《必修2单项选择 题练习》

单项选择: A he had said was really true. 1.He admitted __ A.what B.all what C.which D.that 2.The two words have something C ______with each other. A.in difference B.in ordinary C.in common D.in same C me. 3.His talk had ______ A.a big effect in B.a deep effect for C.a deep effect on D.a deep affect on

B 4.This question is easy ________ . A.to answer for B.to answer C.to be answered D.to answer it 5.Since 1949, the people’s living standard ____ A , causing a big ____ in population. A.has been raised; rise B.has been rose; raise C.has raised; rise D.has raised; rose 6.Some people like to stay at home on D like to go to the cinema. Sunday, but ___ A.other one B.another C.other D.others

7.His glasses, _____ C he was like a blind man, were missing. A.with which B.with it C.without which D.without it A great 8.Teacher’s words and deeds ___a effect _____ their students. A.have; on B.give; to C.make;in D.take;to 9.There is a mountain _____the top is always B covered with snow. A.of that B.of which C.of it D.that

10.Her husband joined her __ B her search ___ this unknown radiation. A.in;in B.in;for C.in;of D.for;for D English 11.The number of people who ____ as a foreign language ____ more than 750 million. a. learns; is b. learn; are c. learns; are d. learn; is

12.He_____ home once a week, but after D entering middle school, he ____ home once a month. A was used to go, was used to go B used to go, was used to go C was used to go, used to D used to go, was used to going

B to see me. 13. He came here _____ A especially B specially C especial D special 14. I’m sorry you don’t like the skirt, ____ B because he bought it___ for you. A specially, specially B especially, specially C particularly, especially D specially, especially 15. Mr. Zhang bought his wife a lot of gifts, a gold ring ____ C . A include B including C included D was included

A all the information you 16. This book _____ need. A contains B holds C includes D is listed B him to 17. Do you know what _____ become angry? A changed B caused C made D wished 18. This story is well worth ______. D A to read B being read C to be reading D reading

19. When you have difficulty in learning English, you can ask your teacher for some ____. C A information B advices C advice D advices 20. ----Have you considered ___ D your job? ----No, I consider my job ____interesting . A to change, to be B to be changing, as C changing, being D changing, / 21. Charles Babbage is generally considered C ___ the first computer. A to invent B inventing C to have invented D having invented

22. Can you __ D my voice on the telephone? A know B understand C realize D recognize 23.----It was careless of you to have left your clothes outside all night. ------________. B A So did I B So I did C So were you D So did you 24. They don’t study in No.1 High school, ___ D those boys. A so do B so don’t C neither study D nor do

25. ---Della likes dancing, but doesn’t like swimming. ----_________ C A So does Mary B Neither does Marry C So it is with Mary D Nor does Mary

A Mary is going to marry? 26. ___ A Who do you think B Do you think who C Who you think D Does you think who C cool in summer and warm in 27. The room __ winter. A is being felt B is felt C feels D has been felt 28. The bread ____ C bitter, A is tasted B was tasted C tastes D eats C 29. Have you seen the film Titanic,_______ leading actor is world famous? A its B it’s C whose D which

30.There are 103 elements found in nature,____ A are metals. A most of which B most of them C most of that D most which 31. ___ B has been announced, we shall have our final exams next month. A That B As C It D What

32. __ A has already been pointed out, grammar is not a set of dead rules. A As B It C That D Which A some weight after the 33. Marry seems___ accident-------- her dress looks loose on her. A to have lost B to put on C to lose D to have put on

34. As the monthly examination is coming, the teachers are preparing___ C the test papers and the students are expected to be prepared __ it . A for, for B for, / C /, for D / , / B 35.Not until _his poems recently _ their beauty A did I reread, did I appreciate B I reread, did I appreciate C I reread, I appreciated, D I reread, I appreciate

36.Sailing on a stormy day means __ B in the sea. A to risk sinking B risking sinking C to risk to sink D risking to sink 37.The conference had been held to discuss the effects of tourism B __ the wildlife in the area. A in B on C at D with

38. The price for this house is too______. C A.expensive B.dear C.high D.cheap 39. He thought it a great honour __to C speak to us . A.asking B.to ask C.to be asked D.being asked 40.---Did you pay 1000 for the computer? ---No.I paid ______for it. D A.twice so many B.twice so much C.twice as many D.twice as much 41.___breaks the rule will have to stand there C for 2 hours. A.Who B.Anyone C.Whoever D.Those

A 42.---Will you ______our English evening? ---I'm sorry ,but I'm too busy. A.attend B.join C.taking part in D.join in D 43.Many teachers in our school think_____John. A.good B.high of C.nice of D.well of 44.---Excuse me, may I ask you some questions? --- Sorry, I’m too busy and I haven’t even a minute to __________. C A. spend B. share C. spare D. stop

A 45.The doctor told me to take the medicine ___. A. every four hours B. four hours each C. each four hours D. every fourth hours 46.When their first child was born, they A ______ for three years. A. had been married B. had got married C. had married D. got married 47. I advised that he_____ to the hospital at C once, but he insisted that he _____ quite well then. A. was sent; felt B. be sent; feel C. be sent; was feeling D. was sent; felt

48. With the development of science, more A to the field of IT. new technology____ A. is being introduced B. has introduced C. is introducing D. was introduced 49. I am his best friend, and I will always _______ him. B A. look into B. watch over C. join in D. worry 50. If you had trouble_______ your physics, C you’d better ask Mr Liu___. A . in; for some advices B. in; some advices C. with; for some advice D. on; some advice

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