河北省石家庄市第一中学2014-2015学年高中英语 Unit2 Healthy Eating教案 新人教版必修3




Healthy Eating


Reading Writing


教 学 目 标

知 识 与 能 力

过程 与 方法 情感 1. Stimulate students’ interest in learning English. 态度 2. Develop students’ spirit of cooperation and teamwork. 与 价值观

1. Get students to learn and grasp the important useful new words and expressions in this part: diet, nut, bean, pea, cucumber, eggplant, pepper, mushroom, peach, lemon, balance, barbecue, mutton, roast, fry, 知识内容 ought, bacon, slim, curiosity, hostess, raw, vinegar, lie, customer, discount, weakness, strength, balanced diet, ought to, lose weight, get away with, tell a lie, win. . . back Let students learn the(C) following sentence patterns: 等级水平 2. (A) 识记 (B)理解 应用 important (D)分析 useful (E)综合 (F) 评价 1)Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant feeling very frustrated. 1. Get students to use some useful new words and expressions (present participle used as adverbial) correctly. 2)By now his restaurant ought to be full of people. (ought to)[来源:学 2. Enable students to make sentences after the useful sentence patterns. 能力目标 科网] 3)Nothing could be better. (comparative degree used in negative) 4)Something terrible must have happened if Li Chang was not coming to eat in his restaurant as he always did. (must have done) Read, learn and practice. 5)He could not have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies! (can’t/couldn’t have sb. doing. . . )

教 学 设 计

教 学 环 节

教学重点 1. Enable students to grasp the usages of such important new words and 重 点 难 expressions as diet, balance, consult, limit, benefit, combine, ought to, get away 点分析 with, before long, etc. 2. Get students to master the patterns “Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant feeling very frustrated. ” and “He could not h ave Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies! ” 教学 Blackboard and multimedia 教学难点 技术 1. Let students learn the usage of the expression “ought to”. 设备 2. Enable students to learn the sentence pattern “He could not have Yong Hui 1、学习的主要知识 getting away with telling people lies! ” turn up; keep one’s word; it was obvious that…; be married to; set off; remind sb. 学 of… 习 目 2、需要掌握的方法 To get the general idea of a passage by scanning it. 标 本节知识的主要意义 traditional festival of Qiqiao in China 本节知识在知识体系中的地位和联系 l Knowledge and culture are well mixed together in this passage

课 题 概 述


→Step 1 Revision Learn 1. Check the homework exercises. practice. 2. Ask some students to talk about problems with diet, balanced diet and nutrition →Step 2 Reading and finding Get students to read through Warming Up, Pre-reading, Reading and Comprehending to underline all the new words and useful expressions or collocations in these parts. Collocations: have to, a healthy diet, in different ways, energy-giving food, body-building food, protective food, a balanced diet, sit in his empty restaurant, feel very frustrated, a very strange morning, prepare his menu, by lunchtime, by now, ought to, be full of, be made of, Nothing could be better. , hurry by, follow sb. into. . . , lose weight, be fit, be amazed at, more than, a good meal, get away with, h ad better, do some research, too m u ch, even though, energy-giving food, feel more hopeful, win. . . back, be on Read them aloud and copy them down in the exercise book after class. →Step 3 Practice for useful words and expressions 1. Turn to Page 12. Go through the exercises in Discovering usefu l words and expressions with students and make sure they know what to do. 2. Give them several minutes to finish the exercises. They first do them individually, then discuss and check them with their partner. 3. Check the answers with the whole class and explain the problems they meet where necessary. →Step 4 Studying important language po ints 1. Everybody has to eat, but do you eat a healthy diet? 每个人都得吃东西, 不过你的饮食健康吗? diet 1)n. sort of food that is usually eaten(by a person, community, etc. ) (某人、 共同生活的人等) 通常吃的食物; 日常饮食 limited variety or amount of food that a person is allowed to eat 限定的食物种类或 数量; 限定食谱 Too rich a diet is not good for you 吃太多油腻的食物对你身体不好。 to be/go/put sb. on a diet 节食; 限定某人的食物 He began his diet a week ago. 他在一星期前开始节食。 People who are on a diet mustn’t have chocolate. 正在节食的人不能吃巧克力。 2)vt. & vi. (be allowed to)eat only some foods or a little food, esp. to lose weight 节食 The doctor has dieted the patient strictly. 医生严格规定病人的饮食。



No sugar in my coffee, please; I’m dieting. 请不要给我的咖啡放糖, 我在节食。 【辨析】diet & food diet 指的是日常饮食或限定的食物 , 尤指维持健康的定量或定质 的食物, 通常为可数名词; food 是一般用语, 凡能吃能喝的具有营 养的东西都可称为 food, 通常为不可数名词, 但涉及食物的种类 时可用作可数名词。 Fill in the blanks with diet or food. (1)The doctor has ordered me a special ______________. 医生给我安排了特殊的饮食。 (2)We must have ______________ to eat and cloth es to wear. 我们必须有东西吃, 有衣服穿。 (3)The sick man must not go without ______________, but he must have a ______________ without sugar. 这个病人不吃东西不行, 但不能吃含糖的东西。 Suggested answers: (1)diet (2)food (3)food; diet 2. What will happen to you if you don’t eat a balanced diet? 要是你不平衡饮食, 会发生什么呢? balance 1)n. instrument used for weighing 天 平 ; 秤 even distribution; steadiness 平衡; 平稳 The child couldn’t keep his balance on his new bicycle. 孩子骑在他的新自行车上不能保持平衡。 He lost his balance and fell over. 他失去平衡, 跌倒了。 The growth of the new political party upset the balance of power. 新政党的壮大打破了力量的均势。 2)vt. & vi. keep or put sth. in a state of balance 保持平衡 How long can you balance on one foot? 你能单脚站立多久? You have to balance the advantages of living downtown against the disadvantages. 你必须权衡住在市中心的利弊。 Try to balance your diet by eating more fruit and less protein. 多吃些水果, 少摄入些蛋白质, 使饮食均衡合理。 3)balanced adj. keeping or showing a balance(通常作定语)保持平 衡的; 显示平衡的 a balanced diet 均衡饮食 a balanced state of mind 内心 的平衡 【拓展】 in the balance(命运)未定, 在危急中; 不确定 Though her life was in the balance, she thought only of the safety of her fellows. 尽管她生命危急, 但她一心只想着她伙伴们的安全。

off balance 不稳 on balance 总的来说 Their suggestion has, on balance, proved practicable. 总的说来, 他们的建议已被证明是可行的。 3. Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant feeling very frustrated. 王鹏坐在他那空荡荡的餐馆里, 感到很沮丧。 feeling very frustrated 是现在分词短语, 在句子中作状语, 表示伴 随情况。例如: She sat on the chair reading a newspaper. 她坐在椅子上, 在读报。 Pretending to look frightened, I backed towards the door. 我装出害怕的样子, 退到门口。 另外, 现在分词短语作状语, 还可表示时间、原因、结果等。例如: Wal king in the street, she met her old friend. 她走在街上的时候, 遇到一位老朋友。 (表时间) Seeing no body at home, she decided to eat outside. 她看到家里没人, 决定出去吃。 (表原因) The chi ld fell, striking his head against the ground. 孩子跌倒了, 头撞在地板上。 (表结果) 【拓展】frustrating 令人沮 丧的 It’s frustrating to have to wait so long. 等待这么长时间真让人心烦。? 4. By now his restaurant ought to be full of people. 到了这个时候, 他的餐馆本该宾客盈门的。 ought to=should 1)to show a moral duty (表示一种道义上的责任)应该; 应当 She ought to look after her child better 她应该把孩子照顾得更好。 You ought to study hard to get a high mark. 你应该刻苦学习, 以取得好的成绩。 2)ought to have done 表示本应该……, 而却没有…… You ought to have come yesterday. 你本应该昨天来的。 You ought not to have stayed with her. 你本来不应该和她在一起的。 be full of=be filled with 充满 He was full of curiosity. 他的心里充满了好奇。 The house on fire was full of heavy smoke and shouting. 着火的房子里充满了浓烟和喊叫声。 5. He thought of his mutton, beef and bacon cooked in the hottest, finest oil. 他想起了他用滚烫的精制油烹制的羊肉(串) 、牛排和熏咸肉。 cooked in the hottest, finest oil 是过去分词短语, 作后置定语, 表被 动, 相当于定语从句 which were cooked in the hottest, finest oil。例

如: The flowers picked by him are very beautiful. 他摘的鲜花非常漂亮。 6. Nothing could be better. 再没有比这些更好(吃)的了。 这句话相当于“All his food could be the best. ”。比较级的否定形式, 实际上表示的是最高级的含义。例如: I have never seen a better film. 我从没看过更好的电影。 Nobody loved money better than he did. 没有人比他更爱财。 I think nothing is more pleasant than traveling. 我想没有什么比旅行更令人愉快的了。 7. Suddenly he saw his friend Li Chang hurrying by. 突然, 他看到自己的朋友李昌匆匆走过。 see, hear, notice, watch, feel 等动词后面的宾语补足语可以是不带 to 的动词不定式, 也可以是现在分词, 但两者的含义不完全相同, 前者着重叙述事实的经过 , 后者着重强调偶然察觉到的一个正在 进行的动作。例如: I saw him put everything in his bag and go out. 我看见他把所有的东西都装进了口袋, 走了出去。 I saw him putting something in his bag. 我看见他正向口袋里装东西。 Complete the sentences with the right forms of the verbs given. 1)I watched her ______________(step)off t he sidewalk, ______________(cross)the road, and ______________(disappear)into the post office. 我看着她走下人行道, 穿过马路, 进了邮局。 2)When I gla nced out of the window I saw Dai sy ______________(cross)the road. 我目光转向窗外, 瞥见戴西正在过马路。 Suggested answers: 1)step; cross; disappear 2)crossing 8. Something terrible must have happened if Li Chang was not coming to eat in his restaurant as he always did. 要是李昌不像往常那样来他的餐馆吃饭, 那问题就严重了。 这是一个复合句, 含有两个从句。if Li Chang was not coming to eat in his restaurant as he always did 是条件状语从句, as he always did 是方式状语从句。 情态动词 must 在此处表示推测, 意为“想必”“一定”。must 表示推 测时, 仅用于肯定句中。 当后接不定式的完成式时, 表示对过去情 况的推测。例如: He must have gone home. 他肯定已经回家了。 He must have gone swimming ye sterday.

他昨天一定去游泳了。 9. Tired of all that fat? Want to lose weight? 肥腻的东西吃厌了吧?想减肥吗? 这是省略的句子, 完整的句子应该是: Are you tired of all that fat? Do you want to lose weight? 所以朗读时应用升调。 be/get tired of 对……厌倦 I’m tired of the same food every day. 我厌倦了天天吃同样的食品。 He has got tired of living abroad. 他厌倦了国外的生活。 lose weight 体重减轻; 减肥 Mary is dieting to lose weight. 为了减肥, 玛丽正在节食。 【拓展】put on/again weight 增加体重 10. Wang Peng was amazed at this and especially at the prices. 王鹏对此感到吃惊, 特别是对它们的价格。 be amazed at 对……感到惊讶/惊愕 You would be amazed at how difficult it was. 要是知道有多么困难, 你会大为诧异的。 Everybody was amazed at his design. 大家都对他的设计感到惊讶。 11. He could not have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies! 他可不能让咏慧哄骗人们后跑掉。 have sb. doing sth. : allow or tolerate(sth. )表示允许或容忍某事发 生, 多用于否定句中, 特别是用在 will not, cannot 等之后。 Mr. Zhang won’t have his daughter arriving home after 12 o’clock. 张先生不容许他女儿 12 点后回家。 I won’t have you saying so! 我不容许你这样说。 get away with doing sth. : not be punished for sth. (做了某事)而不 受惩罚 I won’t have you getting away with cheating in the exam. 我不能容忍你考试作弊而不受惩罚。 get away with sth. : steal sth. and escape with it 偷携某物潜逃 receive(a relatively light)受到(较轻的处罚) The robbers robbed the bank and got away with a lot of money. 这些强盗抢了银行, 携巨款潜逃。 He was so lucky to get away with a fine for such a serious mistake. 他犯了如此严重的错误, 侥幸只交了罚款了事。 tell a lie/tell lies 说谎 He is always telling lies. 他这个人老是撒谎。 12. Perhaps with a discount and a new sig n he could win his customers back.

或许打折的方法和新的招牌能够帮他赢回顾客。 win. . . back 赢回; 重新获得 They were determined to win the seat back from Labor. 他们决心从工党手里重新夺得这个议席。 →Step 5 Using words, expressions and patterns Do Exercises in Using words and expressions on Pages 49-50. The following procedures may be followed: 1. Go through the exercises with students and make sure they know what to do. 2. Several minutes for students to finish them individually, and then discuss and check them with their partner. 3. Check the answers with the whole class. 4. If time permits, explain the problems students meet where necessary. →Step 6 Homework 1. Finish off the Workbook exercises. 2. Learn the new words and expressions by hear



当 堂 训 练

Fill in the blacks with the Chinese given. The shopkeeper is trying to _____ his customers ______ with a __________ (重新获 得;折扣) If you don’t say sorry for your mistake,they won’t let you ______________(被放过) it。 He has been _________(节食) for a long time.How to _______________ (谋生) is a problem. When I was waiting for friend,I suddenly _______( 窥视 ) a man not far away _____________(凝视) me. I don’t want to _________(说谎)to you,but I have to say that his intelligence is __________(有限的)。 I usually eat dumplings with a little __________ (醋)

ought to get away with earn one’s living we ight in debt win--- back lose weight tell a lie 课 堂 小 结

cut down

before long

put on

课后 作业

必做:用所学短语造句 选作:给文章写段结尾


keep a balance _____________ ought to _______________ _ lose weight _____________ put on weight_______________ get away with _____________ tell a lie ___________________ win back ______________ earn one’s living _______________ in debt _____________ cut down ___ ________________ spy on ______________ before long _________________

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