江苏省沛县新华中学2016届高三英语总复习单选题汇编:16. 特殊句式 Word版含答案

(2013 北京卷) 23. The famous musician, as well as his students, ____ to perform at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Taipei Flower Expo. A. were invited B. was invited C. have been invited D. has been invited (2013 福建卷)22. Don’t turn off the computer before closing all programs ______ you could have problems A. or B. and C. but D. so (2013 福建卷)34. Not until he went through real hardship _____the love we have for our families is important. A. had he realized B. did he realize C. he realized D. he had realized (2013 江苏卷)21. Generally, students’ inner motivation with high expectations from others ______ essential to their development. A. is B. are C. was D. were (2013 江苏卷) 31. Shortly after suffering from a massive earthquake and ______ to ruins, the city took on a new look. A. reducing B. reduced C. being reduced D. having reduced (2013 江西卷)25. Only when he apologizes for his rudeness ____to him again. A. I will speak. B. will I speak. C. do I speak. D. I speak. (2013 江西卷)34.If __ to look after luggage for someone else, inform the police at once. A. asked B. to ask C. asking D. having asked (2013 湖南卷)30. Every day ________ a proverb aloud several times until you have it memorized. A. read B. reading C. to read D. reads (2013 湖南卷)33. The university estimates that living expenses for international students ________ around $8, 450 a year, which ________ a burden for some of them. A. are;is B. are,are C. is,are D. is,is (2013 湖南卷)35. Not once ________ to Michael that he could one day become a top student in his class. A. occurred it B. it did occur C. it occurred D. did it occur (2013 辽宁卷)26. At no time _____ the rules of the game. It was unfair to punish them. A. they actually broke B. do they actually break C. did they actually break D. they had actually broken (2013 上海卷)39. Among the crises that face humans ______ the lack of natural resources. A. is B. are C. is there D. are there (2013 四川卷)4. Read this story, ______ you will realize that not everything can be bought with money. A. or B. and C. but D. so (2013 天津卷)11. It was not until near the end of the letter ______ she mentioned her own plan. A. that B. where C. why D. when (2013 全国卷Ⅱ)3. I was glad to meet Jenny again, ____ I didn't want to spend all day with her. A. but B. and C. so D. or (2013 全国卷Ⅱ) 10. It was only after he had read the papers ______ Mr. Gross realized the task before him was extremely difficult to complete. A when B. that C. which D. what (2013 全国卷Ⅱ)12. Only by increasing the number of doctors by 50 percent ______ properly in this hospital. A. can be the patients B. can the patients be treated C. the patients can be treated D. treated can be the patients (2013 浙江卷)19. There are some health problems that, when ______ in time, can become bigger ones later on. A. not treated B. not being treated C. not to be treated D. not have been treated

(2013 重庆卷)23. It's not easy to change habits, ______ with awareness and self-control, it is possible. A. for B. or C. but D. so (2013 重庆卷)27. It was with the help of the local guide _____ the mountain climber was rescued. A. who B. that C. when D. how [2014· 全国大纲卷] ________the nurses want a pay increase, they want reduced hours as well. A. Not do only B. Do not only C. Only not do D. Not only do [2014· 全国大纲卷] ________ me tomorrow and I'll let you know the lab result. A. Calling B. Call C. To call D. Having called [2014· 福建卷] The climate here is quite pleasant, the temperature rarely, ________, reaching 30℃ in summer. A. if not B. if ever C. if any D. if so [2014· 福建卷] It was the culture, rather than the language, ________made it hard for him to adapt to the new environment abroad. A. where B. why C. that D. what [2014· 湖南卷] Only when you can find peace in your heart ________ good relationships with others. A. will you keep B. you will keep C. you kept D. did you keep [2014· 湖南卷] ________what you're doing today important, because you're trading a day of your life for it. A. Make B. To make C. Making D. Made [2014· 湖南卷] It's not doing the things we like, but liking the things we have to do ________ makes life happy. A. that B. which C. what D. who [2014· 陕西卷] No sooner ________ stepped on the stage than the audience broke into thunderous applause. A. had Mo Yan B. Mo Yan had C. has Mo Yan D. Mo Yan has [2014· 四川卷] Was it because Jack came late for school ________ Mr. Smith got angry? A. why B. who C. where D. that [2014· 天津卷] Give me a chance, ________ I'll give you a wonderful surprise. A. if B. or C. and D. while [2014· 重庆卷] —I spent two weeks in London last summer. —Then you must have visited the British Museum during your stay, ________ you? A. mustn't B. haven't C. didn't D. hadn't (2015 天津卷)Only when Lily walked into the office ______ that she had left the contract at home. A. she realized B. has she realized C. she has realized D. did she realize

(2015 苏北二模)Dogs barked madly while fish jumped out of water. In no time ______ as a prediction of a coming earthquake. A. the phenomena were noticed B. the phenomena was noticed C. were the phenomena noticed D. was the phenomena noticed (2015 苏北三市三模)--Is it true that all the citizens enjoy free medical care in your country? -- Not exactly. _________ only old people aged 60 or over. A. It is B. They are C. There is D. There are (2015 苏北四市一模)"Not until I knew much about the Nanjing Massacre", the foreigner says, "_____ the significance of setting the National Memorial Day." A. had I understood B. did I understand C. I have understood D. I understood
(2014 苏北四市一模) —Is it by promoting the use of Bitcoin _______ people of the world can get benefited and secured? —No. It is by promoting its circulation. A. when B. what C. that D. how (2014 苏北四市一模) Our government has promised to improve our water quality, so it won’t be long ______ the residents can have access to clean water.

A. after B. since C. before D. unless (2014 徐州三模)Until we lose them, scarcely _______ how much pleasure and happiness our ordinary lives offer. A. we realize B. do we realize C. did we realize D. we have realized (2014 徐州三模)--- John is said to have written two books last year. --- Yes, so he _______. They are both about the Second World War. A. is B. does C. has D. did

(2015 届苏锡常镇二模) Look, beautiful flowers the girl carrying that she becomes the focus in the room. A. such; is B. so; are C. how; is D. what; are (2015 届苏锡常镇二模) ____ you believe him when he said he made it to Eason’s concert! He doesn’t like pop music at all. A. Do B. Did C. Don’t D. Didn’t
(2015 苏锡常镇一模) To recognize and respect a country’s own culture does not mean to close the door to the others,_____ to stand upon a principle of being superior. A. and it means B. but it means C. so does it mean D. neither does it mean (2014 苏锡常镇二模) —______ bargaining is always such great fun? —Usually people consider it a test to see who can stand their ground longer. A. What is it that B. Why is it that C. What it is that D. Why it is that (2014 苏锡常镇二模) Never before _______ the famous ancient garden was just a stone’s throw away from the hotel, so out _______. A. had they known; went all they B. they had known; went all they C. had they known; they all went D. they had known; they all went (2014 苏锡常镇一模)---Why didn't the audience see the film Gravity in time? ---Because it was not until the authority approved it_______ the cinema could show it. A. when B. that C. since D. before (2013 南京二模)33. Such an inspiring speech__at the graduation ceremony that every one of us was deeply moved and strongly encouraged. A. did he make B. be made C. had he made· D. he had made (2015 南京二模)22. —With this New Year_______ new challenges. 一 Sure. Global economy remains uncertain, and many countries continue to struggle. A. comes B. will come C. is coming D. come



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