presentation--part-time job is good for college students

Part-time Job is Good for College Students
Opening Good morning! Dear teachers and my fellow students! Let me start by saying a few words about my own background. My name is Ma Miao. I’ve studied in USTB for five years. During my five-year college life, except studying the thing I do most is taking part-time jobs. So today I’m going to talk about part-time job. The topic of my presentation is “part-time job is good for college students”. I’m going to divide my presentation into four parts. First, I’ll introduce you the current situation of college students doing part-time jobs and main types of part-time jobs they usually take. Second, I’ll list four reasons to support my point of view. Then I move on to some disadvantages of taking part-time jobs. And at the end of my talk, the conclusion is drawn and I’ll give advice to college students on taking part-time jobs with my own experiences and feelings. Main part Current situation: With the development of economy, the enrollment of college students in our country has increased. More and more college students are engaged in doing part-time jobs. They always work as tutors, tour guides, hourly workers, models, etc. And some even go into business, such as doing pioneering work and opening net shops. This is a topic that has been heatedly discussed among us all. The advantages of doing part-time jobs are obvious. Firstly, since most students enter college as soon as they finish high school, they lack real world social experience. When they graduate from college, they often find that the outside world is not as simple as they thought and always have difficulty in adjusting themselves to reality. Many students find that doing a temporary job is a good way to solve this problem. While working, they learn how to deal with different people and situations. Gradually, they increase their knowledge and deepen their understanding of society.

Secondly, part-time jobs can also help students improve their academic studies. If one works as a tutor, he ought to understand everything in the text he is teaching, or he may not be able to answer students’ questions. If one serves as a tour guide, he should know something about places of historic interest and scenic beauty. Whatever job it may be, one has to learn in order to be qualified. Thirdly, part-time job can make students feel self-reliant. We often hear such words on campus. “I feel rather ashamed every time I receive money from home. I am no longer a child, yet I still have to be supported by my parents.” Young people talk a lot about independence. They are aware that if one is not economically independent, one cannot enjoy true independence. Finally, part-time jobs can also provide students with pocket money. Nowadays, the living expenses of college students are high. Girls like to have fashionable clothes, while boys want good sneakers and T-shirts. The pay from a part-time job can cover these expenses. However, just as the saying goes: “No garden is without weeds.”(凡事皆有利弊) Doing part-time jobs may bring some disadvantages to students. Firstly, if students spend too much time working, they may lose time needed for study, sleep and recreation. Secondly, working part-time may affect their studies if it makes them excessively tired. Finally, more money may bring bad effects on some of the students who spend their time smoking, drinking, and doing other things instead of studying. Therefore, although doing part-time jobs are great and fruitful, we should be able to control ourselves not to spend too much time and energy on it. As long as we ensure our study not decline, we can benefit from taking part-time jobs. At last, I want to take my own experience an example. I’ve taken many kinds of part-time jobs during my five-year college life. With the money I earned, I paid all my living expenses by myself. And this did relive my parents’ heavy burden. I also gained some social and economic knowledge and skills which would be helpful in my future career. And it also makes my college life more colorful, because there is a big difference between society and campus. But I also study hard. I do part-time jobs only when I’m free enough to successfully complete my studies.

So here we come to the conclusion: it is tremendously important and highly necessary for college students to have part-time jobs. As a student, you should first of all make sure that it is worthwhile for you. If it is worthwhile, just do it. If not, just forget about it. Remember, you should keep a perfect balance between your study and your job. Thank you for your attention!


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