Module 5 Unit 13 Lessons 1&2 Grammar-过去分词用法小结

GRAMMAR 过去分词用法小结 ★过去分词作定语 【语境展示】观察下面句子中过去分词的用法,然后加以归纳。 1. a. Her job was to take care of the wounded soldier. b. The experience gained will be of great value to us. c. Suddenly there appeared a young woman dressed in green. 2. a. He himself took all the letters written (that he had written) to the post. b. We must keep a secret of the things being discussed (which are being discussed) here. 【自我归纳】 ●过去分词作定语时,分词所表示的动作与被修饰词之间存在逻辑上的________关系,且多 表示已完成的动作。 ●单个的过去分词作定语,通常置于被修饰词之前,也可后置;过去分词短语作定语时,通 常置于被修饰词之后。 ●过去分词作定语时,可转换为________从句。 ★过去分词作表语 【语境展示】观察下面句子中过去分词的用法,然后加以归纳。 1. a. I’m convinced that what you said is quite right. b. She felt confused, even frightened. 2. a. Julia looked worried when she got the news. b. They seemed quite delighted at the suggestion. c. I first became interested in it while I was doing my nursing training. 【自我归纳】 ●过去分词作表语时,相当于形容词,与谓语动词构成系表结构,表示主语的性质、特征和 状态。 ●除系动词 be 和________之外,look, seem, become 等连系动词也可接过去分词作表语。 ★过去分词作宾语补足语 【归纳】过去分词作宾语补足语时,分词所表示的动作与宾语之间存在逻辑上的动宾关系。 常用于以下情况: ●用在 see, hear, watch, find, feel, think 等表示感觉和心理状态的动词后面。如: She heard the windows beaten by the rain drops. We found the church rebuilt. ●用在 get, have, make, keep 等表示“致使”意义的动词后面。如: You must make yourself respected. Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open. ●用在 like, order, want, wish 等表示“希望、要求、命令”等意义的动词后面。如: She didn’t want her daughter taken out after dark. We all wished the problem settled. ●用在“with +宾语+宾补”结构中。如: All afternoon he worked with the door locked. ★过去分词作状语 【语境展示】观察下面句子中过去分词的用法,然后加以归纳。 1. a. Seen from here, the park looks more beautiful. b. Weakened by storms, the bridge was no longer safe. c. The vase fell down to the ground, broken. d. Given better attention, the flowers could grow even faster. e. Explained a hundred times, he still can’t understand it. f. Supported by the nurse, the patient got off the bed. g. The boy came in, followed by his parents. 2. a. When given an interview, you should keep calm. b. The couple took good care of the baby while occupied by their work. c. Although built thirty years ago, the house looks very beautiful. d. He will come if asked. e. They would never do this unless treated fairly. f. He started as if awakened from a dream. 【自我归纳】 ●过去分词作状语时,可表示时间、原因、结果、条件、让步、方式或伴随等,过去分词所 表示的动作与句子主语之间构成逻辑上的动宾关系。 ●过去分词作状语时,可以在其前加 when, while, although, if, unless, as if 等连词,构成 “________”结构。 【即学即练】 I. 用括号内动词的正确形式填空。 I’m thinking of a well-known city in Europe. The Rhine River 1. ________ (run) through the center of the city is an import


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