1. 【题文】 Animals play a huge role in our lives even if we don’ t own a pet. From the dogs barking in our apartment buildings, to our mom’ s cat that she seems to love more than her children, to our terrifying experiences of being flipped off a horse at camp,to encounters with animals in the wild. For our April 2015 writing contest,we want your personal essays that focus on a pet or animal story.Use the following ideas to help shape your true pet or animal story. ·Do you own a pet that has given you great joy or great sorrow? ·Have you ever had an incident involving an animal or pet? ·Do you believe in animal rights? ·Do you think people are crazy about their pets? Title of Essay When you submit your essay. title it as: “Animals: ____________” Include the word “Animals” as the beginning of your essay title,but then make the rest of your story title unique. Rules Three simple rules for the Stage of Life student writing contest. 1)This is a Non-Fiction essay contest. 2)Essays are 500 words or less. 3)Essays must be your original work. Deadline Midnight April 30,2015 Pacific Time US Results Finalists,Runners Up,and the Winner will be posted on StageofLife.com and Teen Trend Report after May 26,2015. NOTE:Winners will be contacted once judging is complete(approx .30 days after contest ending).An email will be sent to the winner(s)to get the address for the prize package approx.1 —2 months afterwards. 1.What is the text mainly about? A.How to write an essay. B.Our friends-animals. C.April 2015 writing contest. D.How to find your animal friend. 2.Which can be your essay title for the contest? A.Animals:Calypso and the frozen hamster cage B.Bald eagles and the birth of miracles C.Easier to love animal than people D.My pet friend:Frog-Winston 3.We can learn from the text that______________. A.fictional stories are also acceptable B.results will be announced before May C.top ten winners will finally be selected D.the prize package will be received by winners 【答案】CAD

【解析】 【试源】2015 届山东省潍坊市高三二模考试 【结束】 2.【题文】You are going along in a conversation with a friend and it all seems to be good,and suddenly,you say something and the conversation stops entirely.And you’re thinking“What happened?” You didn’ t say anything insulting(侮辱的)or mean, you just voiced your opinion. Or so you think? I had lunch the other day with a dear friend.I travel a lot for work,and she used to.I was complaining about the air travel.I said how I would love some day to get into the first class cabin where sutely conditions were far better than the economy(经济舱).My friend said“You know what I used to do?I'd buy my coach ticket, but then,at the last minute,right before boarding started, I’ d go up to the counter agent and ask if there were any first class seats still available. And often,they’d say‘yes!’and I'd only pay an extra $ 200 instead of $ 2000 and get to fly first. ” I immediately retorted with “Oh, that would never happen now. They jam the planes so full, there’ s never an available seat to be had."And with that,the conversation ended— at least that part of it. It was only later that it hit me I had unwisely said no to my friend’s experience of life.I had slammed(砰地关,使劲摔)my reality in her face,as if hers didn’t matter. There are few things worse that we do to our friends than make them feel like they don‘t matter. We rarely mean to, yet we do it all the time. It would have been so easy for me to consider her experience in my response: “I never thought of that. I wonder if it would still work, given the general overcrowding. ”I would not have thus denied either her experience or mine. And there would have been a continuing basis for conversation,had we wished to do so. Simply put,instead of listening competitively,we need to listen to learn. 1.The underlined“coach ticket”in Paragraph 2 refers to a ticket for _____________. A.the platform B.the long journey bus C.the first class in the plane D.the economy class in the plane 2.My friend ended the conversation because she thought _____________. A.I lost face B.I misunderstood her C.I overlooked her life D.I voiced my opinion 3.The worst thing we do to our friends is ______________. A.act too politely toward them B.make them feel unimportant C.compare their experiences with ours D.end a conversation all of a sudden 4.The main purpose of the text is to _______________. A.amuse us with a real story B.inform us of a recent discovery C.remind us to listen to learn D.persuade us to stop insulting others

【答案】DCBC 【解析】 【试源】2015 届山东省潍坊市高三二模考试 【结束】 3.【题文】It might be difficult to find anyone who hasn’t seen one of the ice bucket(桶)challenge videos or pictures.And every day there’s a new one with a celebrity(名人)in it.Justin Bieber's video got more than one million‘likes’ .Former US President George W.Bush took part in one and so did actor Tom Cruise, Internet billionaires, footballers and my neighbor Sophie. But has it achieved anything? The challenge‘s aims were fundraising and bringing awareness to the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association(ALSA)in the US. The figures say it did. During the month of August, when the campaign was in full swing, ALSA received over $ 98m—a big jump compared to the $2. 7m donated during the same period last year. Other charities have benefitted from it too, including the UK’s Water Aid.It seems to have got money from some people who thought the ice bucket challenge was a waste of precious liquid. But Shannon Murray,a British writer who campaigns for disability rights says: “It’s been very celebrity-centered and it plays into our culture of putting everything about ourselves out there on social media. Some people have obviously done it to attract more public attention and that’ s up to them. Personally it makes me a bit uncomfortable. ” Veteran BBC radio presenter John Humphrys isn’t happy either. “I have mixed feelings about persuading people to support a charity with stunts(噱头), ”he says.Humphrys believes charity should be about giving because it’s a worthwhile cause that we want to help. The ice bucket challenge isn’t the first to get benefits through social media.In March,Cancer Research UK raised millions when women posted pictures of themselves online wearing no makeup while donating to charity.The days of just relying on people’s goodwill and social conscience might be over.As Humphreys puts it, “Charity has become big business,and fundraising is all about clever marketing.Pity they can’t let the cause speak for itself. ” 1.The figures in Paragraph 2 show ______________. A.the challenge has achieved its aims B.other charities have benefitted too C.ALSA no longer needs money D.charity can’t go without celebrities 2.What’s Shannon Murray’s attitude towards the ice bucket challenge? A.Supportive. B.Uncaring. C.Doubtful. D.Respectful. 3.What will charity probably depend on in the future? A.Various associations. B.People’s goodwill. C.Smart marketing. D.Social conscience. 4.Which of the following can be the best title for the text? A.Does ice bucket waste precious liquid? B.Does ice bucket leave you cold? C.Does ice bucket ruin charity? D.Does ice make charity hot?

【答案】ACCD 【解析】 【试源】2015 届山东省潍坊市高三二模考试 【结束】 4.【题文】Child abuse and child neglect are serious crimes.Some U.S.1aws are designed to protect children from their very own parents.Recently,two parents who live in the state of Maryland,near Washington,D.C. ,were found guilty of“unsubstantiated neglect”(未经证 实的疏忽). What was their crime?The parents let their two children walk home together unsupervised (无人 监管的)from a neighborhood park.The children are a 10-year old boy named Raft and his 6-year old sister Dvora. The two siblings like to play at their neighborhood park. After playing, they walk home—by themselves.And“that is a problem” ,says Maryland’s child protective services agency.And this incident has restarted a debate in the U.S.about the amount of independence parents should give their children. Some people object to courts telling parents how to raise their children.They also think children benefit from exploring the outside world without a lot of supervision.Raft and Dvora’s parents, Danielle and Alexander Meitiv,are both trained scientists.They defend“free-range parenting. ” Free-range is usually a term used to describe farm animals that live uncaged.With parents,it means loosening control over your children.Danielle Meitiv explains. “The idea of free-range parenting is really that your children need the freedom to explore. They need to be a1one,without parents.They learn to take risks.They learn to be independent. ” But opponents say this so called“free-range parenting”can put children in danger.They say children may not be able to safely explore the world alone.They may not be able to cross the street safely.They may get lost.They could get hurt or,a parents’worst nightmare,kidnapped. The Meitiv parents say they slowly let their two children take walks by themselves.They first made sure Rafi and Dvora knew the area well. But on December 20, 2014, the two young Meitivs went farther than usual.They walked home from a park that is a little more than a kilometer away.Police officers stopped the children as they walked along a busy street.They drove the children home.What happened next came as a shock,says Alexander Meitiv,their father. 1.The underlined part“this incident”refers to the children‘s______________. A.playing outside B.being treated badly C.walking home alone D.committing serious crimes 2.In what sense are unsupervised children similar to uncaged animals? A.They have difficulty finding their home. B.They are in the control of their parents. C.They always depend on each other. D.They are free to explore the world. 3.Free-range parenting is not favored by those who think ________________. A.children are too young to take good care of themselves

B.parents should give their children much independence C.family education is the most important for children D.not all parents are well trained 4.We can infer from the text that ________________. A.Raft and Dvora were very naughty B.children are not expected to take risks C.parents should loosen control over their children D.the Meitivs didn’t neglect their children on purpose 【答案】CDAD 【解析】 【试源】2015 届山东省潍坊市高三二模考试 【结束】 5. 【题文】 Breakfast is not only the first meal of the day; it is also the most important meal. 1 Coffee does not count as breakfast.I am talking about food that will sustain(支撑)you for a few hours.Below are some easy breakfast ideas that you can prepare at home. 1. Casseroles are great for a healthy breakfast. They can be made with ingredients that you like. If you don’t have time to cook breakfast like bacon and eggs in the morning.you can prepare breakfast the night before.What I usually do is prepare breakfast for the whole week and freeze it. 2 2. 3 It is not only economical;it can be a very healthy choice if you choose regular yogurt.You can add some fresh or dried fruit to the yogurt.The fruit will not only provide essential vitamins and minerals but energy to get you through until lunch. 3.Breakfast sandwiches are also a good breakfast idea.What you need to have on hand are chicken,cheese,ham or whatever you like plus some vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes.You can make them and toast them the night before. 4 In the morning,you would heat them up, add your toppings and you will have a very quick breakfast. You can use these ideas. 5 You can even use things you have in your cupboard to create delicious breakfasts.Now that you have some ideas to create healthy breakfast,you will not skip breakfast or go to the drive through to pick up breakfast. A.After we have been fasting all night while sleeping,we need food to get us going. B.Then,cut them into quarters and store them in the fridge overnight. C.Then all I have to do in the morning is to steam it or microwave it. D.Yon have to get up early to prepare for a rich breakfast. E.You may also think up other breakfast ideas F.If you add bacteria to milk,you get yogurt. G.Yogurt is another breakfast idea. 【答案】ACGBE 【解析】 【试源】2015 届山东省潍坊市高三二模考试 【结束】

6.【题文】We have all heard the saying―we often hurt those we love or those closest to us!‖ Think of the times that we were 1 or upset with someone or about something that happened.Those emotions are 2 with us when we arrive home.How do we 3 them? We let them out on whoever may be the 4 person in the line of fire.It could be our wife or husband, children and even the dog or cat. 5 this behavior is not respectful, we have all done it. We understand this is part of being 6 and we learn to deal with it.Usually we say sorry for our bad behavior later to the man we hurt . But kids do not get 7 !They don’ t 8 that it's just because we are human or it's just a reaction to something totally unrelated. We may raise our voice, 9 ,or even slam a door.We may even 10 our child a fool and ask them 11 they are so stupid? To a kid this is hurtful and 12 , which can cause anxiety and a 13 of confidence. The more it 14 ,the worse the child feels.It can affect their social life,school life and even life at home, causing them to become 15 , or turn inward. These emotions 16 much worse behavior if not dealt with. Children need to be 17 with respect and honesty.Once hurt happens,make sure we 18 to that child,get his full attention and wholeheartedly 19 for our loss of contro1.Take full 20 for our actions. 1.A.happy B.angry C.excited D.satisfied 2.A.still B.yet C.again D.only 3.A.handle B.avoid C.change D.protect 4.A.1ast B.good C.wise D.first 5.A.Until B.After C.Although D.Before 6.A.important B.human C.specific D.friendly 7.A.it B.them C.one D.those 8.A.realize B.suspect C.worry D.wonder 9.A.whistle B.1augh C.mourn D.yell 10.A.name B.call C.make D.offer 11.A.why B.how C.when D.where 12.A.encouraging B.damaging C.boring D.interesting 13.A.sense B.1ack C.kind D.part 14.A.occurs B.grows C.proves D.fails 15.A.honest B.brave C.aggressive D.active 16.A.break into B.rely on C.1ead to D.result from 17.A.treated B.cheated C.controlled D.blamed 18.A.shout B.go C.come D.rush 19.A.apologize B.pray C.regret D.care 20.A.pleasure B.offence C.pressure D.responsibility 【答案】BAADC BAADB ABBAC CABAD 【解析】 【试源】2015 届山东省潍坊市高三二模考试 【结束】 18.【题文】When I was 8 years old, a gentleman came to my orphanage(孤儿院)and taught us

how to do woodworking projects. I remember my first project—a small table. I was so 1 of it that I looked upon it as if I had created a(an) 2 . It was absolutely beautiful and it had taken me six weeks to 3 it. I could hardly wait to give it to Mother Winters as a 4 . She was the head mistress of our orphanage, who was always 5 with us. As the tables were not dry from the clear coating, the man told us to wait a few days before taking them to our dormitories. But I was just so 6 and happy that I couldn‘t wait. I _ 7 out like a flash, carrying my table and smiling from ear to ear. When I reached the dormitory I placed the little table beside my bed. I was 8 it when Mother Winters entered. She walked over to the table. Running her hand 9 it, she noticed that it was still wet. ―Were you 10 to bring this home?‖ she asked. ―No, ma‘am,‖ I 11 with my head down. She ordered me to throw the table out and so I did. After she left, I immediately opened the door to get it back. There was 12 stuck all over. I brushed and cried, but it would not come off. I hid the table in my closet(橱柜) and never 13 it. A year later while cleaning up, I gave the table to Mother Henderson, my houseparent(宿管员), thinking that she would 14 it away. Thirty years later at a reunion, I 15 that Mother Henderson was living nearby, so I drove up to see her. We talked cheerfully for long. As I was about to leave, she asked me to come down to her 16 to get something important. I followed her 17 into a dark corner. She picked something up. 18 she turned around, I could see that she was holding a little table. Mother Henderson kept the little table that I had given up for lost so long ago. Today, I look at that table with bittersweet memories but full of 19 to Mother Henderson, who kept it for a young orphan who tried very hard to 20 . 1. A. tired B. ashamed C. aware D. proud 2. A. award B. record .. C. wonder D. product 3. A. complete B. invent C. paint D. design 4. A. reward . B. gift C. prize D. souvenir 5. A. satisfied B. angry C. patient D. strict 6. A. upset B. excited C. confident D. amazed 7. A. dashed B. walked C. stepped D. climbed 8. A. drying B. admiring C. observing D. hiding 9. A. into B. after C. above D. across 10. A. supposed B. embarrassed C. encouraged D. determined 11. A. agreed B. sighed C. whispered D. argued 12. A. glue B. dirt C. paint D. wood 13. A. removed B. shook C. touched D. split 14. A. throw B. give C. take D. put 15. A. recommended ..B. expected C. remembered D. learned 16. A. bathroom B. basement C. balcony D. bedroom 17. A. unexpectedly B. unwillingly C. curiously D. worriedly 18. A. Until B. Since C. Before D. As 19. A. gratitude B. admiration C. sympathy D. regret 20. A. adapt B. study C. please D. perform 【答案】DCABD BABDA CBCAD BCDAC

【解析】 【试源】2015 届吉林省实验中学高三上学期第五次模拟考试

【结束】 3.【题文】One afternoon, after I finished all my work, I went to tour an art museum. When I was looking forward to a quiet 1 of the masterpieces (名作) , a young couple viewing the paintings ahead of me talked 2 between themselves . I watched them a moment and 3 she was doing all the talking. I admired his patience for 4 up with her talkativeness. Annoyed by their noise, I moved on. I 5 with them several times as I moved through the various rooms of art. Each time I heard her constant 6 of words, I moved away quickly. I was making a purchase at the counter of the gift shop when I 7 the couple approaching the exit. Before they left , the man took out a walking stick and then tapped (轻敲着) his 8 into the coatroom to get his wife‘s jacket . “He‘s a 9 man ,”the clerk at the counter said . “Most of us would 10 if we were blind at such a young age . During his recovery , he made a vow (誓言) 11 his life wouldn‘t change . 12 , as before , he and his wife come in 13 there‘s a new art show .” “But what does he get out of 14 ?”I asked . “He can‘t see .” “Can‘t see ! You‘re 15 . He sees a lot . More than you or I ,” The clerk said “ . His wife 16 each painting so he can see in his head . ” I learned something about patience, courage and love that day. I saw the 17 of a young wife describing paintings to a person without 18 and the courage of a husband who would not 19 blindness to change his life. And I saw the love 20 by two people as I watched this couple walk away hand in hand. 1. A. scene B. view C. sight D. look 2. A. continuously B. loudly C. exactly D. obviously 3. A. thought B. considered C. believed D. decided 4. A. coming B. standing C. putting D. getting 5. A. met B. quarreled C. kept D. compared 6. A. crowd B. flood C. line D. fly 7. A. realized B. learned C. watched D. noticed 8. A. way B. road C. direction D. steps 9. A. patient B. unlucky C. brave D. reasonable 10. A. give out B. give away C. give up D. give back 11. A. which B. that C. if D. whether 12. A. However B. Even C. But D. Therefore 13. A. whoever B. wherever C. whenever D. whichever 14. A. art B. museum C. disability D. blindness 15. A. right B. careless C. foolish D. wrong 16. A. paints B. copies C. views D. describes 17. A. kindness B. patience C. bravery D. courage 18. A. sight B. doubt C. hearing D. delay 19. A. hope B. make C. allow D. agree 20. A. expected B. shared C. accepted D. received 【答案】BADCA BDACC BDCAD DBACB

【解析】 【试源】2016 届四川省德阳市第五中学高二下学期第一次月考 【结束】 16.【题文】The song that has meant the most to me since I was three, is called IBelieve I Can Fly by R-Kelly. I chose this 1 because every time I listen to the song it 2 me that as long as I believe, I can be or do whatever 1 want in life 3 with a disability. When I was 4 , I had to use a wheelchair and a walker because I have a disability named Cerebral Palsy. The 5 told my mother I had little chance of ever 6 but I was determined to walk because I 7 to remove that walker and the wheelchair. I knew that I had to believe in myself to realize my 8 to walk someday. One day a doctor told my mother that he could do a surgery that would 9 me to walk. So I hadmy 10 surgery when I was three and one-half. But I 11 the cast (绷带) because it was a half body cast, with a bar in the middle of my legs. I was a very 12 kid so being in a bed for six weeks, not being able to move, felt horrible. I 13 after all the pain and the crying it would be worth it in the long run. 14 at the age of four, I got my cast off and I felt free when I finally 15 all the pain and learned how to walk. The song says, ―I see me 16 through that open door.‖ That‘s what I felt like; I believed I could fly just 17 the song says. That day it felt like I was on cloud nine spreading my 18 . I knew from that day forward I had a lot of work to do , but like the song says, ―There are miracles in life I must 19, but first I know it starts inside of me, Oh.‖ Now my dream has 20. And I think I am one of the miracles in life. 1. A. story B. song C. joke D. picture D. reminds

2. A. answers B. promises 3. A. even 4. A. strong B. still B. old

C. requests D. just

C. also

C. little D. honest

5. A. teachers B. friends C. classmates D. doctors 6. A. walking B. studying C. playing D. reading

7. A. refused B. agreed C. dreamed 8. A. task B. goal 9. A. warn 10. A. last C. item D. tip

D. learned

B. force C. order D. help B. next C. first D. other D. kept

11. A. disliked B. offered 12. A. shy

C. hid

B. active C. clever D. sad B. admitted B. Quietly C. remembered C. Luckily D. knew

13. A. explained 14. A. Generally

D. Slowly

15. A. suffered from 16. A. climbing

B. went through

C. waited for D. turned to D. running

B. swimming C. skating

17. A. like

B. along C. for

D. through

18. A. hands B. eyes 19. A. miss

C. wings D. clothes C. changeD. rescue D. come true

B. achieve

20. A. crowded in B. worked on C. ended up 【答案】BDACD ACBDC


【解析】 【试源】2016 届山东省枣庄第八中学高二 4 月月考 【结束】 7. 【题文】 When I was a kid, Mom used to cook food for us. One night in particular after 1 (spend)a long hard day at work, Mom placed a plate of bread jam and 2 (extreme) burnt toast in front of my dad.I was waiting 3 (see)if anyone noticed it.But while eating his toast,Dad just asked me 4 my day was at schoo1 .I don’t remember what I told him that night , 5 I do remember I heard Mom apologizing to Dad for burning the toast.And I'll never forget what he said: “Honey,I love burnt toast. ” Later that night,I 6 (go)to kiss Daddy good night and asked him if he really liked his toast burned. He gave me 7 big hug and said, “Your mamma put in a long hard day at work today, really 8 (tire).And besides,a burnt toast never hurts anyone but cold words do!" What I've learned over the years 9 (be)that learning to accept each other's faults is one of the most important 10 (key)to creating a healthy,growing,and lasting relationship. 【答案】1.spending 2.extremely 3.to see 4.how 5.but 6.went 7.a 8.tired 9.is 10.keys 【解析】 【试源】2015 届山东省潍坊市高三二模考试 【结束】 8.【题文】Dear Jack, Welcome to my school!Upon your arrival,there will be a party for you organizing by my classmates.You may attend to English classes to feel a differently learning style.After that,you can go to your host family that you can experience the Chinese way of life.You can have meals together chatting about whatever interest you. The host family will also show you off some famous scenic spots. You can see people selling kites everywhere because our city was home to kites. There are varieties of kites to choose. So isn‘t that a good idea to buy some for your friends?Write to me unless you have any questions about the schedule. Yours, Li Hua 【 答 案 】 1.organizing—organized 2.attend—attend to 3.differently—different 4.that—where 5.interest—interests 6.off—around 7.was—is 8.choose—choose from 9.that—it

10.unless---if/when 【解析】 【试源】2015 届山东省潍坊市高三二模考试 【结束】 9.【题文】假如你的朋友有一幅郑板桥的画,要在国际购物网站 eBay 上出售。根据下面提 示,请为其作简单英文介绍。

注意:1.词数 100 左右; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 【答案】as a well-known painter in Qing dynasty ,ZhengBanqiao enjoys great popularity in China all he time. He is famous for painting flowers and stones, especially bamboos. This painting happens to be one of his masterpieces on bamboo. It measures 138 centimeters long and 38 centimeters wide. Besides, preserved with great care by the former5 owner, it is still in very good condition. Currently, it is for sale at a price of 30000 dollars. I do believe you have good reasons to buy it .you may keep it for long if you like. And if you sell it in the future ,it is sure to be worth more money. 【解析】 【试源】2015 届山东省潍坊市高三二模考试 【结束】 10.【题文】William Wordsworth wrote that ―the human mind is capable of excitement without the application of violent stimulants(刺激)‖. And it appears that simply reading those words proves his 1 . Researchers at the University of Liverpool found the works of Shakespeare and Wordsworth and 2 had a beneficial effect on the mind. It can 3 the reader‘s attention and trigger moments of self-reflection. Using scanners, they 4 the brain activity of volunteers as they read pieces of classical English literature both in their 5 form and in a modern translation. And, according to the Sunday Telegraph, the experiment showed the more 6 prose and poetry 7 far more electrical activity in the brain than the easier versions. The research also found poetry, 8 , increased activity in the right part of the brain, an area 9 with ―autobiographical( 自 传 式 的 ) memory‖, which helped the reader to10 on their own experiences. The academics said this meant the 11 were more useful than self-help books.

The brain 12 of 30 volunteers were watched in the first part of the research as they read Shakespeare in different 13 . In one example, volunteers read a line from King Lear, ―A father and a gracious aged man: him have you madded‖, before reading the 14 : ―A father and a gracious aged man: him you have enraged‖. Shakespeare‘s use of ―mad‖ as a(n) 15 caused a higher level of brain activity than the straightforward prose. The next stage of the research was looking at the 16 to which poetry could affect 17 and provide therapeutic(治疗的) benefit. Volunteers‘ brains were scanned while reading four lines by Wordsworth, and four ―translated‖ lines were also provided. The first version caused more brain activity, 18 not only the left part of the brain connected with language, but also the right part that relates to autobiographical memory and emotion. ―Poetry is not just a 19 of style. It is also about deep versions of experience that 20 the emotional to the cognitive(认知的),‖ said Prof Davis, who will present the findings at the North of England education conference in Sheffield this week. 1. A. attitude B. point C. mind D. advice 2. A. the like B. the way C. the likely D. the kind 3. A. break B. focus C. catch D. fix 4. A. examined B. monitored C. interrupted D. controlled 5. A. original B. traditional C. conventional D. ancient 6. A. attractive B. beneficial C. challenging D. emotional 7. A. setoff B. put off C. take off D. call off 8. A. for example B. on occasion C. in particular D. in contrast 9. A. concerned B. mixed C. fixed D. conflicted 10. A. reflect B. agree C. depend D. take 11. A. average B. modem C. academic D. classic 12. A. records B. recalls C. responses D. receptions 13. A. moods B. manners C. forms D. types 14. A. shorter B. simpler C. better D. deeper 15. A. adjective B. noun C. adverb D. verb 16. A. amount B. degree C. extension D. scale 17. A. philosophy B. biology C. psychology D. sociology 18. A. waking up B. raising up C. taking up D. making up 19. A. matter B. mark C. manner D. mass 20. A. cater B. add C. prefer D. refer 【答案】BACBA CACAA DCCBD BCAAB 【解析】 【试源】2015 届江苏省苏锡常镇四市高三教学情况调研(二) 【结束】 11.【题文】The 2014 Ranking of Top Universities in Greater China (RTUGC) is released today by the Center for World-Class Universities at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. RTUGC was the first attempt to compare top research universities in four regions of Great China, namely Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Tsinghua University in Beijing remains No. 1 in the ranking. National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan overtakes National Taiwan University as the second. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology climbs to 4th from 7th in 2013. Peking University remains in 5th place as it was in last year. Other Top 10 universities are: The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Science and Technology of China, National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan and Zhejiang University. The highest ranked university in Macau is University of Macau (54th). RTUGC provides insight into the features and relative advantages of top universities in each region. Hong Kong and Macau universities show a higher degree of internationalization. The ranking highlights the fact that Mainland universities are stronger in gross(总的) performance while Hong Kong and Taiwan universities are in the lead in per capita(人均) performance. Tsinghua University in Beijing tops the list of annual research income, and The University of Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong take the first place on research income per academic staff. 1.We can tell from the RTUGC that________ . A. Tsinghua University in Beijing ranked the second place in 2013 B. Taiwan has more universities listed in the top 10 than Hong Kong C. four of the top ten universities in 2014 are from Mainland D. University of Macau is of a higher rank than Zhejiang University 2. Which of the following is most possibly correct according to the last paragraph? A


【答案】CA 【解析】 【试源】2015 届江苏省苏锡常镇四市高三教学情况调研(二) 【结束】 12.【题文】The latest beliefs are that the main purposes of sleep are to enable the body to rest, allowing time for repairs to take place and for tissue to be regenerated(再生). Lack of sleep, however, can compromise the immune system, cause depression and promote anxiety. For many people, lack of sleep is rarely anything of choice. Some have problems getting to sleep, others with staying asleep until the morning. Despite popular belief that sleep is one long event, research shows that, in an average night, there are five stages of sleep. In the first light stage, the heart rate and blood pressure go down and the muscles relax. In the next two stages, sleep gets progressively deeper. In stage four, usually reached after an hour, the slumber is so deep that, if awoken, the sleeper would be confused and disorientated. It is in this state that sleep-walking can occur, lasting no more than 15 minutes. In the fifth stage, the rapid eye movement (REM) stage, the eyes move constantly beneath closed lids as if the sleeper is looking at something. During this stage, the body is almost paralysed(瘫痪的). This REM stage is also the time when we dream. Sleeping patterns change with age. One theory for the age-related change is that it is due to hormonal changes. The temperature rise occurs at daybreak in the young, but at three or four in the morning in the elderly. Age aside, it is estimated that roughly one in three people suffer some kind

of sleep disturbance. Causes can be anything from pregnancy, smoking, and stress to alcohol and heart disease. Apart from self-help therapy such as regular exercise, there are psychological treatments, including relaxation training and therapy aimed at getting rid of pre-sleep worries and anxieties. Medication is regarded by many as a last option and often takes the form of sleeping pills. 1. What‘s the best title of this passage? A. Lack of Sleep B. Change of Sleep C. Patterns of Sleep D. Benefits of Sleep 2. Which of the following can cause people‘s lack of sleep according to this passage? A. Their burden from illness and drinking. B. Their incomplete sleep stages. C. Their body temperature change with age. D. Their damaged immune system. 3. Which of the following is true to the passage? A. Nobody can escape lack of sleep. B. A sleep-walker usually dreams before the sleepwalking. C. In the REM stage sleepers can see things around but can‘t move the body. D. Regular exercise can better help improve sleep quality than sleeping pills do. 【答案】AAD 【解析】 【试源】2015 届江苏省苏锡常镇四市高三教学情况调研(二) 【结束】 13.【题文】When my friend went to Europe last summer, instead of snapping photographs of the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower or Stonehenge, she brought back 32 rolls of ... cathedral ceilings. Ceilings. For the 10 years I‘ve known her I had never suspected that she was this passionate about stained glass. Still one of the best things about such pictures — despite their obvious narrow appeal — is that they can‘t help but tell us a great deal about the people who took them. So I shouldn‘t have been surprised when I got the roll of film back from my 5 -year-old son‘s first camping trip. I opened the envelope, naively expecting to see pictures of the nightly campfire, the sun setting over the forest, and possibly even a deer or two. Instead, I saw an off-center picture of tennis shoes. Not even his tennis shoes, mind you, but a pair someone had lost and left in the cabin. Mystery shoes. And that‘s not all. As I went through the stack, I found that my son had also taken a picture of his sleeping bag, a penny he found in the gravel next to the car, a leaf, an orange sock, a close-up of his father‘s ear, a burned hot dog, his thumb, a piece of gum, and many other similar things. There was barely one sign of nature in the whole stack. I couldn‘t help thinking that if he‘d wanted pictures of assorted junk, it would‘ve been cheaper had he spent the weekend in our back-yard. AT LEAST that is what I thought until I showed the photographs to my ceiling-snapping friend, the mother of three teenagers, who said simply, ―There‘s nothing wrong with these.‖ But of course, this is just the type of answer you‘d expect from someone who photographs ceiling. Then she told me about the time her daughter went to Yosemite Valley and returned with rolls of photographs of the hotel, restaurant, and gift shop. She also told me about the time her son took

his camera to a Major League Baseball game and returned with 24 pictures of cloud formations. I had a feeling she was just trying to make me feel better. Then again, to a 5-year-old boy, finding a penny is more exciting than seeing a squirrel. And why would he waste good film on something like, say, some endangered water buffaloes, when he could take a picture of cool tennis shoes? Or his shiny new green sleeping bag? Face it: Things like beautiful sunsets and campfires can‘t compare to a bag of extra-large marshmallow. So I did what any good mother would do: I marked the date on the back of the pictures and slid them into our family vacation photo album — right after the five pages of ice sculptures I took last year on our cruise to the Bahamas. 1. Which of the following proverbs best displays the author‘s final thought? A. Every dog will have its day. B. Every man has his hobby-horse. C. If a thing is worth doing, it‘s worth doing well. D. You can take a horse to the water but you cannot make him drink. 2. Who might have taken a picture of the back seat of the family car in his or her trip mentioned in this passage? A. The author‘s friend. B. The author‘s son. C. The author. D. The author‘s friend‘s daughter. 3. The author changed her mind on her son‘s picture taking because______ . A. her friend persuaded her to do so B. her son‘s pictures finally struck her C. she realized the truth by herself inspired by the surrounding examples D. it suddenly occurred to her that she herself had also taken unique pictures before 4. What can we infer from this passage? A. Age and gender play an important role in one‘s vision of the world. B. The author‘s friend is a better mum in terms of educating children. C. The author will allow her son more freedom to choose in his future life. D. The author will take vacation pictures of different kind from her past ones. 【答案】BBCC 【解析】 【试源】2015 届江苏省苏锡常镇四市高三教学情况调研(二) 【结束】 14. 【题文】 A few years ago, in one experiment in behavioural psychology, Stanley Milgram of Yale University tested 40 subjects for their willingness to obey instructions given by a ―leader‖ in a situation in which the subjects might feel a personal dislike of the actions they were called upon to perform. Specifically, Milgram told each volunteer ―teacher-subject‖ that the experiment was in the noble cause of education, and was designed to test whether or not punishing pupils for their mistakes would have a positive effect on the pupils‘ ability to learn. The teacher-subjects were placed before a panel of thirty switches with labels ranging from ―15 volts of electricity (slight shock)‖ to ―450 volts (danger — severe shock)‖ in steps of 15 volts each. The teacher-subject was told that whenever the pupil gave the wrong answer to a question, a shock

was to be administered. The supposed ―pupil‖ was in reality an actor hired by Milgram to pretend to receive the shocks by giving out cries and screams. Milgram told the teacher-subject to ignore the reactions of the pupil, and to administer whatever level of shock was called for. As the experiment unfolded, the ―pupil‖ would deliberately give the wrong answers to questions, thereby bringing on various electrical punishments, even up to the danger level of 300 volts and beyond. Many of the teacher-subjects balked at administering the higher levels of punishment, and turned to Milgram. In these situations, Milgram calmly explained that the teacher-subject was to carry on with the experiment and that it was important for the sake of the experiment that the procedure be followed through to the end. What Milgram was trying to discover was the number of teacher-subjects who would be willing to administer the highest levels of shock, even in the face of strong personal and moral revulsion( 反感 ) against the rules and conditions of the experiment. Before carrying out the experiment, Milgram explained his idea to a group of 39 psychiatrists and asked them to predict the average percentage of people who would be willing to administer the highest shock level of 450 volts. The overwhelming consensus was that basically all the teacher-subjects would refuse to obey the experimenter. The psychiatrists felt that ―most subjects would not go beyond 150 volts‖ and only a small percentage of about one in 1,000 would give the highest shock of 450 volts. What were the actual results? Well, over 60 per cent of the teacher-subjects continued to obey Milgram up to the 450-volt limit! In repetitions of the experiment in other countries, the percentage was even higher, reaching 85 per cent in one country. How can we possibly account for this result? One might firstly argue that there must be some sort of built-in animal aggression instinct(本能) that was activated by the experiment. A modem sociobiologist might even go so far as to claim that this aggressive instinct was of survival value to our ancestors in their struggle against the hardships of life on the plains and in the caves, finally finding its way into our genetic make-up. Another explanation is to see the teacher-subjects‘ actions as a result of the social context in which the experiment was carried out. As Milgram himself pointed out, ―Most subjects in the experiment see their behaviour in a larger context that is good and useful to society — the pursuit of scientific troth. The psychological laboratory has a strong claim to legitimacy(合法性) and gains trust and confidence in those who perform there. An action such as shocking a victim, which in isolation(单 独看来) appears evil, acquires a completely different meaning when placed in this setting‖. Here we have two different explanations. The problem for us is to sort out which of these two polar explanations is more reasonable. This is the problem of modern sociobiology — to discover how hard-wired genetic programming decides the interaction of animals and humans with their environment, that is, their behaviour. Put another way, sociobiology is concerned with explaining the biological basis of all behaviour. 1. Why did Milgram do the experiment? A. To discover people‘s willingness for orders from leaders. B. To display the power of punishment on ability to learn. C. To test people‘s willingness to sacrifice for science. D. To explore the biological basis of social behavior. 2. Which of the following is right about the experiment? A. The actor‘s performance was vital to its success.

B. Its subjects were informed of its real purpose beforehand. C. The electrical shock made the ―pupil‖ give more wrong answers. D. Its subjects were convinced of the effects of punishment on ability to learn. 3. What does the underlined phrase ―balked at‖ most probably mean? A. commented on B. hesitated in C. got rid of D. looked down upon 4. Before the experiment took place the psychiatrists _________ . A. believed that a shock of 150 volts was unbearable B. failed to agree on how the teacher-subjects would respond to instructions C. under-predicted the teacher-subjects‘ willingness to follow experimental procedure D. thought that many of the teacher-subjects would administer a shock of 450 volts 5. Which of the following is mentioned as one possible factor that explains the teacher-subjects‘ behaviour? A. Economic factor. B. Biological factor. C. Cultural factor. D. Historical factor. 6. What‘s the author‘s purpose with this article? A. To introduce a problem sociobiology deals with. B. To explain a scientific phenomenon. C. To report an experiment that focuses on education. D. To argue against a scientific view. 【答案】DABCBA 【解析】 【试源】2015 届江苏省苏锡常镇四市高三教学情况调研(二) 【结束】 15. 【题文】 In Greek mythology, the Trojan(特洛伊) War was started against the city of Troy by the Greeks after Paris of Troy took Helen from her husband Menelaus, king of Sparta. The war is one of the most important events in Greek mythology and has appeared in many works of Greek literature, most notably through Homers(荷马) Iliad. The Iliad relates a part of the last year of the siege(包围) of Troy; the Odyssey describes the journey home of Odysseus, one of the war‘s heroes. Other parts of the war are described in a cycle of epic poems(史诗), which have survived through fragments. The war provided material for Greek tragedy and other works of Greek literature, and for Roman poets including Virgil and Ovid. The war originated from a quarrel between the goddesses Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite, after Eris, the goddess of strife and discord(不和谐), gave them a golden apple marked ―for the fairest‖. Zeus sent the goddesses to Paris, who judged that Aphrodite, as the ―fairest‖, should receive the apple. In exchange, Aphrodite made Helen, the most beautiful of all women and wife of Menelaus, fall in love with Paris, who took her to Troy. Agamemnon, king of Mycenae and the brother of Helen‘s husband Menelaus, led an expedition of Greek troops to Troy and besieged the city for ten years because of Paris‘ insult. After the deaths of many heroes the city fell to the ruse(策略) of the Trojan Horse. The Greeks slaughtered(大屠杀) the Trojans and desecrated(亵渎) the temples, thus earning the gods‘ great anger. Few of the Greeks returned safely to their homes. The ancient Greeks treated the Trojan War as an historical event which had taken place in the 13th

or 12th century BC, and believed that Troy was located in modern-day Turkey near the Dardanelles. As of the mid-19th century, both the war and the city were widely believed to be non-historical. In 1868, however, the German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann met Frank Calvert, who convinced Schliemann that Troy was at Hissarlik; this claim is now accepted by most scholars. They believe that there is a historical core to the tale. However, whether there is any historical reality behind the Trojan War is still an open question. Topic Sub topic ? The Iliad 1 in Literature ? The Odyssey ? Epic poems ? Roman poets ? The war was 4 the title of the ―fairest‖. Detailed information relating what happened in the last year of the siege 2 gaining Odysseus‘ journey home 3 through fragments

Virgil and Ovid included by a quarrel between the three goddesses for

The Trojan War

Plot of the War

? 5 judged Aphrodite the ―fairest‖ in exchange of Helen, the most beautiful woman, who was taken to Troy by him. ? Feeling 6 by Paris‘ action, Agamemnon led an expedition of Greek troops to Troy and besieged the city for ten years. ? With the ruse of the Trojan Horse, Greek troops 7 the city and slaughtered the Trojans and desecrated the temples, which made the gods very angry and made few of them return home safely. The ancient Greeks‘ time ■ The war was believed to be an historical event, 9 in the 13th or 12th century BC.

8 Backgroun d

The mid-1900s

■ The war was regarded as non-historical. ■ Many scholars 10 Frank Calvert‘s claim and believe that there is a historical core to the tale, but it still remains an open question.

From 1868

【答案】 1. Appearance 2. describing 3. survival 4. caused 5. Paris 6. insulted occupied(took, conquered) 8. Historical 9. happening 10. follow(accept) 【解析】


【试源】2015 届江苏省苏锡常镇四市高三教学情况调研(二) 【结束】 16.【题文】最近,教育部出台新规,允许在校大学生休学一年进行创业,引发了广泛热议。 为此,你们学校将以此为话题组织英文演讲比赛。请你准备一篇演讲稿,字数 150 左右,参 与比赛。你的演讲要包括以下几个方面: 1、你对此新规的看法; 2、进入大学的你是否会休学创业; 3、阐述上述两点时必须各提供至少 2 条理由或论据加以支撑。 【写作要求】 1.内容完整,语言规范,语篇连贯,词数适当;2.文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称。 3.开头已给出,不计入总词数。 Good morning, everyone! I would like to begin my speech with my view on the policy itself. ______________________________________________________________________ 【答案】Good morning, everyone! I would like to begin my speech with my view on the policy itself. Personally, I applaud for this policy. As we all know, many college graduates can‘t find a job upon their graduation. Starting a business, particularly before graduating, is a good way to ease the tension. Moreover, college students are the most energetic group, so encouraging them to be engaged in business early will benefit our nation with more innovation. Nevertheless, beneficial as the policy is, not all the students prefer to doing business, me included. Money is the first problem to a poor student. It‘s impossible to run a business without fund. Secondly, lack of social experience will surely make my business end in failure if started. Most importantly, I am not keen on business at all. A stable job and easy life is my biggest ambition. To sum up, I wholeheartedly approve of the new regulation but won‘t choose to establish my own business at college. 【解析】 【试源】2015 届江苏省苏锡常镇四市高三教学情况调研(二) 【结束】 17.【题文】A student is learning to speak British English.He wonders:Can I communicate with Americans?Can they understand me?Learners of English often ask:What are the differences between British and American English?How important are these differences? Certainly,there are some differences between British and American English.There are a few differences in grammar.For example,speakers of British English say―in hospital‖and―Have you a pen?‖;Americans say ―in the hospital‖and―Do you have a pen?‖.Pronunciation is sometimes different.Americans usually sound ―r‖s in words like―bird‖and―hurt‖.Speakers of British English do not sound ―r‖ in these words.There are differences between British and American English in spelling and vocabulary.For example,―colour‖and―honour‖are British;―color‖and―honor‖are American. These differences in grammar,pronunciation,spelling and vocabulary are not important, however.For the most part,British and American English are the same language.

1.According to this passage,a student who is learning to speak American English might be afraid that ______. A.British people cannot understand him B.American people cannot understand him C.the grammar is too hard for him D.the spelling is too hard for him 2.American English and British English are different in ________. A.spelling B.pronunciation C.grammar D.all of the above 3.What is NOT mentioned in the passage? A.Whether there are differences between British English and American English. B.Whether British English and American English are one language or two. C.How the differences between British English and American English came about. D.How important the differences are.

【答案】ADC 【解析】 【试源】2015 届吉林省实验中学高三上学期第五次模拟考试 【结束】

19.【题文】In February 2006, Lydia Angyiou and her two sons were walking through their village in northern Canada. The sound of children shouting made her turn around. To her horror, Lydia saw a 700-pound polar bear behind her eyeing her seven-year-old son. Getting between the bear and her child, Lydia yelled at the children to run away. She then began hitting and kicking the animal as hard as she could. A neighbor who heard all the noise came and shot the bear. But everyone agreed it was Lydia who had saved her children‘s lives. A local policeman described it this way: ―… I guess when your back is up against the wall, we come up with super-human strength.‖ Where does this ―super-human strength‖, courage and quick thinking come from? Experts say it comes from stress! In stressful situations, the body releases chemicals that prepare it to take action. These chemicals give people the speed and strength they need to fight danger or run away from it. When we think of stress, we usually think of its negative effects. Studies, though, show that moderate levels of stress are actually helpful. In fact, the way we perform is usually affected by the amount of stress we feel. Stress causes the brain to release adrenaline(肾上腺素) which in turn increases our energy and excitement. The chemical gives us clearer minds and helps us to do more. This is why some people say they work better under a deadline. Adrenaline that is not released for long periods of time can cause us to increase and strengthen our abilities instead of weakening them. We sometimes turn out our very best work when we push ourselves to the limit. Stress can also make us more confident. Handling small amounts of stress now prepares us for handling serious situations in the future. Who knows? Today‘s stress may even prepare for the next polar bear that comes along!

1. In the first paragraph, the case of Lydia Angyiou is mentioned to______. A. introduce the topic to be followed B. remind us of the unexpected danger of life C. praise Lydia Angyiou for her bravery D. show the importance of super-human strength 2. What does the policeman probably mean by saying ―your back is up against the wall‖? A. You are helped. B. You are inspired. C.You are confident. D. You are cornered. 3. What would be the best title for the passage? A. Brave Mother B. The Cause of Stress C. The Benefit of Stress D. Super-human Strength 【答案】ADC 【解析】 【试源】2016 届四川省德阳市第五中学高二下学期第一次月考 【结束】 20.【题文】In a class this past December, after I wrote some directions on the board for students about their final examination, one young woman quickly took a picture of the board using her smart phone. When I looked in her direction, she apologized: ―Sorry. Was it wrong to take a picture?‖ ―I can‘t read my own handwriting,‖the young woman explained. ―It‘s best if I take a picture of your writing so I can understand the notes.‖ That remark started a class-wide conversation about taking a picture instead of taking notes. For those in the photo-taking camp, motivations extended beyond their inability to comprehend their own handwriting. Some took pictures of notes because they knew their phone was a safe place to store material. They might lose paper, they reasoned, but they wouldn‘t lose their phones. Some took photos because they wanted to record exactly the manner in which I had noted information on the board. Others told me that during class they liked to be able to listen to the discussion attentively. Yet the use of cameras as note takers, though it may be convenient, does raise significant questions for the classroom. Is a picture an effective replacement for the process of note-taking? Instructors encourage students to take notes because the act of doing so is more than merely recording necessary information—it helps prepare the way for understanding. Encouraging students to take notes may be an old-fashioned instructional method, but just because a method has a long history doesn‘t mean it‘s out of date. Writing things down engages a student‘s brain in listening, visual, and kinesthetic(触觉的)learning—a view supported by a longstanding research. The act of writing down information enables a person to begin committing it to memory, and to process and combine it, establishing the building blocks of learning new concepts. Taking a picture does indeed record the information, but it deletes some of the necessary mental engagement that taking notes employs. So can the two be equally effective?

I‘m not sure how to measure the effectiveness of either method. For now, I allow students to take notes however they see fit—handwritten or photographed—because I figure that some notes, no matter the method of note-taking, are better than none. 1.The woman apologized in the class because she____. A. took a picture of the board B. missed the teachers‘ directions C. had the bad handwriting D. disturbed other students‘ learning 2.Students refuse to take notes by hand because_____. A. they are unable to take notes B. they are more likely to lose notes C. they are interested in using their phones D. they have a good memory of teachers‘ instructions 3.According to the passage, taking notes by hand_______. A. requires students to think independently B. is unsuitable for students to learn new ideas C. helps students actively participate in learning D. proves to be an old and useless learning method 4.What‘s the author‘s opinion towards taking notes by phones? A. Supportive. B. Neutral. C. Doubtful. D. Disapproving. 【答案】ABCB 【解析】 【试源】2016 届四川省德阳市第五中学高二下学期第一次月考 【结束】 1.【题文】Are you nervous about climbing because you think it‘s too dangerous? Do you feel you‘re not fit enough to climb? Do you know how to start climbing? Let‘s consider the idea that climbing is dangerous. Being afraid is natural, but if you use suitable ropes and other climbing equipments you will feel completely safe. Climbers are usually very careful because they know what they are doing is dangerous. Accidents happen, but when they do, they tend to attract a lot of publicity. As a result, people think there are many more accidents than there are in reality. You cannot expect to start climbing straight away. Climbing is a challenge and challenges take time. It is necessary first of all that you achieve a good level of fitness. Begin as soon as you become interested in climbing—go to the gym, go swimming, take up jogging and continue to do so throughout your training period. Discover as much as you can about climbing. Visit the library and find books especially for beginners or buy climbing magazines and look for articles which describe your situation. Look up information on the Internet. Find out about equipment, methods and places to go. Next, take a course on a climbing wall. There are plenty of climbing walls all over the country which have trained and qualified people as instructors. Call your local leisure centre to find out if there is one in your area. These training sessions are a quick way to get experience and you are likely to meet other beginners. After this, you can do an outside course or join a club where you can meet climbers of all abilities and eventually join in group-climbing events.

At first you may not understand the importance of a good training period, but after you have completed your first climb and you are standing safely at the top of a rock feeling thrilled, then you will know it was the right thing to do. 1. The article is written by ______. A. a doctor B. an experienced climber C. a beginner D. a fitness instructor 2. The writer thinks a new climber should ______. A. begin by becoming fit B. be aware of the causes of the accidents C. have the courage to meet the challenges D. do enough sports to get interested in climbing 3. By climbing walls you can ______. A. join a club you like B. become qualified instructors C. gain controlled experience D. take part in group-climbing events 4. The underlined word ―it‖ in the last paragraph probably means ______. A. the climb B. the training C. the equipment D. the achievement 【答案】BACB 【解析】 【试源】2016 届四川省德阳市第五中学高二下学期第一次月考 【结束】 2.【题文】How to Prevent Near-sightedness Myopia, or near-sightedness, can be a severe inconvenience and may even cause big troubles when we operate cars or heavy machinery. Here are some tips that may help you to prevent myopia. 1.1. Whether it‘s for the love of books or because you are studying for a test that just happens to take place tomorrow, don‘t overdo it. This means either getting away from a page-turner or starting your studies a few days earlier. If prolonged reading can‘t be avoided, try taking regular breaks to rest your eyes or take a nap. 2. Consume lots of eye-protecting vitamins. 2. It‘s very meaningful to get kids to eat this healthy orange vegetable, which is rich in vitamins. Still, good doses of multi-vitamins will improve not only your eyesight but your health in general. 3. Do your reading or focusing in well-lit room. Weak light may cause damage to your eyes and result in the need for glasses.3. Buy a reading light or just turn on a bright lamp. 4. Be mindful of the distance between your eyes and the object you‘re focusing on. 4. It will also cause your head to ache and may dry out your eyes. 5.5. Early detection of near –sightedness can lead to quick treatment and less serious symptoms. A. Try not to read for long lengths of time.

B. You should also eat a lot of other green vegetables. C. Talk to an eye care doctor at the first signs of eye trouble. D. Of course the first choice that comes to mind is the carrot. E. It will also give you a headache and cause you to become tired. F. Encourage more outdoor activities, such as running, cycling and playing tennis. G. Whether it‘s a book or the television, being too close is going to bother you eyes. 【答案】ADEGC 【解析】 【试源】2016 届四川省德阳市第五中学高二下学期第一次月考 【结束】

4.【题文】What on earth does happiness mean? I can‘t give you exact definition, but I‘m sure if you love and help 1.__________ , you‘ll get it . I‘ll never forget an old lady. She lives in 2.__________ small house alone. It is said that her husband and her son 3.__________( die ) in a road accident years ago . Her life is bitter, but she often helps others with a smile. Whenever it snows, she is always the first 4.__________ (clean) the paths. She looks after several children living nearby. I am one of them. I often remember the stories she told us and her kind smile. Perhaps she is unlucky, but I think she is a happy person. Her life is full of 5.__________( laugh ) and love . But I‘m sad to see some people getting their happiness in bad ways. They talk 6.__________ (noisy) in cinemas and meeting rooms; they destroy trees to enjoy themselves and they laugh at others‘ shortcomings. Perhaps they feel happy at that time , 7. ___________ they will never get true happiness because they 8._________ (lose) their personality already . Now I know what happiness is. 9.__________ means kindness, love and unselfishness. Above all, I have come to understand that 10.__________ (bring) happiness to others is getting ourselves happiness.

【答案】1.others 2.a 3.died 4.to clean 5.laughter 6.noisily 7.but 8.have lost 9.it 10.bringing 【解析】 【试源】2016 届四川省德阳市第五中学高二下学期第一次月考 【结束】 5.【题文】Nowadays it‘s common high school students to skip breakfast, leading to both poor school performance and damage to their health. When asking why they skip breakfast, some students say they think of breakfast as a least important meal of the day, and think it unnecessary. Therefore, some say they have too little time in the morning to have breakfast. And others, mostly girl, say they wanted to lose weight so they skip breakfast. We suggest that every student has breakfast properly every day, since breakfast can provide the necessary energy that one needs it every day. In addition, have breakfast can help you to

concentrate in class and study more efficient.

【答案】1.在 high 前加 for 2.asking—asked 3.a—the 4.Therefore—Besides 5.girl—girls 6.wanted—want 7.has—have 8. 去 掉 it 9.have—having 10.efficient—efficiently 【解析】 【试源】2016 届四川省德阳市第五中学高二下学期第一次月考 【结束】 6.【题文】假设你是高二(1)班班长李华,将代表本班参加学校―课外阅读与高中学习‖英 语主题演讲比赛。请根据以下提示写一篇英语发言稿。 1. 课外阅读的现状及原因; 2. 课外阅读的好处; 3. 对学校和同学们的建议。 注意: 1. 词数:100左右;开头和结尾已经给出(但不计入总词数) ; 2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3. 文章不得出现真实的人名与校名。 Good morning, everyone! I‘m Lihua, monitor of class 1,Grade 2.______________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

【答案】Good morning, everyone! I‘m Li Hua, monitor of Class 1, Grade 2. Nowadays, only a few students do some reading in their spare time. As far as I‘m concerned, some students have to face too much homework; in other words, there is no time left for them to do some reading after class. But others, in my opinion, haven‘t formed a habit of reading. They prefer to spend their spare time on TV rather than read some books. As you know, however, reading has many benefits. Through reading we can learn more about the world. Besides, reading can make our life more colorful. Therefore, here I suggest our teachers limit the amount of our homework so that we can have more time to read. At the same time, the school should make it a rule to drive students from the classroom to the library. Thank you for your listening.

【解析】 【试源】2016 届四川省德阳市第五中学高二下学期第一次月考 【结束】 7.【题文】The 3D film The Taking of Tiger Mountain, which had a series of advanced screenings before its official Christmas Eve release, including one at Tsinghua, won thunderous applause from fans and critics for its vivid 3D visual effects and well-planned plots. The movie, produced by Bona Film Group and directed by Tsui, is based on the bestselling novel Tracks in the Snowy Forest by Qu Bo. It‘s a 1940s war story in which a communist spy named Yang Zirong uses his wit (机智) to defeat a heavily-armed group of gangsters. Bona Film Group actually prepared for the movie for three years before the camera started rolling. Tsui even visited Qu‘s widow, Liu Bo, to learn more about her husband‘s real stories. Tsui and his whole crew, more than 1,100 — strong at its largest even went to North China to film real snow scenes, staying there for two and a half months in freezing temperatures of negative 30 degrees Celsius. ―One day, big snow hit, the electrical power line broke, the hotel we stayed in lost heating, water — our cell phones even lost signals. We were just trapped there,‖ Huang Jianxin, the movie‘s producer said. Tsui revealed that he was doing community service in New York‘s Chinatown 40 years ago when the opera movie Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy was screened. I thought, ―If I ever have a chance in the future to do anything related to filmmaking, I will turn this story into a new movie,‖ he said. This memory inspired him to specially shoot and put a New York scene into the beginning of The Taking of Tiger Mountain. ―I just ask myself to make a good film and share it with all of you.‖ Tsui Hark said. 1. What can we learn from the passage? A. The 3D film was officially released before Christmas Eve. B. The 3D film is well-received for its effects and plots. C. Tsui went to visit Qu Bo to learn about his stories. D. Tsui put a lot of American snowy scenes in the film. 2. Tsui wished to shoot the 3D film because he _______. A. was inspired by the opera movie of the film B. intended to meet the taste of the young generation C. wanted to be reminded of his experience in New York D. desired to make a film worthy of debate and interest 3. What does the underlined word ―one‖ in the first paragraph refer to? A. An official release. B. A Christmas Eve. C. An advanced screening. D. A 3D film. 4. The story mentioned by the producer shows that they _______. A. had an encounter with starvation and death B. experienced great hardships in making the movie C. suffered many failures in shooting the scenes of the film

D. thought highly of the living conditions of North China 【答案】BACB 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山东省淄博市第七中学高二 4 月月考 【结束】 8.【题文】Wanted English Teacher Responsibility: —Conduct English teaching according to British education system. Requirements: —University degree and above in English major or normal English. —Eager to learn and open-minded with creativity. —With deep understanding and respect for different cultures. (Warmly welcome fresh graduates to apply for this position.) Project management Assistant Responsibility: —Provide service for the project in Chongqing. —Provide assistance to the project manager for everyday work. —Responsible for file management, customer service for students and parents. Requirements: —College degree. —Good English and computer skills. —Related working experience in the international organization. —Patient, careful, supportive. Has strong teamwork spirit. Marketing Assistant Responsibility: —Responsible for the local management of marketing and sales activities according to the instruction from the head office. —Collect related information to the head office. —Develop relationship with local media and customers. Requirements: —College degree and above with good English (speaking and writing). —With basic idea of sales and marketing, related experience is preferred. —Working experience in the international organization is a must. —Good communication and presentation skills. Accountant Responsibility: —Accountant work for Chongqing office and project. —Perform the finance management locally according to the rules and policy of the company. Requirements: —College degree and above in finance area. —Good English and computer skills. —Good sense of finance management.

—At least two years of experience as accountant in the international organization is a must. —Self-management, hard-working, independent and able to deal with pressure. 1. Which position may attract new graduates most? A. An English teacher. B. A project management assistant. C. A marketing assistant. D. An accountant. 2. Which of the following is a must for the four positions? A. Eagerness for learning. B. Good computer skills. C. Good English. D. Good presentation skills. 3. If you get the position of Project Management Assistant, you needn‘t _______. A. provide assistance for the project manager B. provide service for the project in Chongqing C. collect the related information for the head office D. be responsible for customer service for students and parents 【答案】ACC 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山东省淄博市第七中学高二 4 月月考 【结束】 9.【题文】Friendships can be difficult—because often people aren't as honest and open as they should be. Sometimes, people end up getting hurt. Most problems with friendships come up because people are just too selfish to care about the things that their friends need. They care about their own needs much more, which makes it hard for friendships to work. However, being selfish is part of human nature. A person is put together in order to take care of themselves and their own needs, not necessarily those needs of other people. Even though being selfish is something that all humans are born with, it is something that everyone should guard against. The best thing to remember when you are a friend to anyone is that you need to treat your friends the same way that you'd like to be treated. This is wonderful advice for a friendship, because it is really the only way to make sure that you are giving your friends everything you would want to be given in a friendship. Whenever you have a question about how you should treat a friend, it is easy to find an answer simply by asking yourself what you would like your friend to do for you, if he or she was in your shoes. Even if you're always thinking about how you'd like to be treated, and your friends are too, there are issues that come up from time to time in each friendship, and it is important to understand how to deal with these issues so that you can build stronger and healthier friendships. Issues like friends getting boyfriends or girlfriends and not spending enough time with their friends, or even friends finding new friends and leaving old friends behind are issues that will probably come up with one or more of your friendships. It is important to know how to deal with these friend issues so that you can keep your friends and make new ones. No one wants to have a broken friendship. 1. This passage mainly deals with ________. A. the importance of friendship B. the advantages of friendship C. the problems of friendship D. the disadvantages of friendship 2. According to the author, problems with friendship may appear when ________. A. one is honest B. one is selfish C. one is open D. one is kind 3. According to the passage, the first and most important thing to be other people's friend is________. A. to treat your friend as you like to be B. to give your friends whatever you have C. not to hurt your friends' feelings D. not to think of your own need any more

4. What's the purpose of understanding how to deal with friendship issues? A. To have a comfortable life. B. To build stronger and healthier friendships. C. To be treated the way you want. D. To get a boyfriend or girlfriend more quickly. 【答案】CBAB 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山东省淄博市第七中学高二 4 月月考 【结束】 10.【题文】We all know that we should use smart study strategies for learning. 1 The tips below come from scientific studies. Reduce Your Cell Phone Use It should come as no surprise that spending too much time on the cell phone can affect your grades. 2 Studies show that there is a relationship between cell phone use, anxiety, and student performance. Increased time on the phone seems to be linked to increased feelings of anxiety, and that leads to lower student performance. 3 Students who spend more time on phones, in other words, tend to be less active, which also causes a build-up of stress and anxiety. In fact, science also suggests that students who take part in aerobic exercise (有氧运动) benefit from better long-term memory. 4 By reducing the anxiety in your life and getting in better physical shape, you‘ll free up your brain to learn and retain! Use Music and Actions The more active you become when it comes to studying, the more you will be able to commit the information to memory. 5 And singing new vocabulary helps you recall more readily, according to one study. It‘s certainly worth a try! Another study shows that you can benefit by taking your class notes by hand instead of using a keyboard to type your notes. The act of writing words out by hand enhances the comprehension of concepts. A. Common sense tells us that students need to get enough sleep to perform well in school. B. But the relationship between phones and grades is not simple. C. If you‘re studying foreign languages, it seems that singing is helpful. D. It‘s just a good policy to limit time on cell phones and increase physical activity. E. But what is the science behind effective study strategies? F. Long-term memory is the goal for truly learning from the material that you cover in class. G. Another relationship has been noticed between increased time on cell phones and a decrease in physical activity. 【答案】EBGDC 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山东省淄博市第七中学高二 4 月月考 【结束】

11.【题文】I remember it was like just any old, rainy Saturday afternoon. I 1 (invite) to my friend‘s birthday party. When I arrived, I found I was the first and the only one there. I sat on her leather couch and just waited 2(patient) for the party to begin. As a flood of 3 (guest) came in with warm greetings, I saw a short girl who seemed a little 4 (young) than me. She was just so different from the other girls there. 5 , I decided to strike up a conversation with her. I asked her, ―Did your mom drive 6 here?‖ She answered, ―Oh, my mom is dead. My mom died from a heart attack 7 I was seven.‖ I began to wonder how this girl could live on 8 her mother. Later on, she told our group of friends 9 happened the day her mother died. She did not shed a tear when 10 (tell) us her story. I was so incredibly touched by this girl‘s story. She lost her mother at such a young age, but chose to be strong. I was so inspired by her story. 【答案】1. was invited 6. you 7. when 2. patiently 3. guests 4. younger 5. Thus/Therefore 8. without 9. what 10. telling

【解析】 【试源】2016 届山东省淄博市第七中学高二 4 月月考 【结束】 12.【题文】for a student, nothing is important than being honest. One day I had difficulty when having an history contest. It seems that I might not get good grades, so I decided to cheat. Therefore, I took my mobile phone out and searched for the answers to the problem that I couldn‘t work them out, copying them without hesitation. A few days later, the teacher announced that I had got the first prize and some of his classmates congratulated me for it, however, with a strange look. Since I had won the contest, I just couldn‘t say how embarrassing I felt. Only then did I realize what I had done was really very foolishly. 【答案】For a student, nothing is ∧more important than being honest. One day I had difficulty when having an (a) history contest. It seems (seemed) that I might not get good grades, so I decided to cheat. Therefore, I took my mobile phone out and searched for the answers to the problem (problems) that I couldn‘t work them (them 删除) out, copying them without hesitation. A few days later, the teacher announced that I had got the first prize and some of his (my) classmates congratulated me for (on) it, however, with a strange look. Since (Although/Though/While) I had won the contest, I just couldn‘t say how embarrassing (embarressed) I felt. Only then did I realize what I had done was really very foolishly (foolish). 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山东省淄博市第七中学高二 4 月月考 【结束】 13.【题文】假设你是某中学的学生 Li Hua,前不久你参加了全国英语演讲比赛并获得一等 奖。请用英语给校刊写篇文章,谈谈你的体会。内容主要包括: 1 付出才有回报;2 收获自信和友谊;3 感激之情

注意:1. 词数 100 左右 ;2. 可适当增加细节以使行文连贯; 3. 开头已为你写好,不计入总次数。 Looking back to the National English Speaking Competition I took part in several days ago, I have a lot to share with you. ___________________________________________________ 【答案】Looking back to the National English Speaking Competition I took part in several days ago, I have a lot to share with you. Firstly, I feel really delighted that I‘ve won the first prize in the competition, which makes me understand the true meaning of the proverb ―No pains, no gains‖. Besides, I‘ve established the friendship with students from all over our country, from whom I‘ve learned a lot. More importantly, taking this competition has enabled me to overcome my fear of speaking in public, thus developing my self-confidence. Additionally, I owe many thanks to my teachers and judges, without whose help, I couldn‘t have done such an excellent job. To sum up ,I will always treasure this meaningful and memorable experience

【解析】 【试源】2016 届山东省淄博市第七中学高二 4 月月考 【结束】 14.【题文】Are you having a problem going to sleep? Try drinking a glass of warm milk. Still no luck? Try thinking about sheep jumping over a fence. Count them to yourself. ―One, two, three, four...‖ It is late at night and you are still awake. Should you take a sleeping pill? People who take pills often come to depend on the drugs. So you lie awake knowing that the new work day will soon arrive. A new study has found that you might fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer if you try ―cerebral hypothermia‖. No, cerebral hypothermia is not a complex medical process. It just means cooling down your brain. Eric Nofzinger and Daniel Buysse of the University of Pittsburgh Medical School led the study. They examined twelve people who had insomnia. Twelve others had no sleep problems. Each of them wore a soft plastic cap at bed time, which had tubes inside filled with water. The first two nights of testing, the patients wore no water caps. During the next two nights, the caps were wom, but the water was not cooled. Then the researchers cooled the water a little for two nights. On the final two nights of the study, the temperature of the water was made much cooler. The researchers found that the water caps did not help the insomnia patients until the temperature was about 14 'C. Most of the patients fell asleep faster and slept better when the coolest water was moving around their heads. Dr Nofzinger and Dr Buysee noted that this is only the beginning of the brain temperature study.

But they believe they have discovered something important that needs more research. They presented their test results in June at a meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 1.The author writes the first paragraph to_______ . A. make a comparison B.introduce a topic C. describe a problem D. offer an argument

2.What do we know about the study? A. The study lasted six nights. C. The researchers wore the cap every night. sleeping. B. The caps were made from cloth. D. Half of the peoplestudied had trouble in

3.The underlined word ―insomnia‖ in the second paragraph probably means_______. A. loneliness B.tiredness C. Carelessness D.sleeplessness

4. Dr Nofzinger and Dr Buysee agreed that A. the results of the study had been published C. the researchers will go on with the study frozen 5.What is the main idea of the text? A. Many people can‘t sleep well at night. C. Water helps people to get up easily. B.Taking sleeping pills is not good for health. D. Cooling the brain may help people sleep. B.the researchers finished the study in June D. the water caps worked if the water was

【答案】BDDCD 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山东省枣庄第八中学高二 4 月月考 【结束】 15. 【题文】 Everybody knows the saying ―Two steps forward and three steps back‖. That described my life pretty well as a single mom. I was raising two teenagers on a teacher‘s aide‘s salary. It wasn‘t nearly enough to cover the bills, so I moonlighted as a waitress. Every time I thought that I had found a solution to my money worries, something would fall through and I would end up feeling worse off than before. The next evening at the restaurant I tied on my apron , wishing I could be home with my kids. I walked up to my first table. Around it was a cheerful older couple. The woman gave me a smile that warmed me. I couldn‘t help but notice her unusual glass ring. ―What a beautiful ring,‖ I said. We chatted for a minute then I took their order and left. When I came back with their drinks, the woman held out her ring. ―I would like to give this to you,‖ she said. ―Oh, no, I couldn‘t,‖ I said, embarrassed. She gently placed the ring in my hand and closed my fingers around it. ―It‘s yours,‖ she said. ―Please accept it and your things are going to be okay.‖ Right there at their table in the middle of the restaurant I broke down in tears. ―Thank you for giving me hope,‖ I said.

Long after that night, that sense of peace stayed with me. I knew the right job would come in time. Nine months later it did. I got a better position at another school and I started waitressing at a restaurant where I was allowed to spend more time with my kids. Now in these tough times, I have money worries again, but they don‘t get me down. I know things will turn ou okay. And when I wear that unusual glass ring, I‘m reminded I‘m not alone. 1.From the saying ―Two steps forward and three steps back‖, it means the writer A.liked stepping forward and backward B.had difficulty raising her family C.couldn‘t walk regular like other people D.wanted to look for a better job 2.The writer worked as a waitress in the restaurant in order to A. live with her children C. search for a glass ring B. serve the older couple D. make more money . . .

3. Hearing the woman‘s words, the writer felt A. moved B. embarrassed

C.puzzled D.successful

4. From the fifth paragraph we can know the writer believed that . A. her children loved her very much B.she could find a better restaurant C.the glass ring would bring her good luck D.it was easy to get a right job 5.Now the writer‘s attitude toward her life is_________. A. positive B. disappointed C. proud D.worried

【答案】BDACA 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山东省枣庄第八中学高二 4 月月考 【结束】

17.【题文】I am a student and part-time waitress in Chicago. 1 (grow) up, I was used to words such as ―Don‘t talk to strangers‖. As a result, I don‘t talk to unknown people at work except taking orders. One night, a little old man, probably 2 his eighties, came in. I took his order and went on my way. But I noticed that he came in week after week. Slowly, I began having short conversations with my new guest, 3 name was Mr Rodgers, but he insisted that I 4 him Don. I learned that he and his wife 5 (go) dinner and a movie every Saturday. Since she had died, he carried on the tradition alone. I began looking forward to him 6 (come) in and telling me his movie

reviews. 7 the weeks went on I began to sit and really talk with Don. We talked about his wife, his days and his son. Eventually, we began to talk about my dreams and studies. Since meeting Don, I have learned that strangers can become friends and 8 life can be much 9 enjoyable if I make friendly conversations. After all, I became more than just his waitress. I became his 10 ,too. 【答案】1.growing 2. in 3. whose 4. call/should call 5. had gone to 6. coming 7. As 8. that 9. more 10. friend 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山东省枣庄第八中学高二 4 月月考 【结束】 18.【题文】Yesterday afternoon, I fell illness all of a sudden. I was about to get up from the sofa while I felt dizzy as if everything were spinning around. Then my head ached a lot of. That is a kind of feeling you have when you get drunk. I go to the hospital nearby, where I was given a medical examination. To my relief, there was something seriously wrong with me. The doctor said the symptom was probably caused by too many pressure and tiredness.Now I think it neccessarily to forget my work for little while. I need to taking some exercise every day and find ways to relax me. That really matters. 【答案】1. 第一句:illness 改为 ill 2. 第二句: while 改为 when 3.第三句:of 去掉 4. 第五句: go 改为 went

5. 第六句:something 改为 nothing 6. 第七句:many 改为 much 7. 第八句:necessarily 改为 necessary 8. 第八句; for 后添加 a

9. 第九句:taking 改为 take10.第九句:me 后加 myself 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山东省枣庄第八中学高二 4 月月考 【结束】 19.【题文】假定你是李华,希望通过外籍教师 Peter 找一位笔友。请写一封短信,描述一下 你理想中笔友的条件,并说明为什么选择这样的笔友。具体条件包括:1.年龄; 2.性别; 3. 爱好(旅游、运动、宠的等)注意:1.词数 100 左右;2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3.开头语已为你写好。 Dear Peter, I‘m writing to ask whether you are able to do me a favor.

【答案】Dear Peter, I‘m writing to ask whether you are able to do me a favor. I want to have a pen friend, hopefully a girl in her early twenties, and with interests similar to mine. In my mind, she is someone who is interested in travelling, swimming, and playing table tennis. Besides, it would be better for her to have a pet dog as I have kept one at home for some time. With such a pen friend, I hope I can share with her our experiences in travelling, taking care of pets, or whatever we have in common. And I believe I will improve my English by doing so and learn more about her country. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regard, Li Hua 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山东省枣庄第八中学高二 4 月月考 【结束】 20.【题文】There was once a captain who loved money so much that he cheated his sailors at the end of every voyage and took their wages(工资). On the last day of one voyage, the ship was in a small port. It was winter time, and the sea was very cold, so the captain said to his sailors, ―If one of you stays in the water during the whole night, I will give him my ship. But if he comes out before the sun appears, I shall get his wages‖. The sailors had heard about the captain‘ cheating, so they didn‘t trust him. But then one of them, who thought that he was cleverer than the captain, said that he would do it. He got into the water and, though it was very cold, stayed in it. When it was nearly morning, some fishermen lit a fire on the shore abut half a mile away. ―You are cheating,‖ the captain said to the sailor. ―The fire‘s warming you.‖ ―But it‘s half a mile away.‖ said the sailor. ―A fire is fire,‖ answered the captain. ―Perhaps you think that you are clever because you have won my wages, but you can‘t cook a chicken,‖ said the sailor. ―I can,‖ answered the captain. ―If you cook this chicken,‖ said the sailor, ―I shall work for you without wages for seven years, but if you can ‘t, you will g ive me your ship.‖ The captain agreed, took the chicken and said, ―Where‘s the fire?‖ ―There it is,‖ answered the sailors, ―On the shore.‖ ―?A fire‘s fire‘, you said,‖ answered the sailor. ―If it is enough to warm me in the water, it is enough to cook your chicken.‖ 1. The captain got the sailors‘ wages ________________. A. to buy a chicken for himself B. and kept the money for future use C. by cheating them D. and said he would return the money soon. 2. The captain insisted that the fire was warming the sailor because he ___________. A. didn‘t want to lose the bet B. didn‘t believe the sailor‘s success C. wanted to keep his promise D. wanted to show his cleverness 3. Which of the following statement is NOT true? A. The sailor didn‘t trust the captain. B. In order to help the sailor in the water, the fishermen made a fire. C. The Captain failed to cheat the sailor this time. D. The sailor didn‘t get out of the water before the sun appeared.

4. What is the best title? A. How A Captain Cheated His Sailor C. A Brave Sailor

B. How A Sailor Got A ship D. A Fire is Fire

【答案】CABD 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山东省临沭第二中学高二 4 月阶段性检测 【结束】 1. 【题文】 Valencia is in the east part of Spain. It has a port on the sea, two miles away on the coast. It is the capital of a province that is also named Valencia. The city is a market centre for what is produced by the land around the city. Most of the city‘s money is made from farming. It is also a busy business city, with ships, railways, clothes and machine factories. Valencia has an old part with white buildings, colored roofs, and narrow streets. The modern part has long, wide streets and new buildings. Valencia is well known for its parks and gardens. It has many old churches and museums. The university in the centre of the city was built in the 13th century. The city of Valencia has been known since the 2nd century. In the 8th century it was the capital of Spain. There is also an important city in Venezuela(委内瑞拉) named Valencia. 1. From the text, how many places have the name Valencia? A. one B. two C. three D. four 2. What is the main difference between the two parts of Valencia? A. The color of the building B. The length of the streets C. The age of the buildings D. The color of the roofs 3. When was Valencia the most important city in Spain? A.2nd century B.8th century C.13th century D. 20the century 4. The main income(收入) of the city of Valencia is from its ______. A. markets B. business C. factories D. farming 【答案】CCBD 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山东省临沭第二中学高二 4 月阶段性检测 【结束】 2.【题文】Once the king of India was ill and sent for his doctor. The doctor came, 1 him and said, ―You will be well soon in a few days if you take a bull‘s(公牛) milk.‖ The king was 2 , for he had never heard of a bull that gave milk. ―How is it 3 ?‖ he as ked. ―Order Gulbo to get it for you,‖ answered the doctor. ―He can do anything.‖ Gulbo was a person with great knowledge and was a(n) 4 to the doctor. So the doctor thought this would be a way of making him 5 . When the king told Gulbo what the doctor said and 6 him to get a bull‘s milk, Gulbo 7 understood what the doctor was trying to do. When he got home, he sat thinking how to get out of the 8 . His daughter, seeing him worried, asked what was the 9. On hearing what the king had asked for, she said, ―Don‘t 10 , Father, I will help you.‖ The next day she took some old clothes, went to the bank of the river near the palace and chose a place 11 the king‘s bedroom window. In the middle of the night, she started to do her washing. She made 12 much noise that the king could not sleep. The king got very angry and sent a guard to 13 what had happened. The soldier found the girl and led her to the king. ―Why do you wash your clothes here at night?‖ said the king. The girl 14 to be afraid and said, ―I had to wash clothes at night. This afternoon my father 15 a baby, I was busy all day because of that. Then I found there were no clean 16 for the baby, so

I had to come and wash them now.‖ ―What!‖ cried the king. ―Are you trying to make a 17 of me?‖ I have never heard of a man having a baby.‖ ―Well, if the king himself orders someone to get a bull‘s milk for him, 18 can‘t a man have a baby?‖ The king smiled and said, ―You must be Gulbo‘s 19 . Go and tell your father that he may keep the bull‘s milk to his 20 . 1. A. checked B. tested C. judged D. examined 2. A. pleased B. surprised C. touched D. moved 3. A. possible B. impossible C. usual D. unusual 4. A. friend B. enemy C. neighbor D. patient 5. A. suffer B. happy C. angrily D. excited 6. A. begged B. ordered C. decided D. demanded 7. A. suddenly B. certainly C. immediately D. directly 8. A. chance B. situation C. position D. difficulty 9. A. matter B. wrong C. thing D. problem 10. A. frighten B. worry C. doubt D. fear 11. A. above B. on C. below D. under 12. A. such B. that C. more D. so 13. A. find out B. get out C. take out D. bring out 14. A. began B. looked C. became D. pretended 15. A. gave birth to B. had birth in C. gave birth of D. had birth to 16. A. food B. clothes C. bowls D. bottles 17. A. trick B. joke C. friend D. fool 18. A. why B. how C. who D. what 19. A. girl B. daughter C. wife D. friend 20. A. daughter B. son C. sister D. baby 【答案】DBABA BCBAB CDADA BDABD 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山东省临沭第二中学高二 4 月阶段性检测 【结束】 3. 【题文】 Marty is a _1____(able) boy ___2___suffers from a muscle disease. He doesn‘t look any difference from other people but in fact he is too weak to go to school sometimes. He feels__3___(annoy) after his ___4__(缺席)from school .But he is outgoing and he thinks having a ____5____(disable)doesn‘t mean his life is not ____6___( 满 意 的 ) 。 He learns to adapt__7_____his present life .His disease helps him grow stronger_8______(psychology) and become more __9____( 独 立 的 ) 。 He hopes healthy people can give the disabled more __10____(encourage) in life. 【答案】1.disabled 2.who 3.annoyed 4.absence 5disability 6.satisfying 7.to 8.psychologically 9.independent 10.encouragement 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山东省临沭第二中学高二 4 月阶段性检测 【结束】 4. 【题文】 I had a interesting dream last night. I dreamed that I took part in a race in the sports meet. At first, I could not to run very fast and fell behind. So I didn‘t lose heart and kept running. All the student on the playground cheered me on, ―Come on!‖ I was so encouraged that I ran faster and fast until I caught up all the other runners. I feel as if flying like a superman. In the end, I got to

the finishing line first. I won the race. I felt very proudly of myself. Many of my classmates threw me up into the air. Just at that moment I woke up and found me still lying in bed! What interesting the dream was! 【答案】 1.a—an 2.to run—run 3.so—but 4.student—students 5.fast—faster 6.up—up with 7.feel—felt 8.proudly—proud 9.me—myself 10.what --how 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山东省临沭第二中学高二 4 月阶段性检测 【结束】 5.【题文】最近, 你班同学就 ―男女生之间是否存在真正的友谊‖这一话题展开讨论. 请你根据下表所提供的信息, 给报社写一封信,并简单地发表自己的看法. 注意:1.100 个词左右。2.不要逐字翻译成英文。 60%的同学认为 40%的同学认为 1. 男女同学之间存在真正的 1. 男女生之间不存在真正的 友谊. 友谊. 2. 追求(seek)友谊是人的天性 2. 易造成早恋(fall in love at an (human nature). early age)现象. 3. 互相帮助,互相学习,共同提 3. 影响(affect)学习成绩. 高 Dear editor, I am writing to tell you about the discussions we‘ve had about whether real friendship exists between boy students and girl students. 【答案】Dear editor, I am writing to tell you about the discussions we‘ve had about whether real friendship exists between boy students and girl students. Opinions are divided on the question. 60% of the students are for the idea that real friendship exists between them. They believe that it is human nature to seek friendship. It helps them learn from each other and improve themselves together. On the other hand, 40% think that there is no real friendship between boys and girls. Because it can easily lead to falling in love at an early age and thus affects their study. In my opinion, boys and girls can develop their friendship properly. Yours truly, Li Hua

【解析】 【试源】2016 届山东省临沭第二中学高二 4 月阶段性检测 【结束】


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