山东省华侨中学2016届高三10月月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

山东省华侨中学高三上学期 10 月第一次 质量检测(英语)
第一部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分 55 分) 第一节:语法和词汇知识(共 10 小题 15 分) 1. ---I am so glad to find you at home. Can you do me a favor? ---Sure. ______________? A. Why not B. What?s up C. How come D. How is it going

2. ____I like about Cambridge is that there?s so much open space. A.Whether B.That C.What D.Where

3. _____________ others when they are talking to us is usually considered rude and inappropriate. A. Interrupting B. Interrupt C. Having interrupted D. To be interrupted

4. It is required by law that a driving test ______________ taken before a man gets a license. A. was B. be C. were D. is

5. A daily stretching and yoga practice are the best two ways to _________ back pain. A. relieve B. refresh C. liberate D. comfort

6. I came cross Mr. Read on the square the other day. We didn?t talk much because he _______ to catch the bus. A. had rushed B. had been rushing C. was rushing D. would rush

7. Florence in Italy, ________ beauty is beyond description, is the city that I have been dreaming of visiting. A. which B. that C. whose D. Who

8. _____again later if the webpage you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. A. Try B. To try C. Having tried D. Trying

9. I never realized what an exciting life he had ____ I read his book. A. after B. until C. while D. As

10. Stella ___ English fairly well,but she has got a strong French accent. A.spoke B.would speak C.speaks D.has spoken

第二节:完形填空(A 篇共 10 小题,计 10 分;B 篇共 20 小题,计 30 分,满分 40 分) A

A fire completely destroyed my mobile home last year. Four months after I loan, I had to rebuild 12



what little I had saved. I knew what I had in the bank would not

be enough 13 I began to rent out my RV,recreational vehicle(休旅车),as a way to help ends meet. One woman who had 14 a week in the RV called and told me she just found out from her

15 that she had cancer and that her husband thought they probably should not be spending unnecessarily but saving for doctor bills.He felt that they should 16 the trip.

I could hear the disappointment in her 17 as she told me that she thought the trip was just what she and her family needed.Then she asked me how much it would the RV for a few days 20 18 if they only took

19 .1 was so moved by her story that I told her not to worry about the

. I told her I wanted to give her and her family the trip for free. She broke down into tears at

the offer.It was a beautiful moment I would never forget. 11.A.took over 12.A.with 13.A.or 14.A.bought 15.A.advisor 16.A.support 17.A.disease 18.A.spend 19.A.either 20.A.reward B.got through B.through B.so B.repaired B.doctor B.sponsor B.voice B.take B.though B.treatment B Long long ago, a circle missed one piece of its own. The circle wanted to be whole, so it went around looking for its 21 piece. But because it was 22 slowly, it 23 the flowers along the way. It 24 and therefore could roll only very C.paid off C.by C.but C.offered C.driver C.cancel C.family C.earn C.anyway C.profit D.1ooked up D.on D.yet D.reserved D.guide D.damage D.health D.cost D.instead D.payment

with the worms. It enjoyed the sunshine. It

found lots of different pieces, but 25 of them fitted. So it left them all by the side of the road and 26 searching. Then one day the circle found a piece that fitted 27 . It incorporated the 29

missing piece into itself and began to roll. 28

it was a perfect circle, it could roll very fast,

fast to notice the flowers or talk to the worms. After it realized how different the world seemed

when it rolled so quickly, it away.

30 , left its found piece by the side of the road and rolled slowly

The 31 of the story, I suggest, is that in some strange are missing something. The man who has what it 34 33


we are more whole when we

is in some ways a poor man. He will never know 35 . When we accept that

like to nourish his soul with the dream of something 37

36 is part of being human and when we can continue rolling have 38

life and appreciate it, we will God asks of us —

a wholeness that others can only desire, which , I believe, is _39 40 “Be whole”.

not “Be perfect”, not “Don?t even make a mistake”, 21. A. other 22. A. incomplete 23. A. picked 24. A. played 25. A. neither 26. A. carried out 27. A. especially 28. A. Although 29. A. very 30. A. stopped 31. A. lesson 32. A. degree 33. A. nothing 34. A. smells 35. A. better 36. A. strength 37. A. behind 38. A. recognized 39. A. which 40. A. but B. missing B. ugly B. watered B. chatted B. each B. put on B. permanently B. Now that B. too B. continued B. root B. level B. something B. feels B. common B. kindness B. at B. searched B. how B. while

C. rest C. ordinary C. admired C. sang Call C. worked out C. perfectly C. Unless C. so C. hesitated C. reason C. sense C. little C. looks C. impractical C. imperfection C. of C. achieved C. that C. and

D. remaining D. unusual D. planted D. danced D. none D. kept on D. constantly D. As long as D. how D. cried D. cause D. manner D. everything D. sounds D. worse D. benefit D. through D. founded D. what D. otherwise

第二部分 阅读理解(共 25 小题;满分 50 分)

阅读下列短文,从每小题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中选出最佳选项,并在答题卡 上将该项涂黑。 A Dr. Sylvia Earle wants you to stop eating fish. It's not because fish are endangered, though wild fish stocks in many oceans are very low. It's not because they're bad for you, though fish in many areas are exposed to poisonous substances in the water. It?s because they're smart. "Fish are sensitive, they have personalities," says the marine biologist. For Earle, eating a fish would be like eating a dog or a cat. "I would never eat anyone I know personally." There's a lot more to fish than meets the eye: they talk to each other, they like to be touched, and they engage in behavior that can seem very human. They can remember things and learn from experience. Earle and a growing number of animal rights activists see these as strong arguments against eating fish altogether. The activists also point out that fish feel pain and fish suffer horribly on their way from the sea to the supermarket. "While it may seem conspicuous that fish are able to feel pain, like every other animal, some people think of fish as swimming vegetables," says Dr. Lynne Sneddon. "Really, it's kind of a moral question. Is the enjoyment you get from fishing (or eating fish) more important than the pain of the fish?" Fishermen and (fried) fish lovers are skeptical. "I've never seen a smart fish," says Marie Swaringen as she finishes off a plate of fish at a Seattle seafood restaurant. "If they were very smart, they wouldn't get caught." "For years, everyone's been telling us to eat fish because it's so good for us," says another diner. "Now I've got to feel guilty while I'm eating my fish? What are they going to think of next? Don't eat salad because cucumbers have feelings?" 41.According to Dr. Sylvia Earle, he would stop eating fish as a result of the following reasons EXCEPT ___________ . A. Fish are sensitive and have personalities B. He knows fish very well

C. Fish are dangerous to eat because the water is polluted D. Fish are clever 42. Dr. Lynne Sneddon describes the behavior of eating fish in a(n) _______ tone. A. opposed B. optimistic C. indifferent D. supportive

43. Which word below can take the place of the underlined word “conspicuous” in Paragraph 4?

A. obvious

B. easy

C. impossible

D. necessary

44. It can be inferred from the last paragraph that _____________ . A. Human beings should stop eating fish B. We would feel guilty if we continued eating fish C. People eat fish because fish are delicious D. Cucumber is a kind of vegetable or fruit 45. What was the author?s purpose when writing this passage? A. To advise people to stop eating fish. B. To introduce a topic of whether people should eat fish. C. To advise people not to stop eating fish. D. To tell us that fish will feel pain when caught and transported. B For most seventh graders, life doesn?t get much harder than a history test. But for Grant Reed of Bellville, Ohio, it?s his own current events that are so painful. “Honestly, I don?t want to die, "Grant says.Last year,doctors at Nationwide Children?s Hospital in Columbus found a tumor(肿 瘤)in Grant?s brain.They cut it out,but the surgery left him with stroke-like symptoms.Plus, he had to go through months of radiation and chemotherapy to try to stop the spread of the disease. Yet, through it all, Grant has shown remarkable determination, which he owes partly to Ohio State football. His parents, Troy and Denise, were both in the OSU marching band and fell in love during halftime of the Michigan game. His cat is named after the team Buckeye. His wardrobe is painted scarlet (the color of the team?s sportswear). The point is, almost nothing mattered more to Grant than Ohio State football until he got sick,of course. ??I didn?t like the word cancer,” Grant says.So he decided not to use the word.Instead, the kid named his cancer Michigan and insisted everyone in his life refer to it as such,because Ohio State always beats Michigan.That was something he could understand and make it into a competition.He was going to beat this disease. It?s now been more than a year since Grant issued that announcement. “And if you look at his scans, ”Dr. Randal Olshefski at Nationwide Children?s says, “There?s nothing there. There?s a big

space,but there?s no tumor?? “Grant is beating Michigan. And although much of it has to go to science, don?t discount the semantics(语义学).You have to do something to make it a disease you can fight.And for Grant, that was naming it Michigan” his parents say. This weekend,Ohio State and Michigan will be battling like their lives depend on it.But in this house,the Reed family will be watching with a calm insight:it?s just a game. 46.What?s the main idea of the first paragraph? A.History is a difficult subject. B.Grant suffered a serious disease. C.The operation was successful. D.The tumor has spread all over. 47.From the second paragraph,we can infer that A.Grant was born a football fan B.football makes a full man C.interest is the best teacher D.God helps those who help themselves 48.Why did Grant name his cancer Michigan? A.Because he dare not face it. B.Because he doesn?t want to die. C.Because Michigan is his favorite team. D.Because his favorite team can always beat Michigan 49.Apart from radiation and chemotherapy, A.the semantics C.the football game is helping Grant beat the disease. .

B.his strong determination D.his cat Buckeye .

50.By saying that it?s just a game,we can infer that the Reed family A.has lost interest in the match between Ohio State and Michigan B.believes Michigan will surely beat Ohio State this weekend C.has a better understanding of life D.views the match as a matter of life and death

C There's nothing like experiencing history to understand it.So instead of reading about the U.S.Civil War in textbooks,some schoolchildren in Virginia are creating videos related to the conflict, in which the northern Union and southern Confederate states fought over several issues, including slavery,from l861—1865. In one scene, children act as two Union generals, meeting at the Kaploan Klver in central Virginia.The l2-and l3-year-olds are producing a mini—video on the key role temporary pontoon bridges (浮桥) played during the war.After building and crossing a pontoon bridge,Union soldiers defeated a Confederate army in the Battle of the Wilderness. In another scene,students act as soldiers who are marching to the river with guns.Today, the area is part of a national military park.Park Educational Coordinator Peter Maugle shows the children how to hold the fake guns.“Hopefully they will understand why these places are important through projects and programs like this,and they will make an effort to keep these places preserved for future generations,?? he said. Another background is a plantation where much of the Battle of the Wilderness was fought. At this location,another group of children is focusing on the diary of a woman who lived in the region during the war.Student director John Ashley says the experience has made him think more about the human aspect of the war.Filmmaker Ghil Hong donated his time to help the students, who have understood it quickly.“They are trying to convey the emotions during the Civil War.They really focus on wanting the story to be accurate,?? Hong added. With help from advisors, the children also research, write, and edit the videos. Alexis Albert got a chance to try out directing and learned a lot about Civil War history in the process. “It helps me more as a student understand it more than reading a book and looking at words,"he said. The project is sponsored by the Journey Through Hallowed Groun, which raises awareness of historical sites from Pennsylvania to Virginia, including many Civil War battlegrounds. 51.The first paragraph mainly tells US that .

A.some US students are making videos on the Civil War B.US students don?t like reading history textbooks C.The Civil War broke out for abolishing slavery.

D.The Civil War of America lasted for four years 52.The important role that the pontoon bridge mentioned in the second paragraph played lies in that .

A.the two generals met on it B.it contributed to a victory of Union soldiers C.it looks like a beautiful picture D.it was build over the Rapidan River 53.Peter Maugle did much to get the students to know A.how to march like real soldiers B.how to make fake guns C.why the national military park is important D.what the area will be like in the future 54.The group of children is focusing on the diary to A.know more about history of the plantation B.know more about the human nature during the war C.spend their spare time in the plantation D.make up more stories for the film 55.The Journey Through Hallowed Ground sponsors the project to A.direct the children to research,write,and edit the videos B.teach the children more about the Civil War history C.earn more money by attracting more tourists to the military park D.make the public pay more attention to the historical sites . .

D Few things can get normally calm people angry like finding a parking ticket attached to the windshield of their cars, especially when they seem undeserved. But most people don?t want to invest the time and energy to beat them. Now a new iPhone app,Fixed,will take on the task of beating a ticket:suggesting reasons it might be wrong,gathering supporting evidence and submitting proper paperwork to get drivers out of them. If the driver beats the ticket,they pay Fixed 25%of what it would have cost.

“When you mention parking tickets to people,most people think they?ve received an unfair one,”said David Hegarty,the designer of Fixed,who came up with the idea after getting six parking tickets in one day. When someone gets a ticket, they snap a photo of it on their iPhone and enter the code. The app will tell them what percentage of those types of tickets are usually overturned and then show a list of possible reasons it could be found wrong such as a traffic sign covered by a leafy tree or a broken parking meter. If the motorists think they have a case, the app will remind them to get any additional photographic evidence with their phone and then digitally sign a letter. Fixed?s business model isn?t completely new.There are companies that handle such cases for large companies such as FedEx and UPS.The difference is that Fixed is making the service available to individuals,thus helping in any area where the fee amount is small enough not to protest in person,but still big enough to make someone angry.“That?s our sweet spot,”David said. 56.Most people accept parking tickets even if they feel unfair because A.they don?t want to spend time and energy on them B.they never have a chance to question them C.they think they deserve tickets for their mistakes D.they have no courage to face the traffic police 57.The underlined word “submit”,in Paragraph 2 probably means “ A.put down B.make up C.give up D.hand in ”.

58.The inspiration of Fixed came from A.similar software from Apple App store B.marketing analysis provided by iPhone C.David Hegarty?s personal experience D.successful cases of some drivers 59.What does the 4th Paragraph mainly tell us about? A.Why evidence is important in paying a ticket. B.What people can do to avoid parking tickets. C.Why a smart phone App attracts users. D.How the iPhone App Fixed works.

60.According to the last paragraph,Fixed is unique because A.it is free for smartphone users B.it targets individuals as its customers C.it was developed by FedEx and UPS D.it can easily beat most of parking tickets

E Teen models are not difficult to find. An online agency features both models young as well as older.Those who are looking for child models to show off their products and make them look better can find what they are looking for by hiring children models from these online modeling agencies.This is less expensive than trying to go through large modeling agencies that often cost thousands of dollars for the client(客户). Many of those who are selling children?s products and have websites for parents and children are looking for teen models. As a result, there is more of a need for young models to participate in the field of modeling.The best way for clients to hire models that will not end up costing them a fortune is to use an online modeling site.An online modeling site will have portfolios(档案)of models young as well as old.Someone who is looking for teen models can find a variety of different children when they take a look at these sites. Online teen models usually work for less money than offline models,although they are still paid well enough to make it worth their while to model. Clients who are looking for young models can go on an online modeling agency to look for portfolios of the teens that they will want to use in their advertising campaign. Parents or guardians must agree to the modeling offers and the agency will act as a go-between for both the teen models as well as the clients who are looking for young models.A percentage goes to the agency,just as is the case online and the rest goes to the teen models. Clients can look through portfolios for the young models and get the ones that are right for what they are looking for to advertise for them. It is now affordable for anyone to hire teen models when using an online modeling agency site.Parents of young models can also use these sites to get their teens a chance to get a head start in the world of modeling. 61.What is the main advantage of online modeling agencies?

A.They can help the clients to train teen models in a short time. B.They can make the products look much better. C.They can offer teen models that cost clients less money. D.They can advertise for the clients and cost them less money. 62.Why are teen models in greater need? A.Most parents don?t want their children to work as models. B.Those who sell children products need more teen models. C.Most children don?t want to delay their studies because they work. D.Teen models earn less money so they don?t want to do the work. 63.To hire teen models,the clients are advised to A.make use of online modeling sites B.look through newspapers C.find modeling agencies D.advertise on the Internet 64.According to the author,the agency plays a part of A.looking for teen models B.judging good teen models C.hiring good teen models D.working as a middleman 65.The online modeling sites can offer teen models a good chance to A.have an advantage from the beginning B.become famous in the future C.make a lot of money for future use D.beat the other models . . .

第Ⅱ卷(非选择题) 第三部分 写作(共两节,满分 45 分)

第一节:阅读表达(满分 15 分) 阅读下面短文并回答问题,然后将答案写到答题卡相应的位置上(请注意问题后的词数要 求) 。 [1]Reading is often quite helpful to high school students in crisis. Whatever crisis someone is experiencing, there is probably already a book about it that will help the reader feel less alone. [2]Teenagers are in crisis in so many different ways now. They are experiencing stress as parents lose jobs in a financial crisis. They are under pressure to find a way to pay the tuition(学 费)when they get accepted to college. Also, they may become hurt by betrayals (背叛) of friends. [3]Teenagers often feel alone in their problems; they act like they are the only person on the planet who has experienced the problem. [4] Modern literature is often very helpful for teenagers. It helps teens to read about other people who have had a serious crisis in life and gone on to achieve their dreams and a good life. [5]Literature thus helps teens move out of their minds and their fears and into the larger world. Reading literature helps teens to realize that everyone has to deal with serious problems along the path of forming an identity, choosing a career, leaving their hometown for college, and every other crisis a teen may face. [6]For us teachers, it is helpful to tell the students that for whatever problem ___________, someone has probably already has written it in a book. Ask the class to share the problems, and try to find a book that has addressed each one. Literature includes many universal themes. Once students realize that, they may become interested in spending more time in the library finding books they relate to. Once they use literature to gain help during difficult times in life, they will realize that reading is really a wonderful way to learn more about life. 66. What is the main idea of the passage? (no more than 8 words) ______________________________________________________________________ 67. Fill in the blank in Paragraph 6 with proper words. (no more than 5 words) ______________________________________________________________________ 68. List three different things that may bring stress to teenagers. (no more than 10 words) ①________________________________________

②________________________________________ ③________________________________________ 69. What makes literature helpful in helping deal with crises?(no more than 5 words)? ______________________________________________________________________ 70. What does the word it(Line 2 Paragraph 1) probably refer to?(no more than 6 words) ____________________________________________________

第二节 写作表达(30 分) 你校外籍教师 John 正在准备一个英美文化讲座, 他发电子邮件询问你们最喜欢的话题。 请你用英语写一封回信,内容要求: 一、对 John 平时的授课表示喜爱,赞扬他课堂的优点。 二、推荐你最喜欢的话题,如音乐、教育、体育等(不少于两项),并简要说明推荐原因。 三、表示对讲座的期待。 二、注意:1.字数:l20—150 2.开头已给出,不计入总词数。

Dear John, I am very happy to hear that you will have a lecture on Western Culture. . .



11-20 CABDB CBDDD 21-25. BACBD 阅读理解 41-45 CAADB 61-65 CBADA 阅读表达 66. Literature helps teenagers deal with crises 67. they are experiencing 68. ① parents losing jobs ② paying college tuition ③ betrayals of friends 69. Literature includes many universal themes. 70. the crisis (that) someone is experiencing 46-50 BADBC 51-55 ABCBD 56-60 ADVDB 26-30 DCBBA 31-35 ACDBA 36-40 CDCDA


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