name from the term “radio detection and ranging. ” “Ranging” is the term for detection of the distance between an object and the radar set. Besides being of critical importance to pilot, radar is essential for air traffic control, for tracking ships at sea, and for tracking weather systems and storms.

Many conditions such as flying at night and landing in dense fog require the pilot to use radar. B For hundreds of years humans have dreamt of finding life on distant planets. Now the hope of discovering real evidence of life has greatly increased NASAs MarsOpportunity, succeeded in finding signs that water once existed on the planet. Opportunity landed on Mars in January. Scientists now believe that the planet could once have supported life. This discovery was chosen by Science, one of the world’s leading magazines, as the m

ost important scientific achievement of 2004 last Friday “This little, wheeled, one-armed box went around another planet and has done someth ing no human has ever managed,” according to Science. “It has discovered another pl ace in the universe where life could once have existed.” “Although we still can’t say that life could have existed in this environment, it is now certain that there was water on Mars,” said Steve Squyres, one of the scientists worki ng on the Mars mission. The evidence comes from pictures and chemical readings tak en by Opportunity. It includes marks on rocks like those caused by flowing water on E arth and salty chemicals like those found in dried-out sea-beds. Scientists said the new evidence proved beyond doubt that water has been existed on Mars. But it is still un known whether the water on Mars was like an ocean or just ice. While Opportunity has not found any signs of life, the presence of water means life is possible. “In everything we know about life on Earth, there is no example without liqu id water,” Squyres said. “So water is important for the search for life on Mars.” Researchers agree that a future mission 任 ) should bring back physical samples ( 样 品 ). But some scientists worry about the risk that this could introduce dangerous forei gn creatures to Earth. “The problem here is how to get the samples back,” Squyres rep lied. “I think it is our responsibility to limit any risk.” This discovery was chosen by Science, one of the world’s leading magazines, as th e most important scientific achievement of 2004 last Friday 任务型阅读 We have two daughters: Kristen is seven years old and Kelly is four. Last Sunday evening, we invited some people home for dinner. I dressed them nicely for the party, and told them that their job was to join Mommy in answering the door when the bell rang. Mommy would introduce them to the guests, and then they would take the guests’ coats upstairs and put them on the bed in the second bedroom. The guests arrived. I introduced my two daughters to each of them. The adults were nice and kind and said how lucky we were to have such good kids. Each of the guests made a particular fuss over Kelly, the younger one, admiring her dress, her hair and her smile. They said she was a remarkable girl to be carrying coats upstairs at her age. I thought to myself that we adults usually make a big “to do” over the younger o ne because she’s the one who seems more easily hurt. We do it with the best of intentions. But we seldom think of how it might affect the other child. I was a little worried that Kristen would feel she was being outshined. I was about to serve dinner when I realized that she had been missing for twenty minutes. I ran upstairs and found her in the bedroom, crying. I said, “What are you doing, my dear?” She turned to me with a sad expression and said, “Mommy, why don’t people like me the way they like my sister? Is it because I’m not pretty? Is that why they don’t say nice things about me as much?” I tried to explain to her, kissing and hugging her to make her feel better.

Now, whenever I visit a friend’s home, I make it a point to speak to the elder child first. I was about to serve dinner when I realized that she had been missing for twenty minutes. M6 完形 The earliest films were short, lasting only one minute or less. People could, for one cent, see simple action films of trains, fire engines, parades, crowds on city streets and similar subjects. Soon 20-minute pictures of news items were being shown in theaters at the end of the regular stage show. Later, films used a new method (putting the beginning of one scene upon the end of the scene before)for magical effects and to tie a story together. In 1903, a film was made about a train robbery, much of the action took place at the same time —— the robbers escaping, the men meeting and planning to capture them -- and the scenes moved smoothly, back and forth, from one scene to another instead of unnaturally showing each scene separately. This was the earliest successful film in which scenes were filmed at different places and times. Before 1910 actors were employed in films without their names being given because the producers were afraid that if an actor became well known, he might demand more money. But later, it became known that a film with a popular actor in it could be sold at a higher price to theater owners than a film in which the actor was not known. Soon "movie stars" won fame wherever films were shown. By 1915, the most popular stars were earning as much as $ 2, 000 a week. 阅读 A The famous director of a big and expensive movie planned to film a beautiful sunset over the ocean, so that the audiences could see his hero and heroine in front of it at the end of the film as they said goodbye to each for ever. He sent his camera crew out one evening to film the sunset for him. The next morning he said to the men, "Have you provided me with that sunset?" "No, sir," the men answered. The director was angry, "Why not?" he asked. "Well, sir," one of the men answered, "we are on the east coast here, and the sun sets in the west. We can get you a sunrise over the sea, if necessary, but not a sunset." "But I want a sunset!" the director shouted. "Go to the airport, take the next flight to the west coast, and get one" But then a young secretary had an idea. "Why don't you photograph a sunrise?" she suggested, "and then play it backwards? Then it'll look like a sunset." "That's a good idea!" the director said. Then he turned to the camera crew and said, "Tomorrow morning I want you to get me a beautiful sunrise over the sea." The camera crew were out early the next morning and filmed a bright sunrise over the beach in the middle of a beautiful bay. Then at nine o'clock they took it to the

director. "Her it is, sir." They said, and gave it to him. He was very pleased. They all went into the studio. " All right," the director explained, "now our hero and heroine are going to say goodbye. Run the film backwards so that we can see the 'sunset' behind them." The "sunset" began, but after a quarter of minute, the director suddenly put his face in the hands and shouted to the camera crew to stop. The birds in the film were flying backwards, and the waves on the sea were going away from the beach. The famous director of a big and expensive movie planned to film a beautiful sunset over the ocean, so that the audiences could see his hero and heroine in front of it at the end of the film as they said goodbye to each for ever. B CATV is a short way of saying "community antenna television.”but "cable television” is the term most people use. Cable television allows viewers to receive T V programs that they cannot pick up with their regular antennas. Television signals do not follow the curve of the earth. They travel in straight lines in all directions. Signals from a TV station move toward the horizon and the go into space. If you live only a few miles from a station, you may not get any picture at all. CATV began in 1984. People in places far from TV stations shared the cost of putting up high antennas, a community antenna was usually placed on a hill, a mountain, or on a high tower. The antenna picked up TV signals and fed them into a small local station. from the station thick wires called cables ran out to nearby homes. Each person using the cable paid a monthly charge. CATV worked well, and soon new uses were found for it, local stations could feed programs into empty channels that were not in use. People along the cable could have local news, weather reports , and farm and school news at no extra charge. Today, cable television has moved into cities. It brings in extra programs that city viewers with regular antennas cannot see. It is also used in many classrooms throughout the country. CATV 是"社区天线电视"一种简单的说法,但是有线电视才是大多数人使用的称 呼. 有线电视可以让观众们接收到用普通的天线不能收看到的电视节目. 电视信号的传播并不是地球的幅线的形状.它们是向着不同的方向以直线传播.电 视信号从某电视台发出,直接沿着地平线方向进入太空.如果你住在电视台数英里 的地方,也许你连任何图象都收不到. CATV 从 1894 年投入运营. 住在远处的人们分摊了铺设高天线所需的成本.社区 的天线也经常被安置在山丘 , 高山 , 或者高塔上 .天线接收但是信号并把它们送 入地方电台 . 从电视台的厚厚的线路 ,通常我们称之为电缆 , 信号通过它们被延 伸到附近的居民家中. 而使用缆线的人们也按月交纳费用. CATV 运作良好.很快的新用途也随之诞生.当地电台可以在那些没有使用的频道 插入自己的节目 . 使用缆线的人们可以无须交纳额外的费用就可以看到地方新 闻,天气预报,农场和学校的新闻.

今天,城市里的人们也开始使用有线电视 . 它为城市里的观众带来了常规天线收 看不到的节目.有线电视也被应用到全国许多的教室中来. Cable television allows viewers to receive TV programs that they cannot pick up with their regular antennas(天线). 任务型阅读 If anyone says that they are “against” Valentine’s Day, you usually assume that a) they are single, and bitter, or b) they are anti-American, anti-consumerists. I am neither of these things, but I am not particularly fond of the day myself. It is a nice thought, to remind a loved one that you care for them and do something special, but it would be nice on any day of the year to get this treatment! Especially considering the embarassment that Valentine’s Day causes to me! All those couples wearing red in fancy restaurants…. yuck! It’s not for me, but if you love it, then well done! Here are my tips to have a Green Valentines: - Make you own cards! Recycled paper can be really beautiful, use this and fold to make a card. Stick a picture from a newspaper or magazine or label on the card for an immediate personal touch, and avoid the chopping down of thousands more trees. Score extra points for originality! - Buy organic wine, loads of options and minus the chemicals - Cook a vegetarian meal, and see how much better you feel afterwards, without the bloat, (also handy for what may follow the meal) - Give a gift which gives for more than a day. Chocolates are commonplace and will be gone the day after. Flowers will die and the floral industry is already harming the environment. How about the simple pleasure of a foot massage to your partner? Buy a goat for a village, sponsor an animal, or make a donation in someone’s name. - Walk instead of driving. It is lovely to take a walk with your partner, and works well on Valentines Day twofold. First, if you are going out to dinner and are walking to get there, the food will automatically taste better since you will likely be more hungry when you get there. Second, walking home burns off the dessert, and renews you with energy for other activities when you do get home. Plus, don’t forget the carbon footprint! It is a nice thought, to remind a loved one that you care for them and do something special, but it would be nice on any day of the year to get this treatment!

综合性检测 阅读 A Some teens believe drugs will help them think better, and be more popular. These days, drugs can be found everywhere. Many teens are tempted( 诱 惑 )by the excitement or escape from reality that drugs seem to offer. Drugs are chemicals that change the way our bodies work. When you put them into your body, drugs find their way in your blood and are taken to parts of your body, such as your brain. The effects of drugs can be different depending on the kind of drug taken, how much is taken, how often it is used, how quickly it gets to the brain, and what other drugs or food are taken at the same time. Although drugs can make you feel good at first, they can finally do a lot of harm to the body. There are many kinds of drugs available, and there are many reasons for trying them regularly. People take drugs just for pleasure they believe they can bring. Often it’s because someone told them that drugs would make them feel good or that they’ d have a better time if they took them. Many teens use drugs because they’re unhappy or think drugs will help them escape their problems. The truth is that drugs don’t solve problems-they simply hide feelings and problems. When a drug wears off, the feelings and problems remain, or became worse. Drugs can ruin every aspect of a person’s life. The truth is that drugs don’t solve problems-they simply hide feelings and problems. B Strange things happen to time when you travel.because the earth is divided(划分) into twenty . four zones( 地区 ) . You can have days with more or fewer than twenty-four hours,and weeks with more or fewer than seven days. If you make a five-day trip across the Atlantic(大西洋)Ocean, your ship enters(进入) a different time zone every day.As you enter each zone,the time changes one hour. Travelling west, you set your clocr back, travelling east, you set it ahead.Each day of your trip has twenty-five or twenty—three hours If you travel by ship across the Pacific(太平洋),you cross the international date line(国际日期变更线). The world agrees that this is the point where a new day begins.When you cross the line,you change your calendar(日历) one full day, backward(向后)or forward(向前)。 Travelling east, today becomes yesterday; traveling west it is tomorrow. C Follow the following tips to reduce your stress to manageable levels! Avoid “Must thinking”. Let’s go off the idea that you must do something in a certain way, for example, “I must get a great score on a test”, or else. This thought pattern only adds to the stress you’ll feel. Judge your situation calmly, and not as a

“life-or-death” situation. Watch the mess. Don’t study in a messy or crowded area. Clear yourself a nice, open space that’s free of distraction. Set Manageable Goals. Break large projects into smaller-and-practical-parts. You’ll feel a positive sense of achievement as you finish each part. Ocean Dumping. Imagine yourself walking on a beautiful beach, carrying a sand bucket. Stop at a good spot and put your worries into the bucket. Drop the bucket and watch as it floats away into the ocean. Think good thoughts. Make a set of good but brief affirmations and repeat them to yourself just before you fall asleep at night. You will feel much better in the morning. Imagine yourself succeeding. Close your eyes and remember a real life situation in which you did well. Imagine facing your stressful situation with the same feelings of success. Use your bed for sleeping, not studying. Your mind may start to connect your bed with work, which will make it harder for you to fall asleep. Comforting Sounds. If you want to play music, keep it low in the background. Classical music especially, can help the learning process. Take a walk. Take a short, vigorous walk. Clear your mind. Break large projects into smaller-and-practical-parts. You’ll feel a positive sense of achievement as you finish each part. 任务型阅读 Oxfam Trailwalker has been one of Hong Kong's biggest fund raising(资金筹集) events since 1981.It was known as trail walker before.It is organized(组织)by Oxfam Hong Kong to get money to help the poor people in Hong Kong and other part of Asia and Africa.Trailwalker is held in November every year.People over eighteen can group themselves into a team of four people and join the activity. Oxfam Trail walker is a difficult hike because you have to finish walking a 100-kilometer trail within 48 hours. It means that you may have to walk two days and nights without sleep.The trailwalkers have to walk through eight country parks and over twenty hills and mountains. It is an excellent chance for people to learn team spirit. All the team members need to plan everything together before the event.They have to walk together to finish the hike because only in this way the team's finishing time will be kept down.It is necessary for them to help each other both before and during the event.You should plan what you are going to carry during the walk.You can not carry everything with you,so it is useful to have your own team bring you food and drinks.Warm and dry clothes are also necessary to keep you comfortable during the walk.Each team must raise at least HK $ 6,000.


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